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Approved Character Jelan Durgon


Inactive Member
Name: Jelan Durgon

General Information
Species: Neplisian
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Helm Durgon (Father, Neplisia)
Jeana Durgon (Mother, Neplisia)
Faction: None
Occupation: Carreer Criminal
Rank: None
Current Assignment: N/A

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’, 1.82 meters
Weight: 160lbs, 72kgs

Build and Skin Color: Flesh, Muscular
Face and Eye Color:
Face: Rather bland, not overly beautiful and at the same time not ugly, the sort of face that doesn’t stick out in a crowd.
Eyes: Brown
Hair color and Style:
Black, always cut extremely short, but just above buzzcut level.
Always clean shaven unless in disguise.
Distinguishing Features:
Programmable Voice Alterer: Jelan has a small device installed in his neck, right next to his vocal chords, that uses small electronic pulses to constrict the muscles of his chords to alter his voice to programmed specifications. There is a small plug on his shoulder blade that can be hooked into a computer to program new voices into the device. The device can alter his voice but only within reason, only a bit more than one can by trying to make their own voice sound different. It can make him range from deep and guttural to high pitched and somewhat feminine, and anywhere in between. The different settings are activated by a combination of words, ‘voice’ followed by the name given to the setting, for example, ‘voice normal’ for his normal tone. If the device is turned off or disabled, his voice will revert back to its normal range. If the device is severely damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause his voice to roam all over the ranges possible.

Psychological Characteristics
Jelan usually has a very calm demeanor about him, rarely rankled or disturbed by events that fall out of plan, and this calm lets him slide quickly into a backup plan with ease. He is generally good humored, and can be found laughing and joking with those he holds in close confidence. To outsiders though, his personality is hard to determine, since often he likes to keep others off their guard, sudden mood shifts and wild variations in emotion that his acting skills allow him to pull off enable this.
More than anything else though, Jelan’s personality is dominated by a drive to have fun, and to constantly be challenged. To him, his life ending wouldn’t be such a horrible event, as long as he didn’t die bored, or with a bit of notoriety attached to his name.
He has urges to trick and fool those he does not consider friends, and often delights in how he can outwit them.
Likes: Fun, Challenges, Tricking/Confusing others, Feeling Superior
Dislikes: Idiots, Boredom, Ease
Goals: To never be bored, to end up famous or infamous.

Jelan was born as part of the Durgon family’s breeding program to one of their breeding stock of females. As a result, he was raised in a group with other such children, and never has had or wanted much contact with his mother, and with his father only as a business relationship. As a child he was raised as part of a general training program, starting off with small cons, such as working as part of a false family to steal money from the government, and pick pocketing, and moving on up to more brutal crimes, such as terrorism and robbery.
After his ‘internship’ with the family had ended and he became a full fledged employee, he worked for about a year in the terrorism and acquisitions department, before suddenly dropping under the radar of the family and most government watchers.
Maintenance and Repair: Jelan has had the basic course in repair and maintenance of starships, as is required for his position aboard the space station to look legitimate to the government. In addition to this, during his younger years he learned rather offhand how to maintain and repair land vehicles and simple mechanical items so they would continue to function while they were needed during operations.

Rogue: During his youth, Jelan spent a lot of his time as a rather common street rat, stealing and pick pocketing as part of his training of mind and body. As such, he has quite nimble hands, and despite not having practiced in a while, can manage a good pick pocket without much effort. Under the same years of training, he also learned to pick mechanical locks on doors, and disable some minor common electronic alarms. These years on the streets also have given him a sense of when a job is going well, and when things are out of order from a plan, and the authorities are on to the group.

Entertainment: As a child and throughout most of his adult life, Jelan has learned to fool other people by displaying common stereotypes and attitudes that will get him dismissed and ignored in public. Along with the need to adopt several personas during some jobs, he has developed quite an acting talent, and with the aid of the voice box he has had installed, can switch between personas with a bit of makeup, clothing, and the right voice settings. He specializes in stereotypes, country bumpkins, worthless drunks, the like, though once or twice has had to try his skills at more complex personas and has pulled them off adequately.

Demolitions: In the latter part of his training, Jelan often worked as part of the crime families terrorism teams, and works as part of one even now. Thus, he has had extensive training in the construction of explosive devices, as well as training in recognizing weak points in a structure, so as to bring down buildings with the minimum amount of explosives, or with the most flare. He also has a small amount of training in improvising devices, for the terrorism teams have not always had access to all the explosives they have needed.

Vehicles: Jelan has had simple training in the workings of land vehicles, and can drive one with a fair degree of aptitude if he has used one before, and learn fairly quickly with new vehicles as long as they are similar in nature. His experience is mostly limited to wheeled vehicles, hovercraft, though one con he participated in consisted of fixing race hovercraft betting, so his experience includes a fairly detailed knowledge of those vehicles.

Starship Operations: Jelan has recently begun to use several training courses on starship operations, under the guise of his mechanic persona wanting to further his carreer into piloting or a similar trade. He is versed in the basics of most common spacecraft, and astronavigation with the aid of a computer.

Fighting and Physical: Jelan is fairly well versed in the art of hand to hand combat and with most projectile weapons that are available on the market, given his occupation and past training. He is a fair shot with most projectile weapons that are of pistol or rifle design, and can manage to defend himself with a blade quite ably in close quarters if required, though he is no master of either.

Current Inventory
Extensive facial makeup kit for costumes, acquired over the years of terrorism work.
Black Sneaksuit (Full body, cloth), stolen from Durgon family terrorism stash.
Mechanics Coveralls x3
Zen Armaments 'Little Killer'
Jeans x5
Simple Boxer Shorts x5
Normal Shirt x5 (2 Red, 2 Black, 1 Green)
Leather Boots x2
Soujourner class Medium Transport "Midnight Death"
Demon Human Power Armor x3
Crate of spare power armor parts, approx 1 ton
Zen Armaments "Liberator" 9mm Pistol
Star Army Tricorner Hat (logos removed)
Ronin-Class Starfighter
Black overcoat, red lining
Sword and Sheathe (Rapier style)
Current Cash (Solid): 577 KS

[Edited to include Inventory]
[Edited to fix some inconsistincies in history]
[Minor edits to appearance]
[Added a name to the ship]
Yeah, I can easily handle both of these rps at once. Kenda will be a nice relaxing change from having to plan all the stuff for the pirate one.
I understand that as the leader of the pirate group, your character can't be some nameless, inexperienced fighter, so it's cool. I like the personality and the voice is unique. Good job.
the space stations, where the Durgon family has stationed several small groups of ‘mechanics’ to hold the stations at a near constant state of hostage, so the government will not be too inclined to go against their ‘requests’.
Please point these space stations out on the map for me, so I can add them.