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Spearheaded by the warship YSS Kaiyō II, Task Force 282 was formed in YE 44 following a need for autonomous clandestine operations to investigate threats to Yamatai. Working during a time of post-war chaos and conflict, Task Force 282 can function outside of the normal theater of operations and sometimes outside of this universe!

This Task Force includes a lot of my favorite SAoY starships and types of troops, so there's a lot to do within it. I like writing special ops and secret sneaky people stuff so I have built a force that can employ those tactics as well as planetary assault or expeditions to find new adventures! During planning stages I want you the player to feel like you can look at these forces and be open to controlling some of them, even through Task Force NPCs on top of your player character.

Kaiyō: Task Force 282 is a JP plot. I want to employ a very different style of RPing than Kaiyō was before, though this is its spiritual successor. The style of RP I want to do is pre-planned where I GM small groups through one mission at a time. This means I will have a rotating player base and as a player you are signing up for one story arc with your character in this task force, usually one mission.

My main focus is to chase the thrill of creating a story that blows me away when I think back on it! If that sounds like something you would like, please reach out! Let's see if we can create some interesting character arcs, change the setting for the better, worse or not at all- let’s just have some fun.
Forum message me or reply here and we can start planning or we can table ideas for the future that you would like to do. DM me with anything ^^

As new mission profiles show up, I will update this thread and the plot's wiki page: Kaiyō
In the most recent aside (Aside: Tsukide linked here) Aiko shared a place and Hoshi shared some feelings. It can always be assumed when my characters are crying, so am I. It felt really good to get these thoughts out and to have Aiko remind Hoshi of both hope for new places and hope for past crew.

In the post opener for the main mission thread (Kaiyo 44: Mission Modori linked here) those same feelings of Hoshi's were certainly explored. Though it's the first mission back for the Kaiyōōō, it has become something a lot more grand than the simple reconnaissance mission it began as. Nekovalkyrja Creator and Emperor Uesu has been expounding on his thoughts about Nekovalkyrja origins, what they became, and where he wants to end up. It's not nearly over yet, the real Uesureyan threat is only just emerging!!

Maybe one day I'll be ready to start missions with players again, maybe when Hoshi is too. Maybe nobody wants to return like Hoshi fears and the attempt to grow myself and Hoshi up to that is futile. Any support I get there is appreciated. I have been having so much fun back and at the beginning, middle, and end of the day I just like writing Kaiyō characters again. Thank you SARP.
I edited the title of Kenshō from "pt. 1" to "Mission 22"... Years ago, there was no mission 22. At the time of a mission 22 we had two characters imprisoned in Kuvexia and a dream. With Kenshō going back in time to YE 42, it's a dream realized.

Now we just have to be sure Hoshi can save Eden and Kasumi who are being led by an Avatar to aid Aiko and William in the past's gladiator arena (Mission 23: Kamiwaza!)! Given Avatar were booted for not always taking orders from SAoY, making it out of time with their lives is going to be difficult for our heroes! I have faith -but not much confidence- they can do it!!
Mission 26 pt I: Fuyubi has recently wrapped up to allow for the next part. Here is a recap:

In Fuyubi, the planet of Kessica was introduced. An important stronghold that Emperor Uesu once held which has been taken by Mishhuvurthyar hands. As this is the task force's first mission for Uesu and as a joint team with his Uesureyan Neko soldiers, they went all out in ensuring mission success through use of veteran Team Tanuki (Saiga's babes) and wartime heroes of Yamatai and Nepleslia, Aiko and William, leading from the front.

Captain Taiyou Hoshi, having recently received a promotion, found herself needing to make more planned decisions rather than knee jerk reactions when it came to dealing with the Enhanced Mishhuvurthyar of the Southern frontier. Meanwhile, Kesturui Aiko utilized her own tried and true method à la Glimmergold of dealing with an impossible enemy. Having taken the Northern outpost through careful planning and simple surprise, they have moved on to the real test: taking the planet's capital city.

So far, I have written the Enhanced Mishhuvurthyar with the following new traits:
  • near instantaneous regen: wounds heal by flesh-colored and sand-like liquid pouring out of them and in seconds, the wound is healed over
  • can put tentacles into ground: they root them through the ground and pop them out in different places to surprise attack, usually killing with kinetic force of grabbing neko and slamming them into the ground.
  • grab neko with tentacles and bring into their belly area, through a beak there squeeze out life, then discard, dead

If you would like to see how our heroes have dealt with and are struggling to overcome these enhanced Mishhu, read Fuyubi and its thrilling conclusion, Setsubun! They'll have to beat 2:1 odds against the enemy in the towns and outposts between them and the capital where the elite of the enemy lay in wait for them.