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Approved Character Kaya Kamitaka


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Character Name: Kaya Kamitaka

Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-11
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Creator/Parents: PNUgen

Faction: StarArmy
Occupation: Ex-Spy/Infantry
Rank: Taii
Current Assignment:

I'll describe her later.

Build and Skin Color: Slim, caucasion.
Distinguishing Features: None

Personality: Her personality is warped, she can change from chirpy to grim in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason.

Likes: Gifts, Games, Shapeshifting.
Dislikes: Missions.
Goals: She is unsure and can never give a straight answer.

Class: Shifter
Neko Holography 5
Language: Japanese 5
Hemosynthesis: Basic 5
Anti-Grav. Field: Basic 5
Telepathy: Advanced 5
Martial Arts 5
Acting 3
Computer Operation 4
Disguise 7
Impersonation 7
Interrogation 4
Pilot Shuttle 4
Weapons: All Pistols 4
Land Navigation 3
Astronavigation 3
Sensors 3

Kaya is a worn out shapeshifter, she's been on so many missions and has had to take in so many personalities she doesn't know if she's coming or going anymore. Kaya is in almost everyway completely insane but seems to have regained her loyalty to the Stararmy and has no trouble with following orders, unfortunately however because she can't seem to pull her thoughts together she is considered unreliable as a spy and has already begun training in other areas of expertise.

At the moment she is currently unnassigned but is eager to get out and start.


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Character approved.