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Keeping Star Army A Safe and Positive Place (Part 2)

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Hey Star Army, I want to approach a subject that's kind of a bummer but it's important and I don't want anyone to feel like they're in the dark here.

When I started Star Army it was fun fun and it's always been for fun. I run the site because I love it, the lore, the RP, the art, the history, and most importantly I love the friendships I've developed with fellow roleplayers players along the way. But people don't always get along with each other and it's always been the people that pose the biggest challenge to me.

What I want and what most people on Star Army want is simply: a safe, comfortable, open minded place for people to write, create and build worlds.

As a rule, we try to work with people to a reasonable extent here and banning someone who is an active roleplayer is always treated as a last resort and typically involves repeated violations. We've got to look at the positives and the negatives people are bringing into the community. I'll say it again, Star Army is here for fun and if you make the community more fun, that's great and if you go around derailing other people's fun, then sometimes staff has to get involved.

Recently you may have noticed a slump in RP activity due to people pulling back and posting less. After talking to people about this I've found that this mainly is a people issue centered around particular people in our community who are disruptive and widely viewed as extremely negative.

You probably have an idea who these people are but for privacy purposes I am not going to name them directly. I will list the reasons for their bans, though.

Person 1:
  • Disrupted plots of 3 Yamataian GMs, essentially driving at least one of them off the site
  • 13 warnings on the forum (in 2017 and 2018)
  • Abused the report tool repeatedly in 2017
  • Aggressive in the submissions forum and in OOC thread to the point of getting thread banned from several
  • Banned for 5 days from Discord in August 2017 for personal attacks
  • A female staff member alleged the person bullied her in Jan 2018
  • Called one of the mods a pedo and said that they were "poison" - mod ended up quitting
  • Banned in Jan 2018 for 3 months for harassment and general negativity, and to prove no one is above punishment if they're being a dick.
That's a lot of old stuff over the years to establish a pattern. Recently:
  • Reported for harassment by at least 4 players since the start of the year
  • 2 thread reports - 1 resulting in thread ban
  • Verbally attacked a member in Discord
  • When I asked the site to name anyone causing problems in the community, one of the only names that came up more than once
  • Almost everyone who left recently who I talked to mentioned this specific person
Basically, I feel like this person is causing SARP to hemorrhage members and it's got to stop. In 2017-2018 they got really bad and were banned for a while and while they've mellowed a lot since returning, they're still driving people away with their snarky, combative nature, trolling, and basically making a lot of people uncomfortable. Based on the long, long history of abusive behaviors, and the ineffectiveness of previous bans, I've decided that this person should be permanently banned. I talked with 2 staffers and they agreed as well.

Yoshiro Tanaka

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I, for one, am glad you banned this particular person. I do not like the fact that there are people who like to act like that and want to ruin your hard work and bully people off of this site. If I had been in your shoes, I would have done the same. You do a great job in running the Star Army and I know that you put in a lot of work into this, which is why I would hate to see it ruined by a person like this. Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on.😁😁😁
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I understand why I had to go, Wes! Thank you for letting me stop in to say goodye! I hope everyone keeps on keeping on, since I can't see you not doing so! Stay safe out here and remember the Ame Advice: We're all doing our best. If someone else's best isn't good enough for you, it's okay to look elsewhere!
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