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Keeping Star Army a Safe Place


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Hey Star Army,

As you probably know, Star Army is my hobby. It's not a business and I don't make money from it. I'm doing this for fun and I want all of you to be having fun too. Running a community is a big responsibility that means working with a lot of personalities. Without all the people here, Star Army would be just a big info dump. Another thing I'm responsible for is keeping this a safe place for the members. It's hard to have fun when you don't feel safe. With that said, recently I banned a member for inappropriate conduct and I want to briefly talk on it so you guys aren't in the dark. You probably know who it is but I'm going to leave the name out for privacy reasons.
  • On April 30, 2019, Ametheliana messaged him about his habit of sexualizing other players in the chatroom and was asked to stop that behavior
  • On May 22, 2019, he was asking an underage member about their sex life using graphic terms, in a non-nsfw area of the Discord. Another member stopped him by threatening to bring in staff.
  • On June 10, 2019 Ametheliana messaged him with a last warning because he was asking female players about their sex organs/virginity in violation of the previous warning
  • In September 2019, an incident occured where multiple members reported the player to staff for discussing that he had viewed underage nudity. The situation escalated to rudeness and staff was called in. Since the player was a self-proclaimed naturist and said the situation that he discussed was part of his normal culture the reports were dismissed. But it left a lot of people here feeling like he was a weird person.
  • On November 8th (today), 2019, the player was asking female players about their breast size in violation of the previous warnings from staff. Chat logs show that the female members (and male too) in chat did not react well to this. The situation escalated with him cursing out other members and making personal attacks at members who said he was being inappropriate. Staff intervened and banned him from the nsfw channel
  • The user has been warned and temp banned at least once before for posting 2D artwork in the nsfw channel which, in the opinion of staff, appeared to be of an underage character. This is against our community rules and Discord's Terms of Use.
  • The user has a history of speaking in another language on the Discord. Rules specify English as we cannot moderate content we can't understand, which created friction with staff and other members.
  • Was blocked or ignored by a significant number of community members already due to rude or weird behavior
  • The user threatened to start a discrimination lawsuit against the site because some of the SARP members were starting to call him a pedophile. This was immediately after his nsfw access was removed.
In view of this pattern of behavior and because people who make threats against the site aren't welcome on it anymore, I banned the player permanently.

There is no place on Star Army for sexual harassment of our members (female or any other gender) and we will remove access to the community accordingly when we see it happening. Help keep Star Army a great place to be by being good to fellow players (not creepy) and by reporting inappropriate behaviors to staff.

Thank you Star Army!