• 📅 September 2022 is YE 44.6 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

[Kenshō pt. I] To: Taiyou Hoshi From: Teien Eden


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RP Date
25日 7月 YE 44
To: Chusa Taiyou Hoshi
From: Chusa Teien Eden

One Chusa to Another,

I need to talk soon. I'm not in danger or anything near... you know how medical leave in a mountain retreat can be so dangerous, right!? There's been something bothering me that includes something that might bother you. Imperial District of Kyoto some time in the next couple of weeks work for you, please.

Teien Eden


Retired Staff
((Location: Mountains of Shingō, Yamatai))

"Santô Hei Effy Penihatolapsoa, Chusa," the sparkly ice eyed Elf said.

"Santô Hei?" Eden replied.

"Is this a secure area, Chusa?"

It had been day or so since her letter to Hoshi had gone out. Eden didn't know if the captain was just busy or didn't know how to respond but she had let the worry over which it was nag at her up until the point that a silver space-bunned Elf in SAINT black panels on her sharp Type 35 jacket was at her idyllic retreat living rooms, ruining the vibe. The blue of her eyes matched the same ice color of the mesmerizing gem in the center of her intricately inlaid headband-like tiara. It was beneath a sheath of grey bangs that framed the Intelligence officer’s small face. She seemed ready to either leave at once or stand with her hands behind her back at the ready for as long as it took for Eden to address her.

Teien Eden nodded curtly.

“Chusa Taiyou Hoshi will be unable to receieve your transmission, Teien-chusa. I'll contact you again when it's an opportune time to send it to be received by her.”

"Ugh," Eden shook her head, looking ashamed deep in her golden eyes. "I should have anticipated this. If she's not able, then I guess I should start anticipating anything... Santô Hei Effy, is it?" The black panel gave a wry smile back to Eden, who went on. "Tell them I'll need a ship and a medical examination. I won't let Eve keep me stationary too long, okay? But one request -mission imperative- demote me to Shosa."

"I'll send that up the line right away, sir. Expect a response from my superiors shortly." Effy's eyebrows had merely jutted up, exhibiting the slight surprise Eden would have anticipated and nothing more.

As the black panel left, Eden scrolled through her contacts, remembering the events those years ago that only Kaiyō crew could help with now. Gravity, William, Chlorate, Ume, Abart, even Nerai was there... Ozaki Kasumi. She smiled, composing a transmission now wondering if Kasumi-hei was available for a temporary posting.