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SYNC Ketsurui Hanako/Kage Yaichiro (Personal Correspondence)


FM of Yamatai
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40/5/3
Shosho, I'd like to both express my condolences for Hanako's World as well as remind you that it will be reclaimed one day. Tactics and concepts are already being developed to make the Kuvexian grip on the KMS as costly as possible. That, however, is not the main reason for my communicating with you.

Should you wind up needing a break or even just find yourself in the area, I extend to you permission to use my Kyoto, Nishitama, or Tokyo residences should you need to. The Kyoto one is the largest and was once owned by the Kakutama family before Yuriko sold it to me. Midori, along with her clone's children, also have the same offer extended to them for that home, though they are estranged from each other (I only tell you this much to avoid awkward conversation, as the nuances are not mine to convey). Nishitama and Tokyo are there for me should I find myself in the area and need to administrate business holdings there.

I am also willing to gift you Tokyo and/or Nishitama residences should you want one of your own instead.

Perhaps I have not made it clear enough over the years; but should you want something, even a sympathetic ear, do not hesitate to contact me.



Founder & Admin
Staff Member
FM of Yamatai
STO Fleet Member
To: Kage Yaichiro
From Hanako

Thank you Yaichiro, you have always been a generous friend to me. I am barely away from my starship these days so I do not think I will need a home outside of military lodging for the time being, and I might just get a cabin with a farm somewhere when I finally settle down.