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Approved Submission Kikyo Pie Company


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  1. I agree
An intergalactic pizza company for the setting! Wes and I have chatted a few times about hyperspace-delivery pizza to ships and here it is.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
3-Day approval timer. There was just 1 missing letter in one word so I fixed it. I don't really think anyone is gonna object to space Papa John's though.
Ew, Papa John's. Pizza Hut is where it's at!

I would find it hard to come up with a reason to deny a submission like this :p does one make a wood-fired oven pizza on a shuttlecraft? I was thinking that maybe the shuttles could only support conventional ovens since, you know, smoke and stuff...

Also if we're going for top-tier, we need to find a place in SARP where there's water buffalo since the best mozzarella is mozzarella di bufala.
I was just assuming with space tech they have smoke traps above the oven and then is goes into the air filters and gets separated and all and recycled
My thoughts were similar to Syaoran, wood smoke would be easily filtered and the waste removed considering how relatively simple it is compared to other hazards their systems deal with.

Water buffalo are coming! I am working on farming cooperatives etc that will soon provide us all better food in space! :)
Would you consider adding prices to the menu or letting me do it?