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Kimono Maker

One of the artists I follow on DeviantArt has just uploaded a cool "Kimono Maker" flash dress-up game to her DeviantArt gallery. I think it could be useful for people with Yamataian characters who want some examples of their kimonos to put in their character's inventory.

Here's one I made of a kimono Hanako might wear:

kimono 1.png

I'd like to see what you can come up with for your characters.


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Foreign language guide:
  • The red text in Koko's first word bubble translates literally to 'vexation', thought it's often translated as 'Curses!'
  • The red text in Koko's second word bubble is 'kuwa-bara-kuwa-bara', a chant to ward off curses
  • The black text in Miria's second word bubble translates to: "I'm the happiest person in the world and no one can stop me."


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I made another one! I might build a little collection for her inventory page.

hanako kimono 3.png hanako kimono 4.png
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This was so much fun! I am not often great at conceptualizing colors for drawings, so this helps me out soooo so much

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The only acceptable kimono is the gashadokuro pattern one.