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RP: Neshaten [Kingdom Fall] - Assignment 1 "Offworlders"

Zoya waited until after Felonia left before speaking to Kol'ya and Gio-gio with the casualness of a child in a classroom as she pointed at Ana'stasias receding form with the others.

"That's a minkan." She was accused with an innocent conviction for everyone who had seemed not to notice. "She's too tall, i've never seen a daur as tall as that," the shortest member of the team kept her finger up and pointing as if lowering it would cede some point.

"That's an agent of TAINT." She assumed even as she took out her tiny camera and took several snapshots of the impostor and scrutinizing them even as she took up a position to keep watching around the pyramid from the vantage point.

"Gun Felonias' too nice, she doesn't notice these things and it's why she's just a gun cause she can't think outside the box like TAINT operatives pretending to be daur but not knowing how tall we are... Kol'ya," Zoya turned to give the larger man a serious look before continuing.

"Make sure that you- You know." She emphasized with unspoken airquotes.
Group 1 - Zoya, Giovyn, Kol'ya

With her podcast conspiracy spoken allowed the trio took another good look at Ana, and to the child's credit she did look a bit too tall. Though Zoya would need to save her investigation of their teammate for when they finished the assignment as the group was split into two and began their incursion to Thauriel - 1, with the valuable intel provided by their suspiciously tall friend Zoya, Giovyn, and Kol'ya had no trouble making their way around the edge of the building, skirting the camera's and guards to scope out entry points.


Zoya, sharp as ever and obsessed with perfection had been tasked with monitoring the patrol patterns and she did just that, even going as far as to memorise all 3 routes and precise timing. At their vantage point near the front of the building she was able to keep track of the Gun and other Initiates making their way to the designated "kill point", and within only a few minutes the perfect window had presented itself. An opportunity that was quickly relayed to Felonia via hand signals they all had drilled into their brain during training.


Like clockwork the group watched as Felonia began her attack as the other 2 guards continued completely unaware of the fate befalling their comrade. Much to Zoya's horror, one of the guards broke their patrol route and wandered a little way into the jungle nearby to relieve themselves rather than move back inside the building it would seem. With the other group preoccupied Zoya, Giovyn, and Kol'ya had a split second choice to make. With the jungle cover it was very likely the camera's wouldn't be able to see him doing his business but their window was closing rapidly.

Group 2 - Felonia, Ana'Stassia, Ike'shia

Felonia gave the daur a wicked looking grin of affirmation, she may technically be an Infiltrator but her combat skills were nothing the laugh at and their job was finally getting to the action part. Following along behind Ana, Felonia and ike'shia had weapons prepped for what was coming next, the group quietly moved through the underbrush as little more than a soft rustle in the dark, barely warranting a care from the guards. Eventually they arrived at the spot described by Ana, the only camera nearby was facing an odd angle, once upon a time it likely was facing their direction but luck was currently on their side and one of the guards was headed their way.


From their perspective at the rear of the building, Group 2 could just make out the concealed forms of Group 1 keeping an eye on the front of the building and the other navy guards, then came the signal that they were clear to go ahead from Zoya who had been obsessively watching the patrol routes mapped out in their initial huddle. Felonia fired back a confirmation signal of her own before flipping the knife blade skywards in her grip and motioning for Ana to follow her. In the blink of an eye the powerful laibe had dashed through the tree line with barely a sound, her body as low as she could go while maintaining such impressive speed, ducking and dodging several twigs with ease before leaping into the air behind the armour-clad fox before her.


There was a muffled thud and cry of pain as the guard, a female daur as Felonia discovered during her assault, was tackled to the soft jungle floor, head mere inches from the hard rock foundation of the building. Without skipping a beat Felonia had forced her right hand under the guard's helmet and clasped it firmly over her nose and mouth before locking her victim in place with their arms pinned by her legs. Satisfied with her capture the Gun proceeded to slice the tendons in the Daur's legs behind her knees, eliciting another cry of pain into her gloved hand.

By the time Ana reached her leader the Navy guard was completely immobile and trying to sling both calls for help and obscenities with very little luck.

"Alright Ana, time to prove your loyalty to the cause. If you hesitate this, filthy, loyalist will give away our position and all of us will likely be killed. Count your lucky stars you didn't recognise the body armour, as it belongs to Division 5 typically, but this despicable excuse for our nation's finest is nowhere near that level." Felonia leaned down and nearly hissed the last line at the Daur on the floor still struggling as much as she could to free even one arm.

"You won't cut through the armour, best to simply make sure she cant alert anyone."
Still Definitely Not An Xcom Blacksite

Ana’stasia blinked once, then twice, then tilted her head to the side as she intensely studied the grappled guard’s armor. “My, ehm, apologies, Gun, I won’t, uhm, I won’t mistake the armor again…” she replied, her expression its usual neutral self - and then the Daur stepped forward, grabbed the sides of the still-struggling soldier’s head…

…and twisted.

And twisted.

And twisted.

Until the guard’s neck gave way with a quiet - yet unmistakable - crack. “My, apologies for taking so long to strangle her, Gun,” she continued offhandedly as her lightly-armored form stepped away from the lifeless husk of what had once been a (presumably) proud and upstanding member of Neshaten society. “Growing up in microgravity onboard a, ehm, a spaceship has had a d-deleterious effect on my, ah, strength…” A pause, then: “Anyway, uhm… what should we, uh… do with the b-b-body?”

Felonia watched with a sick fascination as Ana pulled off what was usually quite a difficult feat. Removing her right hand from the helmet of the now deceased soldier the knife in her left was sheathed slowly before the hand went to Ana’s shoulder and she looked the Daur in the eyes almost like she was seeing through the photon helmet.

“You have made the organisation proud today comrade Ana’stasia. Signal to the others we were successful, I’ll deal with the husk of this creature.”

With that the Gun turned back and began methodically stripping the uniform from the corpse, paying very little respect to the former soldier, clearly her distain was not in word alone.

Ana, being the obedient follower she was, did as she told and hand-signaled to the rest of the group that the guard had been successfully terminated without incident; though her expression was hidden behind her armor’s mask, it was one of serene contentment - because she’d finally been praised by the Gun, which meant that she wasn’t a complete failure after all.

Life was - for the moment, at least - good.
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The Spot

Zoya watched in abject horror as an being against order; A agent of the forces of chaos physically caused what could only be the beginnings of a possible aneurysm by how much she could actually feel when the miscreant shirked and neglected his duty of walking a perfectly laid out circuit around the facility to wander off and stand in some bushes.

Someone like that was an agent of ruinous powers; A purveyor of misfortune whose actions could not be predicted or relied upon as they imbibed nothing but chaos in their daily lives when they moved their left foot first instead of their right, or took breaks at times not at exact half or hour bases such as starting at 5:24 and returning at 5:41!

Felonia was gone now. Inside the pyramid of ultimate mysteries.

Gio-Gio was new and untested, Kol'ya not as skilled as the gun that Zoya was with her years of training and field expertise!

The foil to all the plans of Kingdom Fall was not far as Zoya slipped onto and to the side of the beaten path; Her steps were remarkably light and precise in ways to keep only the toe and sole on the ground to avoid getting any mud on her boots as she traced the guards path and slipped into the foliage off the path. She could smell him just before she saw him as Zoya poked her head carefully from between two frauns of a bush at least a dozen meters behind him as her hand slowly rummaged around in the satchel at her side for the little killer while he fidgeted about with his back to her with some task.