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Approved Character Kuroaki Isuzu (First Character)


Inactive Member
Name: Kuroaki Isuzu (黒明 五十子)

General Information
Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-29
Gender: Self-Cloning (Female)
Age: 6 months

Creator: Ketsurui Zaibatsu

Employer: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technical Sentry
Rank: Santô Hei (Soldier 3rd Class)
Current Assignment: Awaiting first assignment

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4 feet 11 inches = 1.50 m
Weight: 104 lbs = 47 kg
Measurements: 30/24/32
Bra Size: C

Build and Skin Color: Isuzu wears the lithe, slender build of a Nekovalkyria without obvious flair. Though hardly 'graceless,' Isuzu wastes little motion; her careful, deliberate manner lends her an air stability that meshes well with her earthy, olive-toned skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Isuzu's eyes are sharp and green, and her angular face is most often set in a pensive expression, though she is often told that this makes her look slightly annoyed.

Hair color and Style: Isuzu's hair is straight and black, and she keeps it neatly bobbed just below her cat-like ears.

Distinguishing Features: In addition to having unusually dark skin for her species, as a 'manufactured' model NH-29 Neko, Isuzu has a genetic tattoo/bar-code on her left lower back. Isuzu based her personal name on the last two digits of her serial number (50).

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Though still young and inexperienced, Isuzu sometimes seems mature beyond her years. While she is indeed a bit more calm and collected than most six-month-old Nekos, the biggest factor in creating this illusion is her cautious personality.

During training, Isuzu always spent as much time as possible reviewing her instructions and watching others before she would attempt tasks herself. As a result, she managed to complete most of her assignments with apparent ease, and received much praise from her keepers.

Isuzu likes to be considered 'reliable.' She's started to build her self-image around this idea, but is secretly worried that she won't be able to deliver a pinch. She awaits her pending fleet assignment with a mixture of anticipation and uncertainty.

Likes: Hot chocolate, smoked fish, instruction manuals, machines that make noise so you know they're working.
Dislikes: People who don't speak clearly, being in a hurry.
Goals: To serve and please her commanding officers and the Star Army, and become a dependable friend and comrade to her fellow soldiers.


Isuzu was created as one of the first batch of NH-29 series Nekos. She and her sisters stayed for 2 months at a Star Army facility (location classified), where their handlers kept them under close observation. This was to confirm that they would not exhibit any behavioral abnormalities, just to be safe.

During this time, Isuzu was trained to be a technical sentry, mainly via direct downloads of the relevant information into her brain. However, she also received some hands-on training from her handlers, and occasionally helped out with some minor maintenance work around the facility.

At the end of the 2 months, Isuzu's handlers declared her physically and mentally fit for duty. She stoically bid goodbye to her handlers as she left the secret facility. Isuzu is currently waiting for her first assignment.


Maintenance and Repair: In order to facilitate her duties as a technical sentry, Isuzu received extensive training in the maintenance and repair of Star Army shuttles, power armors, and starships. She is adequately proficient at doing maintenance and repair work on any ship model as a part of a team, and at repairing a shuttle or a power armor with the proper tools. Isuzu is also somewhat proficient with the maintenance and repair of Star Army ground vehicles.

Communication: Isuzu is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in English and Japanese. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Isuzu is also capable of telepathic communication.

Fighting: Isuzu received hand-to-hand combat and ranged combat training. She is skilled and experienced in combat, both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, energy rifles, grenades, knives, and power armor.

Technology Operation: Isuzu is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Mathematics: Isuzu received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Vehicles: Isuzu is trained in and adequately proficient at operating all models of Star Army shuttles currently in service, as well as most other small airborne or space-based vehicles, such as hover-bikes, small airplanes, etc. She is also somewhat capable of operating tanks, cars, trucks, and other ground-based vehicles.

Engineering: In addition to the basic repair skills required of Technical Sentries, Isuzu has been trained the physical sciences, computers, electronics, and mechanical engineering. She is moderately proficient in the design, fine tuning, testing and modification of both known Star Army technology and new devices.

OOC Notes

First character, and it's been an age and a day since i last RPed, so i kinda leaned a bit on the 'generic' Neko Technical Sentry template -_-;...

(Puts on blindfold and declines last cigarette) Fire away!

She's short, lol.
Short and busty. Hm.

As Wes said, and I agree with, this character is approved for IC usage. Please add this bio to the wiki and file orders in the faction of your character.

... Is Wes gone? Good. Anyway, the character doesn't seem to push any boundaries ... character- or power-wise. A bit disappointing, but you seem like you've got some grammatical chops to say the least, so there's no fear. Good stuff.
I was under the impression that six months of life experience wasn't enough time to get too out there in terms of personal history, and if she started showing any really... er... 'boundry-pushing' behavior during the 2-month evaluation period, the minders might get a little bit worried. ^_^;

I've never done military RP before, so i figured i'd start with a 'blank slate' character that needs to learn the ropes just like i do- though she's not quite as devoid of personality myself (she's got cat ears and likes clocks!), so i may have some catching up to do...
Six months is actually a fair amount of time for a Neko, anyway, but like I said, don't sweat it. You know what you're doing; don't sweat the small stuff for now.
Any suggestions for a first assignment? Most of the current plot ships for the Star Army of Yamatai seem to be somewhere in the middle of arcs at the moment, or don't need any enlisted-grade Technical Sentries.