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[Kyoto] Final Closure

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On the day Keiko returned to her master, she found him waiting for her sitting in a chair in small house in the residential section of Kyoto, all her fears and doubts kept welling up and she bit her lip while she looked over at him. "So I suppose you're going to release me and give me my freedom then kick me out?" The young woman whimpered, afraid that she'd never get to be with him again. Over the last couple days her thoughts had been chaotic, filled with fear of what was going to happen next. Keiko did not want to leave Kai but she was deathly afraid he didn't want her around, because ever since they met at master and servant, he had never once used her as a servant. That realization made her sad, like she wasn't good enough to be his. She sniffled a little "Am I not good enough to be yours? Have I not been a good servant?" She couldn't help but ask.

Kai shook his head slowly and chuckled, a sound that made her jump with a twinge of fear. "I never used you as a servant because you never were meant to be one, you were my companion and you did a first-rate job of that." He said to her.

Kai stood up and walked toward her, a solemn expression gracing his countenence, but his eyes shone with a suppressed passion. "Well you're half right." He said, and as he drew closer to her; Keiko's delicately featured face began to glow with a soft pink blush. "I am going to give you your freedom today..." Kai said, remaining firm but a barely detectable sensuality in his voice. "Then what..." Keiko was silenced as her master gently slid his arms around her slender waist and pulled her close to him gently, a gesture that made her cheeks go from soft pink to nearly red but remaining daintly and light...

Instead of replying to her with words he leaned in close to her and nuzzled her lightly, she was far to shocked to respond quite yet. "Because my dear..." He murmured to her, whispering into her large cat ear softly then met her eyes and slowly pressed his lips on her passionately. Keiko moaned at the attentions quietly now responding by pushed her body up against his, rubbing his chest gently as he held her. His tongue slowly snaked out and lightly licked over her lower lip, hinting at a possibility; a pleasurable shock ran through the young woman's body as she parted her own lips a little and let her tongue timidly come out and stroke over his. She was experiencing a torrent of emotions: pleasure, happiness, nervousness, anxiety, anticipation, but it all didn't seem to really matter as she froze this moment in her mind.

After separating from each other but not letting either out of the gentle embrace, Keiko looked up into her lover's eyes expectantly, she didn't know what was going to be said, perhaps nothing needed to be said? "I love you and I don't want you to leave me, ever." Kai said to her. He'd keep her close to him, for the rest of his life and she wouldn't have any complaints.
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