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RP: Land of Dreamers [Land of Dreamers Chapter Zero-V] The Descent

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The Pixel Knight
Visitor Team

The Silver Sultan
Shuttle Bay
Paralov 6th, 936
23:54 Commonwealth Standard Time

Breaches of regulation aren't tolerated very well by Strobel Intergalactic. Unsanctioned events and improper use of ship facilities are immediate grounds of discharge of duty for any of crews working for the company. The Silver Sultan, the pride of Strobel's company, was no exception. At the start of the journey, the Captain made it clear that all activities and supplies were already perfectly planned for use. Anyone, and that meant people who had paid for the trip as well, that was caught in misappropriation of the ships utilities were going to be confined to their quarters for the rest of their trip and black-listed.


With sound of the bass ringing in the shuttle bay, during this very unsanctioned party, with all the surplus commodities on the ship, the fact that it wasn't allowed made it so much better. Throughout oversized bay, there were people dancing to the music, some eating the snacks graciously stolen by the ship's kitchen crew, and some more naughty individuals taking a little private time inside some of the Onset shuttles. For the most part, the shin-dig was in full swing and the bouncer at the enterance of the bay was making sure to only let in people who were either invited, or didn't look like the uppity snobs that had controlled most of the trip.

Asher Orkin Westwood had been standing beside the bouncer for most of the party, waiting to make sure a few choice people got it in. So far, a few of the other folks he had asked earlier in the week had shown up to party. However, it seemed that there were a few folks who still hadn't made it. To Asher's best memory, he could only recall them as Librarian, Fangy, Four-Arms, and Itto-Hei. He knew their faces, but their real names were a mystery.

The Yamataian had dressed up in a tight-fitting midnight-blue underarmor mock, that covered up his biceps. He was also wearing urban-camo fatigues and combat boots. He felt most comfortable in combative attire, and wanted to be as comfortable as possible when this party got started. Yet, he only seemed to be discomforted by the fact that some of the people he wanted to show hadn't, as of yet.

Shit, librarian ain't gunna get her book back, n'Fangy is missin' out. Asher huffed mentally as he crossed his arms, his foot tapping impatiently.

Moving towards the entrance to the unsanctioned party, a rare sight appeared in front of the bouncer and one Asher Westwood. The four arms was a dead give away for anyone who had heard of an Abwehran, but this one didn't seem as 'tough' as rumors told. In fact, he looked really horrible as he walked up to the entrance with his mop of crimson hair sticking up as if he had just woken up from sleep. Thick, black goggles hid his eyes from view, but not his uncomfortable expression. His attire was just as messy as his hair with an untucked, white dress shirt that seemed to have been picked up off the floor and his black slacks wrinkled completely. Grimacing, the young man (who looked barely out of his teens) shakily pulled a flask from his pant's pocket and took a draught of it to calm his nerves. "I came like you asked," he stammered quickly as his eyes darted around. "Happy now."

"Yeah! Good t'see ya Four-Arms!" Asher walked over and slapped him on the back. "Y'look like shit, but y'look ready t'party, too. C'mon, get in there!" The Yamataian looked toward the rest of the party and yelled to the top of his lungs. "Hey! Who's int'a fella's with more than four limbs?" Which got some strange stares from the other people in the shuttle-bay.

The slap upon the back led to the young lads shoulder's jumping slightly as he was ushered towards the party. Gazing at the crowd of strange species (well to him anyway) in front of him, the Abwehran man could only grimace again. With out a word, he brought his flask up to his lips again and took a longer draught. "I need more booze for this," he grumbled and started walking deeper into the party, his eyes darting to every movement in the corner of his eye.

Soon enough, a Yamataian walked in, glasses shining a little with all the lights. Sayoko looked about, wearing what looks to be normal partying clothes. Moving towards the bar, she scanned the room, trying to pick some people out. "Ah..there he is." she said, noticing Asher, and moving his way through the crowd after grabbing a drink from the bar. "Well hello there, lifeguard." she said over the crowd, smirking at him. "Definately a better party then what I've seen on the ship thus far."

"Ey! Librarian! I got someone you need t'see-meet." Asher grinned giving the girl a short wave as she walked over. He beckoned her over, and guided her through the crowd, before the came up to Oskar, and slapped the fumbling drunk on the back. "Ey, Four-Arms, you still there in tha' head?"

Honestly, the Abwehran hadn't quite had enough to drink to reach a status of inebriation Asher was claiming he was in. He had enough time to go to the bar and grab a drink, but then the Yamataian had tracked him down with a woman. "Eh? Ah, hello there," he replied with a thick accented Trade moments before he chugged the glass he had received from the bar. Another grimace crossed his face as he glanced over towards the bar. "Don't they have anything stronger?"

Sayoko smiled, bowwing slightly to the Abwehran. "Good to meet you, sir. You definately don't look like you are having a good time though." she said, drinking slowly of her own drink. "Did this lifeguard here drag you down here against your will?" Sayoko asked, trying not to linger too long on his multiple arms.

"Naw! He came down here a'his own volition!" Asher gestured to the Abwehran. "I thought you two might work pretty nice t'getha'. I mean, look, ee's got four-arms." He then gestured to Sayoko's face, "N'you got four-eyes! I think you two got some chemistry here."

"It's fine, I'm just not used to crowds of...well, aliens," he replied awkwardly as he glanced at the woman through his goggles. "Ah, my name is Oskar. Oskar Eberhardt," he introduced concisely as his lower arms escaped to his back to be out of her view.

"It's nice to meet you Oskar. I am Kikkawa Sayoko, Given name last." She said, making sure so he knew which one to use. "Definately the most people I've seen actually enjoying themselves, outside getting drunk and just laying about." Sayoko said, glaring slightly at Asher at the four eyes comment. "It's unfortunate to see that you are stuck on grade school insults."

"Insults? I believe these'r compliments caus--" Asher started casually.

Thoooom... thundered a far off sound as the ship shook slightly. With that, the entire party came to a halt. The people there looked up at the ceiling, the DJ turned his music down, and everything was quiet.

It was an eerie silence, almost like a calm before the storm.

"What tha' fuck was that?" Asher broke the quiet atmosphere, loud enough to where about everyone turned their head to his little group.

Oskar's reaction to the sudden sound and shaking was to nearly jump out of his skin. His head turned like a loose swivel as he looked around the party in nearly a panic. "Ship shaking...shaking ship is bad, very bad," he muttered in Abwehran as he grabbed a bottle from behind the bar with his lower right arm and uncorked it with his upper left. "Very bad," he muttered again in Trade before taking a swing of the random beverage he obsconded.

Sayoko looked about, wondering what was going on herself. "Lifeguard, could you tell me your name real quick? I'd rather know everyone in case this is my last day..or maybe who to blame should this all work out." she said, looking at him, seeming to have forgotten the book entirely.

"Me, well, iss' ya lucky day, my names--" Asher started after the silence.

That's when the klaxons started to go off, and the ship started to shake even more violently now. The turbulations taking most people off their feet and on their butts. The party-goers started to panic and scream, as the bay was flooded in a haze of red light.

"Attention, all passengers, report to safety areas within the ship--...! started a woman's voice over the intercom. The sound of gunfire filling the background for the moment. Oh god, they're already on the bridge? Shit! Shi-- Augh!" the woman screamed, followed by a harsh thud.

"Oooooh shit, that usually ain't good." Asher said non-chalantly as the rest of the room started to lose their heads.

Oskar was one of those to lose his head at that moment. "Gunfire, gunfire on a cruise!?" he stammered quickly before tilting his head back to chug the small bottle dry. "Great One in the Immaterium, please watch over me in this time of need," he began to chant in Abwehran at a speed that could rival an auctioneer as his lower hands began to rub together. "Escape Pods--no wait. Shuttles--got to escape!"

"I have to agree. We're right by the shuttles..hopefully we're near a planet or something...cause otherwise we're in deeeep shit." the bookish woman said, looking about, to see if other people had already looked into getting into one. "It's that or doing our damnest towards the escape pods."

"Well, I cn'fly a shuttle pretty g--." Asher wasn't able to get a single word out tonight.

As the door opened to where the bouncer was, bullets and gunfire rung out. Shells tearing through the ID-SOL that had been watching the door. The people near-by were rather unlucky as they were the first to get mowed down by a bunch of trigger happy men and women. They wore no uniforms, and could only be identified as pirates from what anyone else could discern. Blood decorated the floor in spatters and screams, as several innocent people saw their last seconds running away from their assailants.

"Okay, it's time t'get tha' fuck outta' here." Asher said, placing a hand on Sayoko's back, and then Oskar's pushing them towards one of the shuttles, "Go go go go go!"

Oskar needed no urging as the shots came from the entrance. In fact, he did what came natural to a man afraid for his life (or at least what Oskar would do if he were afraid for his life). With both of this left limbs, he grabbed several more bottles of booze. With his lower right arm, he grabbed Sayoko's waist and picked her up as if she were lighter than luggage. With both secured, he ran hard and fast to he nearest shuttle hatch.

She held onto her bag, squeaking as she was picked up and moved. "Thanks Oskar." she said, hanging on for dear life as they moved at speed to the shuttle.

Asher hustled quickly, alongside Oskar as they go to the Onset shuttle. He turned for a moment and looked back, noticing how a good deal of people weren't making it. The Yamataian cursed quietly to himself, not being able to stand and watch. Especially when the security forces set in, and unsuccessfully tried to hold off the assaulting wave of pirates.

"Hey, you two, get in tha' shuttle, get her started, a'somethin', but wait f'me t'get back. I'mma see if I can't bring a few more people in!" Asher called, turning and then running off back into the fray, bullets striking around his feet.

Oskar blanched in horror as the smaller man ran back to save people. "Insane, has to be insane," he muttered quickly in Trade as he tried to 'gently' toss the woman into the open shuttle. "Almost like my brother Boris," he started to babble as he stepped in and began storing the alcohol in a safe place. "Always trying to save people he shouldn't and always wanting to jump head first into a fight. Nice guy yes, but quite possibly insane. If he weren't my brother I'd probably stay as far away as possible."

"I'll probably be staying away as well, but that's not a bad thing sometimes." Sayoko said, trying to find a seat and buckle in as fast as she could. "Lets hope he gets back before we have to take off with out him."

As they settled down, the two could see a few people stepping in, one of them murmuring "Crazy red-eyed bastard..." The hustled to the back of the shuttle, strapping themselves in as soon as they could. While they waited, the shuttle itself shook with the ship, and the screams of the outside fighting could be heard clearly through the open doorway. It was a minute or so before another person stepped in. Only this time, it was one of the Pirates. He came in noticed some of the people in the back, and started firing, perforating their bodies with bullets, just missing Oskar and Sayoko by inches.

"Aw shit," The pirate said, staring down the two he had missed, "How the hell did I not hit you two?" He started to reload his weapon, clear on the intent of killing the two people strapping in.

"MEIN GOTT," Oskar cried in horror as he watched all of the bullets miss him and the girl completely. And what was the young Abwehran's reaction afterwards? Why, throwing one of the largest bottles of booze he had at the man trying to kill them, that's what.

The Yamataian glared, hoping that her leg could reach something painful and sensitive as she reached out with a kick, praying silently that the crazy soldier would get back on.

The bottle missed anything vital on the pirate, but nailed him square in the hand, breaking the pirates wrist, and forcing him to drop his weapon thanks to unsober Abwehran. Though, his pain didn't end there as the librarian-like woman next to him gave him a swift book-kick to the crotch. Though, this only served to harm her toes as he was apparently wearing a cup and some bullet-proof armor under his clothes. The pirate pulled out his knife, and turned it on Sayoko, seemed full-on the intent of skewering her.

At least, that's what would've happened if not for the bullet that splashed through his head, splattering bits of gray matter and blood on the shuttle's wall. In walked Asher followed by Harmony and Shiki, and a few other people the man didn't know. Strangest of all was Harmony's lryaadr, Peace, who followed her companion in.

Asher breathed heavily, a SMaR Fatboy in his hands, he smiled at Oskar and Sayoko.

"You guys alright?" he said through heavy breaths. To them, it might've been a little unusual for him to take concern for others in such a situation. He had three open wounds in his arms, and what seemed to be a million-dollar wound in his chest. There were two other bullet holes in one of his legs as well. To no one's suprise, he was shaking from the pain, but the tough guy was too tough to look not tough in front of a bunch of other not tough people.

"What in the void do you think you are doing!? You've a glorified sponge and you're asking if 'we're alright'!? You could die and we nearly die with you running off to do heroic things," Oskar started to blather in Abwehran, which didn't really sound at all pleasant to non-Abwehrans who didn't understand what he was saying at all. "Med kit, med kit, need a med kit! Wait--pilot, pilot, need a pilot! Need to flee."

"Lifeguard, I hope you can pilot, because I can't, and neither can he apperently." she said, looking about for a medkit. "You get us out of here and stable, and I'll see if I can't patch you up a little with a medkit." she said, wishing she knew if the shuttle even had one.

"N'aw, I'm used t'bleedin'!" Asher swiped his hands, nearly falling over, the rate at which he was bleeding was slowing but it seemed he was severly weakened. "I live f'shit..." He blinked rapidly, and the shook his head, "F'shit like this. Now, you guys stay strapped down, I'm gunna fly us outta' here." The Yamataian closed the hatch, and the started up the shuttle, the small craft's engines coming to life. Oh fuck, oh fuck, I ain't flew a shuttle in years... God I hope this don't go too bad.

"See--what did I tell you. Insane! It takes skill enough to fly a shuttle when healthy and he wants to do it while shot multiple times!" Oskar rambled on as he went for one of the bottles and bit the cork off of it. "Flying a shuttle isn't like driving a ground vehicle--no it isn't. He's going to kill us all--KILL US ALL!" he cried before drowning his fear and despair in the wine he had taken from the bar. "And why is all of this weak!"

"Oskar, quit freaking out. All we REALLY need to do is get off the ship before they blow it up or something, then we can float a while while we toss most of our medkit into his crazy rear end." Sayoko replied to the four armed man.

"Hold on to y'asses, this iss' gunna' be a bumpy ride!" Asher yelled back into the shuttle, as it's occupants could feel it rise off the floor of the Shuttle Bay, and hear bullets pinging off it's side. The Onset turned in the atmosphere of the bay, and blasted off into space, away from the pirates, but into the sights of the ship that ferried the assault.

"Alright! I thi--..." Asher, not one for finishing his sentences, was interuptted again as a point-defense laser raked near-by the ship, grazing it's engine. "Aw, fuck me! Everyone hold on tight, I'm 'bout t'do a FTL jump."

"A Shuttle--with FTL!? You aliens are crazy, so very crazy," was all Oskar could mutter as he clung to the safety harness and stared at the shuttle wall with wide, fearful eyes.

"If you're going to do it, do it now." the woman said, hanging on hard to her harness.

"Shit's gettin' real... real fast..." Asher said, trying to enter in coordinates as quickly as he could, but another blast raked over the shuttle, this one nearly causing extensive damage. Luckily, and unluckily, the Yamataian's hand slipped over the confirmation button, which sent the shuttle into FTL, but god knows where. The Onset tore a distortion in space, and fired away. Asher leaned back in his chair for a moment, appreciating the short break he'd get to enjoy.

"Alri--..." Asher started, once again being interuptted as his console started to go off. "Oh FUCK ME, WHAT. WHASS' WRONG NOW Y'GOD DAMN PEICE A'SHIT, WHAT THA' FUCK--..." went the Yamataian as he flew into a fury, until he noticed that the distortion drive had been damaged. "Oh... Oh shit..." usually, when your engine was damaged during FTL flight, it meant bad things. This was one where the engine sounded like it was sputtering, and unlike the usual effects of FTL, there seemed to be a lot of intense lights and flashes.

"You mean there's damage? We're going to die!? WE'RE GOING TO DIE!?" Oskar screamed in panic as he clutched his bottle in despair. "To the void with this!" he shouted as he threw the bottle against the shuttle wall. "Weak booze and I'm going to die! That's the worst lot in life ever!"

Sayoko continued to hang on to her harness for dear life, muttering soft prayers, hoping the FTL would hold out long enough to put them somewhere near a Yamataian planet, or, hell, even a Nepleslian one.

"Man... I was supposed t'die fightin', not in a fuckin' shuttle in tha' middle-a..." Asher stopped as the shuttle drifted out of warp. Anyone who had a clear view of the front window, would see a large desert-like planet suddenly appear in their view. "Oh fuck, oh shit!" the Yamataian said shrilly, getting back on to the controls as the shuttle was shot right into the atmosphere of the planet as soon as it came out of warp. The Onset descended over what was a lifeless desert, but the Yamataian did his best to control the craft. The turbulance was strong, and the way the were descending, it wasn't going to be a soft landing.

They came down over a small desert settlement, one with a large antenna in it. Before Asher could turn the shuttle away and keep them from hitting it, the nose of the Onset clipped the communications tower, and broke the front window, sending debris into the now unpressurized cabin. One of the the pieces of scrap that held the tower up flew back, and pierced a Yamataian woman in the chest, one that had been sitting next to Oskar. In the front, Asher was having a rough time, bits of glass had cut at his face, and he could barely keep his eyes open at the amount of wind and sand blasting at him.

Then, came a harsh, damaging crunch, below them, and then an even harsher landing into the dunes. The space craft coasted over the sands a few feet before, halting several feet from a sand blasted building. When they had hit, Asher wasn't strapped in, so he was slammed forward onto the console, his forehead contacting first after bending over. When the shuttle stopped moving, so did he.

Oskar shouted Abwehran obscenities at the top of his lungs as the shuttle went through a horrendous crash. It was a good thing he was both strapped in or he would have suffered the same fate as Asher. Once the excitement was over however, the four-armed man slowly looked around with wild eyes. "We--we're alive? We're alive? WE'RE ALIVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the Abwehran started laughing hysterically as he began to check to see if all his body parts were in the right place.

The Yamataian slammed about in her crash harness, coughing violently once everything was done and overwith. "Ow....that..could have been worse to be honest.." she said, slowly moving limbs before looking over at Asher. "Hey...Hey you okay? Lifeguard?" she said, not sure if she wanted to get out of her harness, depending on which way gravity was pulling.

There was no response to Sayoko's question as Asher lay silently over the console. For once, he didn't seem to have something to say on the situation, the reason seemed somewhat apparent. Though, her thought on which way the gravity was pulling was answered by how the blood that trickled from Asher's skull ran off the side of the console. With the way it dripped off, it seemed they landed right side up, in convenient fashion.

There was silence after Sayoko's question. That was not a good sign. Oskar's elation at being alive was soon quashed by this ill omen. "Ah--medkit, medkit, medkit!" he suddenly began to babble as he practically ripped the safety harness off of him and began to search the compartment for anything resembling one.

Sayoko soon got out of her harness, looking for a medkit as well. "Come on...Oskar, do you even know his name so I can yell at him properly?" she asked, looking furious as she found one and opened it, starting first aid on Asher as best as she knew...meaning following the instructions on the box.

As she tried to work on him, Asher had been shaken enough for a medium-sized item to fall out of one of his pockets. It was the book he had jipped off of her two days before as a joke. It seemed he kept his promise after all. At any rate, Sayoko's efforts were enough to stop Asher's bleeding, but he showed no signs of rousing himself up.

"He's dying isn't he? MEIN GOTT, OUR SAVIOR IS DEAD!!!!" he shouted as he moved to check Asher's pulse. "Maybe if we can find a doctor? Or someone anyone!?" After checking the pulse, though having a hard time feeling one, Oskar rushed to the hatch and nearly barreled through it in a desparate attempt to find anyone to help.

"Even if we find a doctor, I doubt any of them speak the same language, let alone have a translator. He'd be dead before we could do anything." she said, picking up the book and sighing. "Empress damn it. Empress damn him."

What greeted Oskar, was the barrel of a shotgun, of a very angry looking dune-walker. He had brown skin, and wore heavy brown robes. His red eyes were just like Asher's, but more haggard and old. Though, his most noticeable quality was the two dark brown horns on his head. He spoke in a threatening language, and leveld the gun to the Abwehran's face. Any other movement was discouraged as others seemed to join him, carrying similar weapons, nothing ranged, though mainly blunt weapons. They all seemed to be pretty angry.

"Ah--ah---DOCTOR, WE NEED A DOCTOR. A MEDIC. ANY MEDICAL PERSONNEL, A MAN IS DYING," Oskar began to shout as he had all four of his arms up in the air with index fingers pointing inside the shuttle. "Help...Code Black or whatever you people use as a distress signal!"

Sayoko looked over as well, trying not to cry. "MEDICAL SERVICE." She said simply, hoping the point got across, especially as it was obvious that she had no weaponry on her.

The red-eyed alien kept the shotgun on both of them, and seemed fearful when Oskar and Sayoko started speaking in their own language at him. He wasn't too sure who to aim the gun at, and it appeared he started aiming the gun at another person beside Yoroko as well, the dead looking Yamataian. However, at this point, Asher didn't seem too dead, as both of his eyes were wide open, seemingly staring at the old man. Then, sliding off the console, the soldier appeared to have some life still in him as he leaned back in his seat and stood.

"Ho... I'm hurtin'." said Asher, pushing Sayoko aside lightly, trying not to get any blood on her, and then pushing past Oskar, trying not bleed on him either. "Alright, I'mma tell you one thing."

The old man leveled the shotgun to Asher's face, trying to appear threatening.

"Fuck you." Asher swiping the shotgun to the side then raking his fist across the man's face. The old alien hit the sand, on his back, and his shotgun fell into the Yamataian's possession. The soldier didn't say anything, the pain he felt was intense, and the fact that he had the strength to walk was a miracle to even him.
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