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SYNC Law Office of Marcos McClintock


Well-Known Member
RP Date
gogatsu 34 (July 21), YE 40
To: Leo Gerrick
From: Law Office of Marcos McClintock
Subject: Legal Services to Prevent Unlawful Arrest


My name is Marcos McClintock and I represent our legal department which specializes in the mediation and removal of foreign legal actions against Yamataian corporations. We have noticed that you have a significant bounty placed on you and I'm sure you'd like it to go away. Our teams of lawyers can help by taking legal action against these bounty agencies to leverage them to remove your bounty so that you needn't fear an unlawful arrest by criminals that hunt these illegal bounties.

We would need to speak in person to ensure the security of the sensitive information we would need to cover but given the substantial amount of money that has been offered for you it might be best for you to not travel to my office. It would be safer for us to meet somewhere near you, though not where you are currently dwelling in case this message is intercepted. Is there a safe place near you where we can meet? It should be public with many other people. From there one of my interns can bring you more information and if you'd prefer to meet in person arrange safe transportation to our law offices here in the Uesurean Fields.

- Marcos McClintock
A quick intraweb search would lead to the companies very legitimate looking website where a large number of mostly good reviews could be found while an IP search pointed the messages origination to be from the address listed on the website.