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Approved Submission LEAR

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You call it an energy weapon. I assume the 'L" in the name means laser of some sort? Also, and this is curiosity's sake. How does the battery recharge itself? It doesn't say. Is it via some handheld port related to the armor system holding it? Because it is just a little vague and confusing in that regard. Because near the top it says it recharges itself when not in use, but near the bottom or middle of the article they can be hot-swapped then charged.

If it is indeed a laser weapon, the range, could be incredibly long (Though still subject to SPOL) depending on the containment, powerpump and if it is diffused in some kind of medium such as atmosphere which would likely diffuse and cut the range, nebulae, or the interstellar medium (You know, space it does have dust and crap.). How is it cooled enough to fire twenty-four times a second? Or does the barrel have some form of very heat-resistant material or is the lasing lens p.darn good? Really tho' I just wanna know what 'kind' of energy weapon the thing is. Because you've gotten my curiosity piqued good sir. :)


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LEAR is Light Energy Assault Rifle. The battery charges in an armored compartment I forgot to put it in I guess. And the range is short due to a low power output per shot so it isn't effective for a very long range


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No art?

What's the nomenclature under the standard product nomenclature system?


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The only art has the whole silverback so I thought it best not to included it and as for the nomenclature I don't know what it would be