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READ ME Lesson and Viewing Pt. I: Dragon Pilot


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I am going to only keep the READ ME prefix before and during the event and will change it after.

Because of this statement from Legix, where he said in Nep general that Char, " instructed to make all fighter pilots watch DRAGON PILOT on netflix... And learn how anime dragons that transform into fighter jets and accurately portray fighters is useful"

I will be supervising as per further Leg instructions, but @Charmaylarg Dufrain is running the lesson portion of the viewing party as its host and a major Nep GM. I'd like to get people's schedules for next weekend (First weekend in October) down in this thread, namely those of Char, Legix, and the Aquila Flight and 309th players. This is FM-mandated "required watching" so the Nep players should try to be there for it, but we will be open to any SARP players joining in. We will be in SARP's dicord in voice chat while watching it. The technicalities of viewing will be worked out in the coming week.

This is an official Dragon Pilot website page for the episode we will be watching.

EDIT: This is of course not fully required. It's just something to do together, not mandatory.