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Lewis Pasco Day: YE 39


The Gunman
Funky City
Akemi's Embassy

As a gunhund pup trotted by with a jingling and overlarge chain collar at its gruff and grimy owners side, another passerby widened his mouth, spreading his lips wide so that his slick wet metal alloy teeth were fully exposed and the man put his cig out right then and there on his front two teeth. Sizzling sounds lightly emanated as he ground the cigarette further in until the heat died down and the cig was out, so he flicked it near the curb. Growling and pouncing, the gunhund pup grabbed the cig and threw its head one way and another before tossing it into the air. One owner’s grunt and whistle later and the dog had forgotten all about its latest toy to follow its owner.

Around them, the streets were jam-packed with those of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia so that in the street the clacking and scraping of side-arms as people tried to move about could be heard nearly over the loud yells, whoops, and calls of the drunk, excited, and wounded.

Huey looked down at the streets below from the embassy window, taking in the sights. Watching the crowds streaming past. He has made his way down from the Argent Towers, passing several gunshops on the way to Akemi's Embassy. Lewis Pasco Day was in full swing, with people buying every gun imaginable. He himself had picked up something, for somone he was supposed to meet.

He turned back and continued walking through the building until he was close to the epicly large and loud stadium that was the center of Akemi's Embassy in Funky City. Huey then turned a corner to find himself inside what appeared to be a VIP lounge, with none other then hundreds of women from dozens of species. Huey raised an eyebrow as he took in the scene. He scanned the room and saw a staircase at the end of the room with two half ID-SOL at the entrance- the same ones he had seen at his own office tagging along with Akemi.

Once he reckonized the half ID-SOLs, he began making his way towards the stairs. He softly pushed his was through the women (who were actually very clingy...), and finally made past the big bouncers. They recognized the politician and let the man through the thick curtain until he was walking through a gauzey dozen sheets of fine clothe.

Soon, he was out the other side in an open-air room that was ovelooking the stage where the death duranium music emanated from. Jarin Wyrms strode about or laid down as cargo-pattern clad women rode them languidly.

A familiar face, Akemi himself, motioned for him to come over to him when he saw the politician and when Huey was near Akemi, the Neko said, "Pull it!" He pointed to a large, tassled rope that hung between himself and Huey.

Huey smiled at Akemi as he approached and looked to the rope. He reached up and gave the rope a good tug, and turned back to see what it did. It was then that a few thousand guns of all different makes, models, and designs —all loaded!— that had been in large containers above the huge and impressive crowd. Akemi looked to Huey with an emphatic smile as the guns rained down on the crowd in front of him and the stage.

"IT'S LEWIS PASCO DAY!!" screamed the front man, Jon-Jon Rocketass before starting up the hit single, “SUPER MEGA DEATH EAGLE FUCK YEAH!!”

Akemi's smile had remained as he looked at Huey, who watched the guns rain down in awe. He laughed, though it was drowned out by the loud thudding bass which shook the very ground. He turned back to Akemi. "You know how to through a damn party!" He yelled at the Neko. "The Premier will be here soon as well! He said that he was going to make an apperance!!!"

Akemi looked around,face alight with joy, before a pair of breasts blocked his vision entirely and to Huey it would look like the small Neko man was being overtaken by a pair of hungry flat redheads with steely eyes and determined, set lips. He managed to push himself away with a flattering smile to each of them before able to speak to those around him, incuding Huey.

"Grab a gun, a girl, and a drink and enjoy this beautiful Holiday with me," Akemi said loudly, for all to hear while a brothel's worth of girls with hand-cannons that propelled ammo, bullets, and guns towards the adrenaline-fueled crowd. The man himself, Akemi, became drowned in babes shortly thereafter.


FM of Nepleslia
Funky City
Fun Spot, Akemi's Embassy

The celebration was in a mighty swing, something that wasn't lost to a certain businessman on a trip from Kennewes. Ashton had come to do some family fun-gifting to distant family, maybe some marketing for his future product... the main reason the man had made his way to gun-central was to see the ridiculous sights.

But the hunky part ID-SOL knew it wasn't weird to those of true Nepleslian decent. Sitting at a booth, he carefully hefted a trusty HHG from his hip. He needed it, smirking as a large Meganut was put down in front of him. Pushing the gun against the shell, he fired down and through it. The gun-jelly counter kept the bullet from going off or causing more mayhem, allowing an excellent bullet-cracking. The gun was returned to his hip, the male peeling the shell and turning his eyes to the TV and its far from viewer-friendly partial riots breaking out thanks to the super-free use jump this holiday offered.

Swallowing a mouthful of nut, the CEO let out a content sigh within the crowd and celebrating folks near and around the building. Today was about eating nuts, shooting off guns, and the freedom to show off what Nepleslian pride could bring. And he was certainly going to enjoy it even if not everyone in their glorious nation could.


The Ham Lord
Funky City
Akemi's Embassy

The Corporal and Tanker walked around the room with a bottle of beer in his right hand and a standard HHG in the other. He was slightly warm already but he was still conscious and that was enough in of itself. He took a swig of his beer and spun the revolver somewhat nicely before seeing if he could find someone to walk with him instead of him looking like your regular lonely-ass marine.

He started humming the Imperium's anthem while he then decided to try and find something to eat while he looked for a lady-companion.