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Interest Check Light-Survival-Horror: Kikyō Scouts Never Say Die


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A squad of resourceful Tsubomi students on a Kikyō Scouts outing are stranded without their teachers or leaders, and must explore mysterious ruins to find a way home. Along the way they make a shocking discovery and find that others were looking for it as well, and they aren't very nice people. Light horror and survival themes. Strongly inspired by a certain famous, beloved, true-classic, comedy-horror-adventure movie from the 1980's.

Looking for a pair of older teens who are Pathfinders, basically baby Giretsu, trying to keep the younger scouts together and safe, and another older Kikyō or Kiku ranked scout, then filling out the positions with younger ones. Scouts are well trained and disciplined, and equipped to survive, but they are still kids.

Hope to hear from you too.
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