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RP: Neshaten Lightbulb Moments


Game Master
RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
Galactic Horizon HQ
It was the start of the day, the majority of the workers were starting to settle in to their routines for the day and prepare for whatever unexpected challenges might acost their plans - security guards who'd worked the graveyard shift and were clocking out to get some much-deserved rest were accompanied by a few people who'd, voluntarily or not, pulled all nighters to finish up a project or some overdue papework.

Some movement could be heard outside Kryss Black's office before knuckles rapping about midway up the door sounded, quick and energetic sounds before a Tinacen-accented voice spoke up. "Kryss Kryss Kryss! I wanna show you something!" Galactic Horizon's first Daur piped up.

The blonde woman looked up from her desk and called back to the fluffball she knew was standing outside. "You know I don't keep my door locked Anaska, come in." She wondered what had gotten the often very sleepy fox all worked up, perhaps a new development on their starship project although it had seemed like they were going nowhere for months after its proposal, whatever it was it should be interesting she thought to herself while clearing a stack of papers away.

"Oh good, Rin was right, you are in~" the Daur spoke before opening the door just enough to slip through and then shutting it behind herself, little Anaska was wearing her usual sort of thing - a massively oversized hoodie that almost came down to the girl's knees along with some comfy-looking pyjama pants and her usual protective glasses to keep those sensitive eyes safe, the fox's hair was held up in a messy bun and her fur looked like she had just crawled out of bed but here she was regardless.

"Are you doing anything important on your computer right now?" Anaska asked, strutting over to sit up on Kryss' lap with something in her hands as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Rin? When did she, nevermind, no I'd only just sat down and tidied up from yesterday, what can I help you with my fuzzy friend?" Kryss asked casually, giving the foxes ears a quick rub and scratch. Kryss for once wasn't wearing her usual jacket and jeans and was actually dressed in her blue suit, even having gone all out by her standards and putting on the blue lipstick she rarely wore.

Anaska giggled and let out a little sound of contentment as the blonde played with her messy ears, only to put the something she'd been carrying up on the desk - it was a cardboard box that looked big enough to fit a softball in that the Daur moved to open up as she spoke. "Well y'know how we use proprietary processors and stuff when we put an AI splinter in something? well I thought we could maybe standardize that!" the fox explained as she lifted away the flaps to pull out a similarly sized cuboid covered in various hookups for data and power, with a circular section that faintly glowed on the top

Her tail tickled Kryss' chest absentmindedly as Anaska moved to press down two tabs and grab at the, now partially popped-out, part - only to pull out what looked like a smartphone crammed into the shape of a flashlight, it hummed softly and cast a soft blue light on the office.

Kryss smiled at how eager this small creature was to show off her work, giving the tail in front of her a soft brush with her hand, she had a hair brush somewhere around here. "You certainly seem excited about this, I can recognise a few parts of it but I'm largely at a loss here, mind explaining your greatest invention yet?" The blonde teased.

The fox partially melted back into Kryss with an appreciative pur before clearing her throat and forcing herself to sit back upright again with a determined little huff. "Well uh... oki doki~ one moment!" Anaska warned before leaving both parts on the desk and slipping down between the blonde's legs to root around for some cables she could use.

"Sooo... it's it's like a little self contained brain that can do its own stuff and the big block is a socket I plug it into to add more functionality when plugged into even more stuff if that makes sense~ OH and it makes a cute sound when it boots up," the Daur explained as she could be heard rummaging around, popping up on the other side of the desk with a handful of cables she began plugging in to the aforementioned socket.

Kryss watched as the tail disappeared under the table before the daur popped up again on the other side, she wondered if Anaska actually knew how much she acted like a small animal sometimes. "So cute little sounds of creator and creation aside, this self contained brain is designed to help manage the AI's we ship off in our products? I'm assuming it has something like the full version stored in it somehow and it restricts access to certain features and functions?"

"Yeah, it's also cheaper because we can plug one of these in instead of coming up with new propietary stuff all the time," Anaska chirped back as she finished plugging everything in and scratched her nose before scurrying back to retake her spot, little butt planted on Kryss' warm lap. The Daur picked up what she'd referred to as the brain and looked it over in her hands for few seconds before leaning back to look up at her favourite human.

"You wanna do it? the button on the side is the one ya press."

"Sure." Kryss said, reaching over the daur to press in the indicated button. "I can understand why that's faster and cheaper, have you run it by the other techs and system designers?"

The core made a small ping sound and text began to scroll down the screen as it booted up and checked the system's bios, Anaska on the otherhand just assumed everything was working as intended and kept her neck craned to look up at Kryss. "Mhm, Mhm, Bianca and Lenoch and everyone down there was on board with the concept... I just decided to put it through a fabricator last night," the Daur chirped before the core made a cute little beep, as promised, causing her eyes to shoot back down to the glowing screen which displayed a little digital ocular looking between the two women.

"Hi there lil guy~" Anaska greeted the Dusk splinter with a warm smile, treating it as though it was one of the Cabbits from her home planet.

"They'd do well to be more interested in something which will make their jobs easier." Kryss replied while she finally found her hairbrush, gently brushing the fluffy tail of her fuzzy companion while looking over her shoulder at the device. With one hand behind the tail and the other holding the brush, the blonde woman made long slow strokes from near the base to the tip of the fluffy limb.

She tried to fight through the heavenly touch of Kryss tending to her fur and plug the core into its socket but each pass made it harder and harder, luckily though the Daur plugged it in and booted up the human's computer before falling back into her embrace and curling up into a slight ball with some happy sounds of contentment.

"Yeah... mhhhh~ how are you today~" Anaska inquired before sucumbing further to the nice feelings, evident through her soft purring that began.

"I'm doing quite well, wasn't expecting this visit but your adorable tail is so much fun to brush and groom so that's definitely a bonus, and apparently that starship which was proposed almost back when the company started is finally being worked on and near completion." Kryss spoke casually, she stole a glance at her phone to double check her schedule and reminders and was pleased to find nothing on just yet.

"That's nice to hear~ I think... I think I worked on the ship's power sources," the Daur spoke back drowsily as she sank further into the blonde's embrace, turning slightly to nuzzle her face into Kryss' chest with a small sigh. "Thank you for saving me~ I like it here... can't repay you," Anaska continued to lazily mumble as her Tinacen accent became a lot more prevalent in her speech.

"I swear you thank me every time we see each other, and you've more than made up for the fuel money and the small comms unit which I still say wasn't your fault." Kryss cooed a little as she slowly stopped her brushing, with her usual smirk she clapped her hands gently on either side of the daurs face to wake her up. "Now, are you going to show me how this funny little thing works its magic?"

The Daur's sensitive ears twitched at the clap and she suddenly sat bolt upright, looking around confused for a second before Anaska's golden eyes settled on the device again and she scooted around in Kryss' lap to face it more. "Aheheh~ yeah my bad~" though she did turn back to give Kryss a quick hug before explaining the contraption/

"So uh~ actually there isn't much else to be said, I was just going to say that now the AI has access to its own computational power and that of your computer BUT don't worry, Kryss, it is just Dusk and he won't go deleting your files~ I hope~"

"Well if he does he's getting another long and tedious reboot and full clean with no network access, but back to your device. How do we set it to know when to turn some things off and others on, or do we have to go and develop another patch for Dusk himself." The blonde asked, giving the fox a pat on the head.

"We can just rollover the security restrictions and parameters that were used in the splinters before and they will work here," Anaska spoke with a happy little giggle as her head was assaulted by the human's cruel hand, causing her head to bob a little with each pat before the Daur went back to speaking.

"Donvan said you had a new girlfriend... i don't know why he told me but is that true, Kryss?" the fox asked innocently enough, though knowing her twin brother it would be pretty easy to guess Donvan had just been teasing via proxy of the company's purest employee.

"No, it most certainly isn't, for one it isn't a new girlfriend because I've never had a girlfriend before and two it was just Ariel, we chatted and had some drinks after the medical checkups recently. I will say she is quite forward however and apparently prefers the touch of women so be careful or she might try to hug you forever." Kryss explained chuckling while giving her attention back to the fuzzy ears that were perched atop the daurs head. "So when we need to make new ones, we test them first then install a new group onto this machine which will automatically communicate with each of the produced devices?"

"Oh? Ohhhhh~" Anaska reciprocated as Kryss went back to teasing her ears, letting out another comfy little sound before speaking some more, "I dunno, she just wanted to keep hugging me but gave good hugs so I like her... I thought someone pretty like you would have somebody~ anyway." The Daur put the AI core into hibernation mode and popped it out before leaning back into Kryss, hugging the warm little device as she began explaining.

"It just does the same stuff the old ones did~ but in a better way, so each one is still its own little doohickey and we just plug one in when we need it... say, like those robots Donvan is messing around with, does that make sense?" Anaska asked with a little pur, all the ministrations on her sensitive ears and tail were making it hard to get words out.

"Well that sounds quite useful." Kryss said, switching into business mode as she spoke, leaning forwards a little as her hands went to her keyboard instead of Anaskas ears and tail. "Once your happy with the prototype, take it to Donvan in the labs at some time and get some blank products to test it on then get him to actually field test the devices, weapons or otherwise. Once you've worked out any other issues with it bring it to me or Mr Black for naming and a serial number and such, boring paperwork things."

Anaska sat up in Kryss' lap and gave a few understanding nods as the blonde went over business details before reaching up to put a little hand on the Human's cheek gently, "Oki doki I can do that, yeah, is your brother free tomorrow or the next day? I can have it done by then," the Daur mused with a warm smile directed towards the other woman.

"Let me check." The blonde said, while placing one hand over the small foxes and squeezing it softly, picking up her phone again she dialed the playboy of Horizon himself.

Within a few moments the phone was picked up and Kryss would hear a sharp inhale before her brother began to speak, "You dialled for Donnie, what's up sis?" the twin brother spoke in his usual way while Ana made sure to keep herself quiet, moving to fiddle with the little AI core as she wiggled slightly in Kryss' lap.

"I have a fluffly little thing here with me who needs a moment of your time in the next couple of days, make some room in your schedule or I'm gonna come down there and do it myself." Kyrss somewhat commanded with a sweet tone, giving anaska another soft petting as she spoke, winking at the daur.

"I'll be free in... an hour and a hal~ actually lets say two hours, just wrapping up something over here and then I'll give your little Ana all the time she needs," Donvan assured his sister over the phone as he heard a muffled little snicker from the Daur, who adorably whispered up at Kryss. "That works in good for me~" the fox confirmed, her fuzzy ears having caught the conversation.

"You're in luck brother, she says that time works for her. Make sure none of your "friends" are around either, I want you to give her your full attention about this as I suspect you might actually be very interested. Don't forget to put on decent clothing as well." Kryss nearly barked before hanging up. "Well there you go Anaska, everything is all setup, haver your ears gotten longer or something I swear there was less of them before."

Anaska gave another little giggle at the contrast between the way Kryss spoke to her brother and then to the Daur herself, but having as many siblings as she did Ana understood it was just siblings doing what they do. "Hm? oh yeah, I need to get the tips trimmed a bit when I get a haircut but thaaaank you Kryss!" the fuzziest member of the Horizon team spoke as she turned around in the blonde's lap to give her favourite Human an appreciative hug.

Kryss hugged the fluffly little daur right back. "You're very welcome, is there anything else I can help you with while you're here?" The blonde asked her little friend.

"Caaaan I have another hug, please?" the fluffy Daur in what amounted to PJs requested as she shifted around a little to wrap her massive tail a few times around the fox's body, releasing Kryss before priming her arms for another hug, this time around the Human's neck rather than under her arms.

"I'm pretty sure I spoil you too much Anaska but yes you can." The human sighed, shaking her head at the display of adorableness infront of her before wrapping the daur up in another hug for a few moments. "But now you need to get back to work, and so do I actually, never a shortage of paperwork here."

Anaska sat back a little as she released Kryss, an uncharacteristically serious frown creasing her brow as the Daur let out a small sigh before giving a few even smaller nods of confirmation - the tail that had coiled a few times around her body unwrapped itself and Ana gave the human a small boop on the nose, with her own nose, before moving to hop off.

"Okayyyy Krysss, I'll go get changed and clock in or something~ oh! I almost forgot my thingy," Anaska's complaint turned into rambling as she dismounted the blonde woman, little Daur hands moving to grasp the recently unveiled AI core before the fluffy fox offered a very toothy and warm smile that bared her sharp canines, "Have a good day!"

Kryss noticed the solemn expression and thought for a moment, something was on her mind but she didn't know what. "Ah yes, better not forget your thingy." The blonde smiled, blinking several times as she was booped on the nose. "But before you go, Anaska. Is everything ok? You seem a little bit down." Kryss finally asked, she didn't feel like wondering all day and night about what might have happened to the poor girl, it'd drive her mad with guilt.

"Hm? oh... it's just stuff~" Anaska answered and was going to leave it there but this was Kryss, her favourite person, so she owed the blonde the truth. "Ehhhhh just some of the stuff I hear being thrown around lately to do with one of my brothers, Pietrov has been out of the system for a while and with all the terrorist stuff~ He's not involved in any of it though, I know this and will keep on standing by this statement~" the Daur trailed off a little, her tall ears drooping down slightly at the thought of Piet out there somewhere, possibly injured.

"I couldn't imagine anyone in your family being involved in something like that, how are you coping with it all?" Kryss asked softly, turning her chair to face the Daur who'd begun moving away with a kind but almost firm expression.

"Well enough I suppose, just taking it a day at a time because really that's all I can do~" Ana's eyes were pointed at Kryss though the golden oculars were almost looking through the human, her native Tinacen accent showing itself a little more as the Daur was clearly a million miles away.

"We'll be okay, I'll be oki doki okay~ things are just going to suck for a while I guess," Anaska finished as her gaze returned to Kryss, offering the woman a more muted but still warm and loving smile.

"If it gets too much for you, we have a few specialists who can help you work through it, and you're always welcome to talk with me if I'm not stuck in some meeting or snowed under with work. I'm sure they'll find out he's not involved soon enough and then you can rest easy again, has the Kingdom approached you about asking you any questions about him yet?" kryss asked softly, slowly standing and moving over beside her shorter friend and rubbing her head to try and help comfort her.

"Thanks Kryss... I~" the little Daur began shaking her head a little as Kryss' hand ran through the golden-brown mess atop her head, giving a little sigh before continuing. "I'm probably just stressed over nothing, and yeh they've asked a few questions and such... we should really catch up more when our schedules align, I love the feeling of know you're near," Anaska mused, grabbing Kryss' hand with her own smaller mittens and hugging it gently to her chest with a happy little murmur.

"It's ok to be stressed out, I mean the circumstances are quite surreal. But if you need time off to relax just let me know, we're not slave drivers here after all." The blonde joked, smiling at the small creature who had latched onto her arm. "I do enjoy your company as well my little fluffy friend, and I'm sure now that we've finished the move to our new base things will settle back into a chilled out schedule like before." Kryss didn't mind her hand and arm being grabbed, she just switched to the left hand instead and continued rubbing the Daur's hair to help keep her relaxed.

"I know I knooww, I'll do something if it starts getting too much," the Daur promised, squeezing the blonde's arm a little firmer to her small chest before releasing it to look up at Kryss with those adorably large, golden, eyes and a warm smile to match them, "You're going to make somebody really happy one day, well you already make me happy... that sounded better in my head hehe," the head of heavy engineering finished with a giggle, her mood clearly having perked back up to its usual self,

"Well I'm glad I can make you happy at least, and I'm flattered you think I have that in me but I don't think that'll be happening for a long time at least. I want you to promise me that you won't put yourself out if it gets hard ok?" The blonde looked down into the large eyes looking up at her, Kryss cared a lot for the employees she got to know in the business, Anaska better than most due to her unusual arrival circumstances. It upset her to see such a friendly and happpy member of her team getting down in the dumps.

"I know you're not one to indulge as much as I do, but would you like a small drink before you go? Just something light to get you buzzing a little bit." Kryss rubbed one of the Daur's large fluffy ears gently with her thumb and forefinger.

Anaska gave a few nods of confirmation for that first bit, a faint bit of purring leaving the shorter girl's mouth as Kryss played with an ear and offered something to drink, she had to think on that for a moment - yes the Daur wasn't much of a drinker... but Kryss had offered it so what was the worst that could happen?

"I uh, sure! just something light would be fine I suppose," she chirped back to the human, putting her full trust in Kryss.

The blonde woman beamed at her little friend and slowly peeled herself away from the fluffy creature, heading back to her desk and taking a seat and opening a cabinet laden with bottles. She patted her lap while bringing out a small bottle of watered down liquor and a nice glass cup.

Ana didn't need much of an invitation to begin with, discarding her project to the floor before scampering over to climb up and sit her small frame on Kryss' warm lap - wiggling her little behind around a little before settling into the taller woman's torso, tail draped across the both of them and hands waiting patiently somewhere in the mass of fluff.

Kryss poured a small amount into the cup on the desk for her fluffy companion and leant down to replace the bottle, accidentally squishing Ana slightly in the process. The blonde retrieved something a little sronger for herself and poured another, slightly larger glass which she then raised carefully to her lips while moving her head to the side to avoid the massive ears in front of her face. With her spare hand she idly fondled the large tail, "Hope it's to your liking, I got this bottle just for your visits."

The Daur didn't mind getting squished a little and especially not by Kryss, she let out a quiet giggle and raised her hands up to accept the glass, giving it a few curious sniffs before taking a small sip. "Well I kinda like it! but uhm, why just for me? do I really come here that often?" Ana asked before taking another sip, relaxing into the arms of her favourite person.

"Well you're not here 24/7 by all means, but I've seen what happens when you try the stronger stuff and I wanted something to offer you which wouldn't send you straight to sleep. You don't happen to have a favourite drink by chance do you? Cause I could get something you like too." Kryss said, humming as she brushed the bushy tail in their laps.

"Hihi yeah I'm not really much of a drinker, so no real favourites sorry," Ana hummed pleasantly as the hand ran through the soft puddle of fur that obscured part of her lower body, a sigh before she asked Kryss something rather out of the blue, "What's a Dyke?"

The blonde took a larger swig before setting her glass down, she hadn't expected this sort of a question and wondered where it had come from, Ariel? Or had someone called her dear little Daur such a name because they spent time together. "Well Anaska, it's a slang term for uh, a woman who is attracted to other women. Often its a term used in a derogatory way, has someone called you that name?" She said with a concerned expression.

"Oh~" was heard from the bundle of Daur, her shoulders could be felt slumping a little against Kryss' own chest before Anaska tilted her head back a bit to continue, now looking upside-down at the human holding her. "Just one of the security guards, I didn't think it was anything derogitory though... not a very nice thing to do," Ana mused with a sigh, her ears flopping down a little bit.

"Hey now, don't think anything of it, I'll be sure to call them in for a a chat later. I know it can't be nice to have someone call you names like that and its very unprofessional, but you don't need to take it to hear." The blonde sighed slightly and wrapped up the smaller woman in a hug from behind, "It might be partially my fault it happpened too, I'd say they decided to say that because they've seen us hanging out together. It's also a running rumor that I'm lesbian though I've never slept with anyone so there's no stock in them."

"It's just the mean part really, I don't mind being associated with you in that w~" Ana cut herself off, turning around in Kryss' grip like the nimble little creature she was until both women were facing each other, one of the Daur's eyebrows cocked a little bit. "Wait wha~? but...but you're so pretty and smart and... I mean you're Donvan's twin... really?" the fox asked, genuinely caught off guard by this as her tail enveloped Kryss' hands.

Kryss chuckled and shook her head. "I know right? He's off with some pretty catgirl every weekend or a whole platoon of them with a hot-tub and I just stick to working, have done all my life." The blonde gave her a warm smile and rubbed her back. "It's nothing to do with keeping by body pure or anything, I just haven't had the time or interest in going out and finding someone for a quick fling, or even a relationship in general. I'm too attached to my work heh."

"Nothing wrong with that, it just caught me off guard you hadn't... done it either~" Anaska mused for a second before diving forward to wrap her arms around Kryss and bury her head in the crook of the other girl's neck, nuzzling it slightly before speaking further, "Until you find somebody you've got me though... maybe even after you find somebody, if they don't mind me being all huggy and stuff... heh," the fox finished, clinging to her favourite human, little heart thumping in her modest chest.

"That's very kind of you Anaska, and it's always a joy to get the chance to play with your soft fuzzy tail and ears as well so you're always welcome to drop by. If by some godsent miracle I ended up having someone fancy me then the contract I'd hand them for dating would include a section where they have to deal with me having a huggy foxy friend." Kryss replied easily, she knew she wouldn't be looking out for anyone for a long time, she was too dedicated to her work to bother with the rich boys from other businesses trying to flirt with her.

"So you feeling better now then?"

"Much better, thankies," Anaska purred before finally releasing her human, sitting back in Kryss' embrace and booping the blonde's nose once with a happy little grin, "I should probably get out of your hair and let you get back to work huh? but uh, for the record, I don't mind people thinking we're that close... well it's not too far off is it? you saved my life and I owe you everything, so I wanna make yours the best it could be, from what I understand that's a relationship of sorts yeah?"

"I suppose you're right, though I didn't know you were trying to devote your life to mine, you really don't have to go to such extreme lengths though, you've more than made up for us saving you by working for the company. I've always tried to avoid having people gossiping about who I spend time with but if you're ok with them thinking that way then I won't try and stop them, but you can stand up for yourself if anyone tries to call you names about it ok?"

"Oki doki okay, loud and clear~ I thought I knew Trade but I guess I missed a few words," Anaska promised then grimaced momentarily before offering another small smile, her smaller hands moving to squish Kryss' cheeks together a little before the Daur continued. "I... should probably really let you get back to work though yeah?"

Kryss sighed and gave her little Daur another strong hug pulling her in close. "Yes you are right, I should really be working and you should too, I should really get a bigger couch in here." The blonde mused the second part to herself, sure sitting the head of their heavy machining on her lap on the chair was nice but couches offered space and comfort. Kryss shook herself awake from the thoughts and helped her fluffy friend down to the ground once more. "Well I'll see you again soon I imagine Anaska, stay safe and busy out there."

"Bigger couch?" Ana queried as she was lowered to the ground like a house-cat, tail hanging a hair above the ground and curling around to one side before she too shook away the idea. "Yeah same to you! take care, Kryss," the bouncy fox smiled as she turned to leave, but quickly turned back to jump up and peck her human on the cheek, landing with a blush as the Daur scurried over to her project.

Kryss rubbed her cheek in surprise, she knew better than anyone they were close but it seemed she had underestimated how much the little Daur cared about her, or it may be a custom she wasn't yet used to. The young liaison sat back in her chair and watched Anaska scurry out of the room, project in hands, they'd definitely been lucky when they pulled her out of the wrecked escape pod.