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List of Starship Conponents & Systems?


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There isn't one specific place where you can "Mix 'n' Match", per say, or else I would have used it myself several times. You just have to look at tech submissions until you understand generally how the tech is supposed to work, maybe RP some, and then make it from scratch or modify an existing system.


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Unlike the classic days and ideals of the model T through to today, parts are not standardized.

Instead, roles are and parts are often especially crafted for the task at hand.

Parts from other ships can easily be transplanted across with modification but in the end, there are very few (if any) companies who sell parts and let you do as you wish with them.

I would recommend you take a look at existing ships and technologies but since this isn't a contribution or improvement, perhaps it would either be better to turn this thread into a request for standardization or perhaps move it to the Your questions answered forum.

During the conceptual process of design, it also helps if you monitor which corporations have what technologies available at their disposal.

If you don't have something you need, you can make an inquiry or request from a company and have your or whichever company you reperesent as a manufacturer partner with another company and players like doing this 9 times out of 10.

If possible, try to submit some smaller concepts first so you can get a taste for the politics of the forum and see what tends to get approved and what doesn't. It helps later.