Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

Approved Submission Longsword class Frigate

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Sorry for the delay ive been away on a trip! The longsword looks good! In fact it looks great!

But before i give me stamp can we expand it just a smidge to include a few more of the basic utilities such as:

The Link for the crew cabins, short article that it is but might as well use it~

There's also one for wardrooms, tho its made by origin and is about a few sentences long but contains all that you've listed in yours and is not a requirement for this article just mentioning it exists.

As of YE:42 all ships will have a minimum 1-2 standard-issue Cloning bays to revive critical dead marines and naval personnel (read: Player characters). And while my model for it might not be small, it's small enough to not take up much room even in smaller vessels And can simply take up a small room adjacent to the medical bay.

And finally, its important for Nepleslian ships to have active electronic offense and/or defensive capabilities such as the Mass Mesher or Black Veil (contains a Mass Mesher system)

Other than that i don't have any concerns or requests. Im frankly happy to see more, smaller, plot ship sized ships come about~


Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Hey Alex!

Thanks for the submission. :) FTL speeds seem too high, so please give those a look. Here's the speed guide for reference.

The compartments of the Longsword are not small, but not uncomfortable.

Not sure how you want that worded, but I think you meant to drop one of the 'not's?

I made a handful of small grammatical fixes during my pass. You can see those here.

Once you've got the speeds updated, I think everything is good to go.


Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Ahh. I was surprised to see you have values that fell outside the norm, so this makes sense. As that page has been around for a bit and doesn't seem to be causing any issues, I'm good with the speeds as-is.

I'll assume you didn't have any problems with my updates, so...