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OOC Love day events!


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So! I have two love day event threads, as well as one idea proposed by Andrew for a SACN/SYNC love day thread. I want to go ahead and announce it here.

The first thread will be open to well, everyone obviously, a charity auction like what was attempted for the end of the year event. This auction can end with JP's or threads for the characters involved, either dates or just fun outings. There will need to be a bit of a sign up for that for who wants to be auctioned off at the event.

The other idea is a speed dating event at a local bar / eatery on Yamatai. This one would be geared more toward singles in the setting, but anyone is more than welcome to join (At their own peril!) Sign ups or just join for that one, either or works!

The third, an idea proposed by Andrew in the discord, is a SACN/SYNC communications thread for people to send love notes and messages between their characters that may be stationed in different places. it could be interesting to see.

Alex Hart

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Let's see... Tobias is IPG and would get Merc'd, Larry is probably fine. I don't even know what Matsuvo's status is, and Charles is with the Karakoram unless Origin pulls the same stunt as last time.


Everything Is Magical
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Technically speaking the karakoram mission is already over from an ic timeline perspective

obviously I wouldn’t advise using this logic heaps but for an open thread i doubt its much an issue