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Approved Submission L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation


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As I helped him build the wiki (read: gave input and helped with some numbers) this has the Lorath approval side. Just need Nepleslian side now.


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FM Approved from Nepleslia.

Overall, looking forward to see this corporation aid more Lorath RP. I do want to make sure that it's known that collaborative tech between NAM and LSDF production needs to be restricted solely to their military branches/government officials. As long as we don't see NAM tech bleedout into civilian markets through anything, there's no issue with them having a cooperative corporate work environment.


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Understood, we never intended to use the NAM collaboration for anything but the LSDF. Thanks! I also have noted that in the footer :)
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Charmaylarg Dufrain

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