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New Submission M2-i Shadow Mindy Refit


Character Forum Mod
So here it is. Talked about for years and even illustrated, the elusive Shadow Mindy has arrived!

A few things I want to mention.
First, this is not a new PA. Rather, it is a refit package for the M2-2D and M2-4. I ignored the M2-3 due it not really being mainstream. Also, the Daisy is not included because of inherent differences in design.

Second, I do not believe it is OP. While targeting something like this would be nothing short of miraculous I find the fact that it could be killed by a man with a stick to be pretty balancing. Just imagine seeing a grenade meant for killing real PAs while you are wearing this!

Third, I made the article to focus on changes from the original suits so that new and old benefit. I’m sure the article needs some tweaks that I cannot see yet. I wanted the M2-2D included as there are bound to be over 1 million of these locked in storage that could be used. Being at war, it should help to have some backwards compatibility, just in case.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
I cant take a review officially (Throwing up a checklist) until at least Wednesday and will differ if syao or ame take over. But in the meantime there are a few issues that should be addressed.

The Range of the armor is how long it can support its pilot without needing to be refueled or recharged. 1 year i assumed you meant its service and maintanence life but those are listed bellow that. Most PA, Even those like yamatais with small aetheric power cant and have no reason to sustain a frame that long.

The advantages and drawbacks are worded very meta compared to the rest of the article, And shouldn't. The Mobility section also still has its default text.

The article is partially worded as if its exclusive but also not to SAINT. The star army is not big on exclusivity of equipment ive been made aware in the past. Is this pattern available to the rikkugan, To rangers, To any star army ship, Is it a special order that must be requested due to the nature of using xiulurium? Please expand upon this as to who can or cannot use it if it is a special case or exclusive.

This mindy is very power hungry and cant fit certain accessories. Please consider listing explicitly (This is not an official request) which accessories it cannot use for the benefit of the reader instead of just implying it cannont use. A bullet list is a good addition.

It can also be fitted with extra power accessories the defeat the purpose by taking away its stealth ability which seems redundant... Likewise, Teleporting is more power intensive than shielding and should either be much more of a hindrance than just elongated (which is still very short in the scheme of things) charging time. If possible, Perhaps some kind of battery can take the space of a hardpoint or some of the stuff removed from the base mindy to give some temporary capacity to power a teleporting unit or shielding accessories but drains rather quickly?

Simply saying this suit is undetectable to all known forms of active sensors and tracking is very meta and also very power creep for an armor system with limited power. Radar and subspace radar clearly work differently than just detecting signals and can easy detect mass right in their face but i wont get into or enforce any hard science. I will, However, Point out that something that powerful with no drawback to it other than not having zesu and having two tiers bellow normal shielding (Shields in sarp arent strong as is. A single on tier weapon hitting a shield its tier can break that tier in two shots give or take. Its not much of a trade-off.). There should be an Active and inactive state to being able to be invisible to sensors and it shouldn't be a significant amount of time like lasting for hours or any long period of time that would last an entire engagement. Sensors wont always be looking this suits way and it should be able to reserve much needed power for when it isnt needed to focus on other things.

Likewise a suit that is Always undetectable should not be allowed even for a powerhouse with the sheer R&D might of yamatai. Every pro in something powerful needs a con to offset it.


SAINT Director
Site Supporter
FM of the Kudhacari
I don't really understand why it needs to take a DR hit. We've seen stealth variant power armor in the past that are just as defensively capable as a regular power armor; there's no real reason to have game-y trade offs. It's nice that you made it a refit package for both the M2 and M4 in use by intelligence operatives, as the official stance at SAINT is that the M4 is best (though there are certainly some stubborn operatives who will use old M2s as long as they're in the inventory).

I'm mostly just glad the art is getting used for something close to its original purpose and that the years of it being "in development" have at least a little result.


Character Forum Mod
I did my best to use the DR 3 statements for an article. It looked like it wants a tier for what it is, (which is T4) what it’s armor is rated (T2) and it’s shields (T2).
I don’t know how to use this with the conversion from a T4 to a T2. Either way, Char makes some good points I’m going to try working with.


Character Forum Mod
“Alrighty, then!”
- Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

I’ve gone through and rethought a few things.
Fundamentally I disagree with this suit having a time limit on invisibility as I took a look and found it is an innate property of Xiulurium and Zanarium to be undetectable which means there are actually already M2-2 and M2-4 PAs that do what this does. Also, this is it’s primary objective above all else. I don’t want my accountant to only submit half of my tax’s!
I’m finding a problem I should have foreseen. I’ll need this to be different somehow, more so than the Xiulurium coated Mindy’s. In the meantime here are some changes I made.
  • All accessories can be used, but with double recharge times, the loss of cloak while using them, and only one may be used at a time.
  • Shield offers no protection while cloaked but traps sound.
I could use ideas on how I can improve the concept and make it more unique as if Xiulurium Mindy’s already do this better than this article will serve no purpose.