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Interest Check Mafia - crime - romance Plots!


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Hello everyone! Thank you for stepping by!

I have a craving for a dark crime role-play. The elegance of mafia, mixed with crimes beyond ones imagination. Forbidden romance, passion, lust that may or may not develop into something more. I want danger and bleeding hearts, messed up minds and fantasies no one could keep a track on. Either it's a story of an assassin and ruthless leader of a mafia or intimate game of cat and mouse between a killer and victim. I want to create a story that would keep both of us on the edge of the seat.

~ I only play female roles in MxF pairings. Basic, I know. HOWEVER. If... Only if you can offer me a great doubling deal, i'm up for that. I'm very picky about this Thought!!!
~ I do 1x1 ( One on one) Role plays!
~I am quite detailed role-play partner, minimum being 3 decently sized paragraphs. The more the better. I believe you can truly tell a story only when you go into detail.
~. Romance role plays are my favorite. Cheesy, I know. But I like them, so be prepared! Though it shouldn't be all about love and flowers. I love action, blood, gore, anything action filled. I don't mind characters cursing and having bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.) that actually makes them more real.
~ I usually role play on PM's, but don't mind doing a thread too. I only role-play on the site.
~This is more of a side note, but I think it's important to address. Please say a word if you're no longer interested in the role-play, even if it's after the first post. If you feel that something is off, say so. Don't leave me hanging.

Owner of a night club with sinister secrets x FBI agent
*Mafia boss x enemy assassin
*Killer x Detective
CEO x Spy
*Bodyguard x Client

*Bounty hunter x The hunted
*Veteran x ....(Haven't come up with this one. I just like the idea of soldier / veteran facing let's say a criminal)
*Master thief x FBI agent
*Stripper x Agent
*Lawyer x Criminal
*Cheating wife - husband

Plot 1.
~Morello Family~

Muse A has it tough in life. Each day is spent as a fight for survival, quite literally. In order to earn enough money for things like food Muse A is forced to attend street fights. Over the years Muse A had gotten quite good and that catches the eye of Morello family, Italian mafia. The boss had taken liking in Muse A's skill and personality and sees them as fit for a challenging yet rewarding job. One faithful night, Muse A is approached by members of Morello family and is offered to become a body guard of the only child of Italian mafia's boss. It's an offer hard to refuse, specially when asked to...politely.

Muse B is the said child of Morello family and the only hire of the empire. Being a loved child and coming from a powerful family, Muse B hasn't been denied of anything , except for one thing - choice. Muse B has never wanted to become the next boss of Italian mafia nor marry their cousin form DiCenzo family as they're supposed to. With that being said, Muse B has their mind set on running. Except, the task becomes much harder when Muse A arrives at Morello mansion and becomes Muse B's bodyguard.

With their drastically different personalities, it quickly becomes clear that the two cannot stand each other, but neither have much choice. If Muse A let's Muse B run off, their life will be in great danger. In between mix of their constant fights, Muse B's engagement and dangers proposed by other illegal organizations, feelings bloom, ones that shouldn't exist in the first place as one of the rules forbid Muse A to fall in love with Muse B and touch them unless it's necessary to save their life.

Plot 2
~Thief in Disguise ~

Muse A is the most wanted artwork thief in the whole country, known in underworld and in lines of police as someone who no one has ever seen and would never capture. Muse A likes adventures, nerve tickling challenges that would make one's hair stand at the end, therefor they accept a mission that would turn Muse A's life upside down. They have to find a painting that is hidden in FBI headquarters for a reason unknown to anyone but few agents. Not knowing where to begin the search Muse A enters FBI recruiting program for a time being until painting would be found.

Muse B is one of top agents that after a tragedy on a mission is put off field and has to train the new recruits for a while. Muse A's and B's personalities could only be described as something completely opposite of each other which leads straight to one conflict to another. As their relationship progresses over time many nasty secrets from both of their pasts begun to emerge along with Muse A's little secret.

Plot 3
~Demons and Angels~

Marriage has always been a curse to Muse A as a Boss of Russian mafia. Along with the death of their wife, all good in life had been ripped away from them. With heart as cold as ice and temper most feared, Muse A ruthlessly rule over their empire, not allowing anyone close enough to see the broken man inside.

Muse A's life takes an unexpected turn as a marriage proposal comes their way, one foolish to refuse as it would grand peace between two families long at war. In need for hire and encouraged by trusted men, Muse A agrees the arranged marriage to Muse B, someone younger and full of life.

Will Muse B be capable of bringing life back in Muse A's heart when there's still a shadow of their past lover lingering around? How this marriage between people so different work when the peace is as brittle as glass?

Plot 4

-Originally Futuristic, however can be played in our times as well with a couple of changes-

When the global warming finally hit it's peak and all the ice melted, nearly 70% of dry land disappeared under water. The level of crime grew to the point where police couldn't do anything about it and the system crumbled. Now whats left from dry lands and biggest cities is ruled by gangs who fight for new territories. Fireflies is one of biggest gangs, it's leader known for cruelness and cunning ways to gain more power.

Muse A is a runaway, trying to escape from the previous gang she was part of and find a peaceful place to live in. Things don't go quite as Muse A was hoping when her pursuers catch up and she is forced to trespass on Fireflies territory. Not before long Muse A is captured and brought to the leader of Fireflies, Muse B.

Strangely enough Muse B doesn't kill Muse A, but instead involves her into a game. If Muse A can escape in one month the she is free to leave without being followed. However is Muse A fails to do so, she has to stay with Muse B for forever.

Plot 6.
~Undercover mission~

High school doesn't seem like the right place for mafia at the first glance, but it turns out to be the perfect cover. Blood chilling things occur in the small town ran by Irish mafia in North America. No one would even come to think a high school teacher could be anything more than that. Certainly it wouldn't cross anyone's mind what dark secrets Muse A hides. At least not until one of members of make a mistake that peeks the interest of FBI.

Muse B is sent to find out the truth about the organized crime in the small city, disguised as a high school student. With many secrets to unfold behind both of their masks, forbidden feelings bloom, even more so than either of them could imagine.

Plot 7

-Kiss of Revenge-

Some years ago Muse A's mother died during a heart surgery. It turned out to be a doctors mistake and hospital covered it up not to ruin their reputation. All the data about the failed operation that was performed by the director himself was hidden and all the personnel threatened not to say a word if they didn't want to loose their jobs and be accused about defamation.
Muse A swore revenge and some years after the surgery she started to work for the same hospital in order to destroy it's reputation and director himself. To do that Muse A had to find the hidden data and get close to the director's family. Her aim is to seduce Muse B who is director's son and with time take over his position as head of the cardio department and to fulfill her revenge. However things don't go easy as Muse B isn't easily fooled and is known for his arrogance and coldness, making him a man of quite a reputation around the hospital along the lines of being the reason of heartbreak for many women.

Plot 8

Muse A is a wild card. Their life consists of a constant struggle and trouble. Working in a night club and being completely broke, Muse A sees only one way to fill their stomach - pickpocket. They're quick on their feet and pretty much born to make reckless decisions. That is until Muse A is nearly ran over by Muse B's expensive car, and goes one step too far....

Muse B is everything Muse A isn't. Rich, successful and capable of things most would frown upon. They're a CEO of a well known company and runs it with an iron fist. Muse B is a person with too many dark secrets to count, certainly someone you should be careful of.
Little does Muse A know of all of that when they happily take off with Muse B's wallet, marking the stat of their new life. Muse B takes interest in the spirited youngster, seeing them fit for their personal assistant's position.
To Muse A's shock, there's no getting away from Muse B, and unless they want to end up in jail, they have to take the proposal to work for the demanding CEO.
The big question is, what will Muse A do when all Muse B's dark secrets begun to seep through?​
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While I don't think I'd be able to effectively be part of this due to my own rp speeds plus already being in like a million other things it does sound like an interesting idea

Im not in the discord server just in case any of what i say has already been covered for you there, but the sarp setting is quite futuristic however I believe you could still pull something like this off if you choose the place and asociated groups carefully.


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
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*pushes laz out of the thread* NOOOPE

although he could be a lvl 10 hitman character in that story easily i think