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Make Human


The Breakfast Baron
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I've seen it and tried it before. It's... Okay. Decent amount of features but nothing much to get excited about (at least for an artist perspective, and the free version I had). But I'd imagine it would be engaging for someone more adept in 3D modeling.

For customized 3D artist references (specifically for females), I would definitely recommend DesignDoll. I've been using it for a while.


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I got it the other day and have been walking around in it as I try to make a wild Candon appear. It's not really that hard to use but there are just so many buttons! Or maybe I just think it's not hard because I'm familiar with blender, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, and DOGA. :rolleyes:

I'm considering using this tool to make some character art for others, though I would need to be working close with them to make it to their liking.


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I wish I had some time to really devote to this. I played around with it and it looks like there are tons of different sliders and other options for creating a character.

Creating all new skin, hair, and eye colors should be pretty easy too.

I think the best option may be to hire someone to do a uniform in 3d, so you can easily skin characters in your colors.