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Suggestion Make Kuvexian Species Playable After The Kuvexian War Ends


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I wanted to show what a suggestion should look like so here's an example idea.

After the Kuvexian War ends there's going to be a lot of the invading Kuvexians left behind in the Kikyo Sector, including mercenaries, pirates, business people, and traders. My idea is that we should let players play as solo Kuvexians and maybe other species like L'Kor and Rixxikor as Independents and/or let them join up to existing factions now that they're stuck here. If you like this idea please upvote it.


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The Kuvexian Remnant (my unofficial term for them) could use some independents to give them some life.
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I think this is a great idea. Like any creation on Star Army, it is good to see it carry on past its original plot design.

I also think it is expected there will be some hold outs that refuse to let the "war" end in their minds.


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Oh I am totally behind this, the Kuvexians still see that there is profit to gain from us and they can do it on different methods. The potential plots it could have is already making me drool haha
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