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RP: NSS Alliance [Marine VR Sim] NSS Alliance Boarding Action


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Alpha Team:

Adrian Decane
Gran Keats
Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th
Fian Vel Steyr

Omega Team:

Benji Storm
Rico Sanroma
John Hawkings
Istavan Michealovitch Yuttreberg


Wazu was doing his thing from his position in the observation area of the VR simulation room. His form was hunched over the computer terminal, typing away inside of a GUI scribbol programming environment while juggling an email window with his recommendations to NAM and the captain. The words of the nearby marines all blended into a haze of noise in the background of his awareness as the final touches were put on the sim.

The marines clicked on their VR simulators would find themselves with a list of who was on what team displayed on their screens as well as the typical choices of power armors and weapons available to them for this operation. Behind this semi-transparent menu screen was each team’s starting location.

Alpha Team started in the power armor bay of the NSS Alliance, the rapid launch system of the ship was offline, and not primed for use. Around them was the various equipment used to service and operate power armors as well as a variety of weapons and equipment strewn about the floor and the modular racks built into the walls. Without even an objective a timer started to count down.


Omega squad found itself on the outside of the hull of the NSS Alliance, near the middle of the ship. The point defense weapons had been stripped off the hull by weapon fire and a rather ornate piece of explosive was attached to the hull of the ship.


From the outside the hull of the NSS Alliance was considerably damaged, with its defensive weapons gone and its shields functioning only intermittently. Its main gun fired and off in the distance was a consolation of newly created stars out of the hulls of attacking ships.


The Marine’s VR systems came to life, giving them all freedom of movement as the counter reached the last number.


A powerful explosive jet pierced the hull of the Alliance, melting through a room and two hallways to expose the ship to space. Omega team then received their objectives
“Capture, Disable, Or Destroy the NSS Alliance.â€

Le Blue Dude

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Istvan smiled, his grin ugly.

"Well boys, this one's going to be fun. Does everyone remember the layout of the ship?"

The pounding in his head began to subside... The pills were finally kicking in again.

"I'd say we want to get to the bridge, and take control there, but other critical points would be the engine/power room and the hanger... Perhaps we should split up to attack those areas at the same time?"

"Who can hack computers? We're going to need that to take the bridge. I'd like our best fighters headed for the armory and the hanger. Engine room should be easiest. We want to move fast while they still arn't expecting us. As soon as there is resistance we can slow our pace somewhat..."


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Kokuten shook his head and checked his systems and his weapons. He had developed some good power armor skills and was ready this time. Kokuten had decided to stick to the WATER2 since he was used to the way it handled. He noted the loud speaker message that blared throughout the ship.

Ah, defense, this'll be rough.

He looked around at the rest the men around him and recognized about 4 guys from the original Charlie squad on the previous map. Loss and Lewis weren't among them. He also noticed that Fian was on his team again. He also saw Adrian's name pop up. However, he didn't recognize Gran's name. The Medic patted his rifle and looked in Fian's direction.

"Well, sir, your orders?" He said with a salute, even though he really didn't know who was going to be team leader.


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As the view slowly faded into Rico's vision, Rico smiled widely as he took in his surroundings. This time, he was not inside the NSS Alliance...rather, he was looking at its enormous hull from the outside. It didn't take long for the chain of events in front of him to surface, giving them both their main objective, and their first point of entry.

Rico was not paying much attention as Istvan began pointing out strategies. Instead, he was going over the list of marines that comprised the new Omega Team. To his slight shock and amusement, many of them were previously part of the last simulation's Alpha squad...and many of them apparently had noticed this as well, as there was a large succession of disheartened groans and moans filling the communication line. Fian was also not on his team...meaning he was on the Alpha Squad, probably gathering and leading his marines as they floated aimlessly. The Omega Marines were too busy moaning instead of organizing themselves, save for a select few. Rico smiled softly, and took a deep breath. 'I do love a challenge...'

"Alright boys!" Rico shouted over the communication lines. Many of the marines turned to him as he yelled out, wondering if perhaps they were not as doomed as they had first thought. "Th' name's Rico Sanroma! Now, I don't know about you guys, but-" Rico was cut off before he could finish because another voice chimed into the lines. "Aww, shut it Sanroma! They have all the best marines, and Fian leading them! We're done..." one of the marines next to him interrupted Rico, a few more nodding their heads and mumbling in agreement. This confirmed Rico's suspicions. He quickly boosted his AIR upwards above the gaggle of marines, so that everyone could see him.

"BULLSHIT! This is NOT done!" Rico shouted, quite stolid with his tone. The marine tried to object again, but it was Rico’s turn to cut him off. "It doesn't matter if most of them won the last simulation, and it doesn't matter if they have Fian. I'm not gonna lie, he was a decent leader," Rico continued, "But one marine doesn't win a damn battle! It takes EVERYONE! All of you are marines of the Star Army of Nepleslia. We are all the baddest motherfuckers in this galaxy! And I say we show Fian and his little boys how serious we are!"

A few small voices floated into the communication line, tiny squeaks of agreement, if Rico was hearing them right. In honesty, Rico was a little worried that Fian was leading them...the guy had a talent for leading. Rico didn't kid himself...Fian was probably a better strategist as well. However, Rico knew of one thing that Fian didn't instill into his men that last game, that the new Omega team needed desperately, and that Rico had in spades; boundless confidence. It felt just like the times Rico led his little street gang through the city-wide brawls...Rico was always the source of morale to them back then, and he knew it was morale that separated a shaken soldier from a hardened marine…all the tactics in the world won’t save someone who didn’t have the heart to fight. He silently hoped that he still had that inspiring touch as he continued to speak to them.

“We’ve got as much a chance to win this as they do. Hell, we might even have more, most of us already know exactly what this baby looks like on the insides!â€


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As soon as the view faded into place he took a quick stock of the situation, staying quiet. Once Rico started giving out orders he agreed with himself. There was soft murmurings between Benji and his team. When Rico came over Benji turned towards him and said shortly over a private link to Rico "T.Y. Rico" and then over the broad band comm for Omega. "We're the Nights..." He said with a slight twitch of his fingers.

"Further orders, pretty boy?" Benji asked Rico, there were snickers and giggles from his team and they shut up when he pointed his LBR over his shoulder. "Now, I want near radio silence from you boys as we go... got it?" His team assented and then Benji snorted softly. "We're ready to go Rico..."


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Rico nodded as Benji told him his team name...not really the kick that Rico would've liked, but it seemed that all of Benji's men agreed to it. "Alright baby, the NIGHTS!" Rico said, giving Benji's armor a soft punch to the chest, pushing him back a small ways.

Rico's AIR rose back to his own squad before turned back to everyone else. "And we're the SPARTANS, baby! Let's kick some fuckin' ass!" Rico shouted once more, the entire Omega Team returning their shouts.

"Serpents, I want you makin' a break for the bridge. Get there, and get there FAST! Nights, you make for the engine room. If Alpha gets in the way, RIP 'EM APART! Spartans, we will follow the Serpents until the T-Junction before the bridge, and make for the armory. We will be movin' fast, so KEEP UP!" Rico spat out orders, everyone listening and nodding.

"Do it fast, do it hard, do it right! Keep up the talk, and keep up that strength! Pour it onto 'em and NEVER LET UP!" Rico gave his final piece of encouragement before kicking in his thrusters into the Alliance, the Spartans following close behind.

"You all have your orders! Time to get 'em done!"


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Benji and his team piled in through the gaping hole after Rico. As soon as they hit the decks, all the guys whipped out their LBRs and Short swords and got moving. "Mike, Reme, Karo you three take point... Erik, Carl, Zaka, you're rear gaurd... The rest of you, keep your eyes pealed for the Alphas." After asserting himself over his little group of maybe twenty, twenty-five or so they turned on their elecromagnetic disrupters and Mass meshers.

They stormed down the halls, racing for the engine room. to destroy the generators and engines would be an easy task. Along the way they sealed off all the doors to prevent them getting jumped as they went. Dispite them being supposed to know the layout of the ship, Benji pulled up a map in his HUD and followed a shorter route towards the engine room at the stern of the ship.

Le Blue Dude

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Istvan noded "You heard the man. Untill we take that bridge time is our enemy. Push yourselves to the limit. waste no time." He shouted this as he began the mad dash through the corridors heading for bridge. If there were any automated defences in the halls he and his men took them out, capitilising on their knowlage of the ship. His men cheered as they rushed.... This disterbed Istvan... But he would do nothing about it untill they were at the bridge... They needed speed now, nothing more.


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Although Omega reached the bridge before Alpha, they still had a sturdy bulkhead to cut through before they could claim it for themselves.

Le Blue Dude

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That was simple enough. A little anti-matter would do the trick. Istvan gave the orders to blow the bulkhead down with the anti-mater, then take up defensive positions inside while the hackers hacked... Subverting an AI was never eaisy, but with controll they could hold the ship ransom, blowing it from the bridge by overloading it's power core or engines... But istvan was getting ahead of himself. He cringed at the force of the explosion. "Move move move! In In In! Take defensive positions! Get hacking!" He released his drone, and used it to scout the halls around the bridge....


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"Ally! From here on out I want you to relay all information on enemy positions to our team. I want you to continuously check who is accessing your info, and you only take orders from me." Ally's sensors were much stronger and harder to fools than individual power armor's.
Gran had uplinked his WATER's probe to Ally from a socket in the wall, his senses seemed dulled as he felt his mind seemingly absorbed into the ship. He knew the Omega's were going to try to disable or blow up the engines, a quick option for victory.
"Ally, keep a path open for me and close half to doors between the Omegas and the engine room. Also, lock down the elevators."
Gran also knew the blast doors could be destroyed but it would cost several antimatter shells, for each door, to the Omegas. The doors would completely stop the drones. "Ally, when the teams shoot out drones, I want you to isolate them, close doors around them." The quiet sounds of doors whooshing down near the bridge were heard as Istivan's drone was seeled off. Gran's team, him and six other WATERS, charged for the engine room, thrusters flaring mid-jump as they hopped down the halls. Getting to the engines first would be easy, defending them from whoever came next might be a bit tougher.


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As Istvan entered the bridge, a small squad of soldiers were directly below him. They heard the muffled blasts, and exchanged looks. Adrian nodded his head, and an instant later the floor blasted upward in several places around the bridge and access corridor.


Adrian came up through a sparking hole right in front of the door, and promptly charged a plasma charge in his hand and used it to swipe the head off of a nearby WATER armor. He grabbed the body and used it to smash another man into the bulkhead, leaving him pinned for extermination by a later assault.

However, the medic made a point to grab the dead man's vibro-blade. Around him, weapon fire was flying, the Omega squad marines surprised at the sudden attack. Adrian saw Istvan heading into the bridge. He grinned to himself.

This should be fun.

He took the looted vibro-blade, switched it on, and threw it before raising his carbine, aiming and unleashing hell on Istvan and the marines near him.


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Kokuten began to here the sirens blare, and the PA annoucing that the bridge had been taken.

"Shit!" Kokuten yelled, and saw Gran take command of a team, if they were to take this, they would need to act fast.

"Uh... Uh... You, you, you and you three!" He said, dotting off 6 men with his finger, 3 AIRs and 3 WATERs. "You men are under my command, and uh... the... um... 3 AIRs will act as the Assault team, yeah... And, and... The 3 WATERs will act as a fire team!" The six men only stared at the stuttering Medic as he attempted to be a leader.

"What the hell are you standing there for!?" He yelled, finally getting his brain moving.

"Fire Team your on point, Assault Team, on me!" He barked, pointing up to the ceiling reaching the Bridge. The 3 startled Marines hesitated in moving forward, but eventually got moving. Kokuten followed in behind them and the 3 AIRs followed in behind.

"Sir, what's our designation?" Said one of the AIRs behind him. The Medic thought for a moment, thinking of a name as they advanced.

"We're Grenadier squad." Kokuten said, Grenadier squad hot behind Adrian, and pulling up support for him.

"Assualt Team, whip out your blades, Grenadiers, take cover and do not move until I give the signal!" yelled Kokuten as the began to take cover.

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Istvan doged, and growled some of the energy splashing off his shoulder "Adrian, you let your rage controll you." he said, firing a blast at the man.. "Men take up defencive positions. Don't do anything stupid. Fire from cover, we have the advantage of defence. Do not waste it. Those of you with anti-matter get ready to blow the bridge if nessessary. That will cripple the ship." Istvan fires his bullet gun with his other hand, performing a roll on the floor. He took out one of Adrian's soldiers with a bullet burst, then sent another spraling with a well placed boot. "Fool" he called to Adrian "Pathetic Fool. You will die here, and you will loose."


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Fian was amused, they had the advantage of having the Power Armor bay for themselves unlike the previous mission where Power Armors were picked beforehand. He gave himself some time to ponder the situation before ordering the 6-strong men under his control to pick theirs.

It seemed that most of the people in his team had taken the initative to lead small groups to defend the ship. Fian thought it was appopriate, there were many subsystems on the ship that require individual attention which is something a large group cannot effeciently do. Them boarders are practically boldly walking into their home, which was something even he was afraid to do.

Surely there could be some kind of advantage they can use? The bridge and engine room are the most obvious weakness, capturing either would spell the end of Alpha team. The defenders in the previous mission also had two objectives to protect, they had split up and so did the attackers. In the end the we had won by a very narrow margin. So as defenders, something has to be done extra to tip the balance in our favour.

The battle is in closed coridoors. AIRs cant use their mobility, Golems will rip the ship apart, Phalanxes will do both. Fian turned to his men as he clambered on a certain Power Armor.

"Everyone, in WATER2s!" Some groaned, including Fian. He would have also much liked being on a trusty AIR2 but people dont win from being rigid in their choices.

Within a few minutes everyone was preped and ready. A few of his team members hooked their prongs on the Rapid Launch system to give it a little juice to open the hatch. Fian was the first person to pop his head out into outer space. Looking around, he saw the hole which Omega went in... It was undefended.

Kokuten already had a squad headed for the bridge. So Fian decided to head to the engine room instead with an intention to sandwich the enemy forces between his and Gran's.


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Adrian moved into some cover, avoiding some fire as he did so.

"Armors on bridge, box them in!"

He leaned his rifle out and fired blind into the room, hearing several yells of surprise.

"Listen, Isty, I may have anger problems, but if you think for a second I won't blast you, you're sorely mistaken."

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Istvan called into his com. "Apacalipse. All men. Blow everything up. Everything. Now." All men, especialy those with antimatter, fired. There would be no survivors in the areas around or in, the bridge.


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Kokuten noticed the actions Istvans squad was about to take.

"Fire team! Suppressing fire! And use your anti-projectile lasers to stop those shots! Assault team, use your blades and cut them up under their field of fire!" Kokuten barked, the Grenadiers Fire Team laid down an immense stream of laser fire as the Assault team began to slice down some of Istvan's boys. One AIR caught an Anti-Matter charge, going down the other two sawed through their respective targets, and began using their rifles on others.

The Medic caught Istvan in the corner charging his men with their duties like a fucking commissar. Kokuten grunted and took special aim on Istvan, opening his own direction of fire.

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Istvan's men threw everything they had. EVERYTHING they had. they unloaded their entire stores of everything everywhere, even grabbing stuff of the dead in the room to fire more.

One man lovingly dropped an armed and ready to blow antimatter grenade down the holes the soldiers had come up with a quick "This is for you Tom, now pay me my fucking fifty creds you owe."

Istvan didn't even see the shot coming. The room looked blasted, and there did not appear to be any survivors within it. Istvan took his helmut off. "That was fast." he says to the instructors. "Normaly I don't do that sort of thing, but we couldn't win, and I took some with me!"

Two survivors hid, waiting for a chance to take at least one foe out each


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Things were getting hot, and pretty fast. Rico's Spartans, who had previously split away from Istvan and his group before they reached the bridge, were already getting hit hard by the Alpha marines who were able to catch up. As the reports streamed in, Rico considered turning his Spartans back to help them. More importantly, the data coming up from the Serpents' monoeyes was turning up a large number of more defensive PA units...Rico concluded that Alpha already had access to the armory, and took the advantage to outfit themselves to the occasion. He cursed to himself, realizing he would eventually have to make a choice.

"Istvan, it's three against one in there, you can't take command of it. Bust what you can and get the fuck out!" Rico ordered through the comm link. Rico's squad had met no resistance whatsoever...he realized that it might've been the same for the Nights as well. Rico tried to recall the layout of the ship as his team raced through the hallways towards the elevator system...but as they reached it, all of the automated door systems around them began shutting and locking. The elevator itself would not function. It was also at this point that many of Serpent Squad's monoeye signals and communications suddenly cut.

"Shit!" Rico said as he pounded an armored fist against the thick elevator doors. "Benji, the ship is shuttin' up, expect to have ta blow you way farther in. I think Istvan's out...we have to get this done, NOW." Rico had to make another decision then...with all of the doors closed, it would take far too long to reach Istvans' Serpents in time to help, and the precious time it would take to reach the armory would not be worth what little they would find there. After a quick moment of thought, Rico loaded an antimatter charge into his FMD, and motioned for his men to step back.

"New plan guys...the bridge and armory are lost to us. We're going for the main generators...the long way."