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SACN Mark Oaklan, Medical Operation Successful


Well-Known Member
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
SACN, Candon's Shuttle
To: Taiyou Hoshi-Chusa
From: Candon Suites-Heisho


Mark Oaklan-Santô Hei is recovering well now. The operation to remove what he was calling a 'demon' was successful so he should be ready for duty. I'll request a mobile psych evaluation over SACN to be double sure. It already looks like the problem is resolved.

Additionally, we will be heading to Howard Station, 188-604 to reevaluate the current status and acquire parts. I estimate the process from sending this message to completion will take six hours.
We will be home soon, ma'am.

Signed, Candon Suites