• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.

Art Maulwurfhund Lineart - Grab and Create!

Heyo guys =3=/ some of you may have noticed a new SARP-made mutt popped up under the Abwehran.

Meet the Maulwurfhund

This is a purebred Maulwurfhund and the only one to currently appear on the wiki. There are variations with different mane stylings, bone helmets (some that wrap the head and have spikes), and some with different tail lengths... but those aren't a main priority in terms of art, as this artwork is mainly intended to get the species into the setting for those who want a large dog for their characters and/or plots!

This is where you come in.


Here's the lineart for the doggos =3=/ but there are some notes!
  • Don't make a purebreed! This lineart is mainly useful in that people can make their own mutts and genetically specified variants (like an arctic Maulwurfhund).
  • Be crazy, but watch the gem/light color! - Traditionally, these are left blue. If you make a different color, then that would change their night vision capabilities but give you a neat lamp!
  • If you want to use the front eyes as open, please remove the iris from the rear set and make it appear closed! Maulwurfhund don't open both eyes at once!
With these three things in mind, you too can make yer own SARP doggo! Patterns both natural and clearly man-made can make up their coats, as well as many colors you can imagine! Let's populate SARP with plenty of mutts and variations of their coloring for those who join! Let's deepen SARP with something as small as a large mole-dog =3=/