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Motoyoshi Bakufu News [MBNN] 5th XF Flag CO Shot in Kyoto; Jiyuu appeals Senator

In a shocking daylight display, 5th XF Flag Officer and SIP Director Kage Yaichiro-Taii of the Akigumo Battlegroup was shot while on shore leave in Kyoto. This occurred at the Kyoto Spaceport, while many civilians were departing for HNI, and while 5th XF Officers were unloading on a rare time of rest and relaxation.

The CO was in civilian uniform and off duty when he was located by Hikari Shigeru-shi of Hikari Industries, and after a VERY brief verbal exchange, the CEO pointed a Nepleslian handgun at the Taii. The Taii allegedly did not respond in kind, probably so the situation would not escalate into a shootout in a public area. Unfortunately, two shots were fired, one from the CEO, and one from the Taii who tried to incapacitate the would-be-assassin as he fell.

Kage-Taii was unable to avoid being shot due to being on the roof of a shuttle when confronted, but this later saved him from being shot again when he fell backward off of the shuttle, which became a barrier.

Santo Hei Lolion Reglo, a subordinate of the Taii, is credited with apprehending the man and attempting to calm him. Currently, the Taii has had the bullet removed and is recovering.

The reasoning for the attack? Records indicate that Kage Yaichiro-Taii is an example of illegal ST Backup use, an illegal clone which threatened to end Hikari-shi's status by his very existence. Eye-witness accounts indicate this as a likely reason for the engagement from the vocal exchange they overheard, and the Taii's comments in the aftermath to a 5th XF Officer on the scene.

This situation has garnered support for the recent ST Laws put in place, and an urge by Jiyuu to try Hikari-shi with the modern laws for the severity of his crime rather than the laws of early YE 29, when this data occurred.

It has also called into question the legality and morality of non-Neko cloning in general among the people of the 5th XF, and some are issuing petitions to their senator to investigate the matter in the Senate. Plebian rights are also being questioned to a limited degree, though this movement has far less weight, and is generally deemed not a cause for this situation.