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Approved Character Meada Setsuka



With this character I would also like to create both a blog and an NPC. The blog would be like the news forum and could be formed with civilian posts similar to a social media page. It would open up a bit of the civilian side of Star Army. I think it would be great for posting adds to restaurants like like the recently created Sea Of Plenty or the well established Beach Bums underwear store in Temeridi, Yamatai. It would also be able to be used for characters who are a part of the bar thread on here to post photo's of their night and so much more. I am not sure where I can put that idea or the logistics of it entirely yet but it ties into the use of my character.



FM of Neshaten
Game Master
I'd actually like some time to go through this with the creator and would prefer if you don't approve the character right this minute @demibear
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