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Medical Hiatus


Insane Story Writer Foxy
Good Day Gents,

I've only been an admin for a week, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to step down - not just as admin but also as staff - in order to focus more on my life and things outside of the site. In case people aren't aware of, my health has started to deteriorate once again and I can't focus on my duties here while dealing with that and it wouldn't be fair for the site to have an admin that can't do their duties.

I'll be transferring full ownership of the Neshaten to @club24 , who has a lot of interest in the faction. I will be taking on Co-fm and stay as GM of the Furi'ken temporarily, however I will eventually have to leave the site entirely on hiatus once again.
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Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
It will be sad to see you go and I fear the faction won't be the same without you but I'll do my best to keep it going in its current spirit.

Really gonna miss you man but its worth it to keep yourself healthy.


FM of S6
Game Master
That s sad to hear, Kyle. I'm very sorry :(

I wish you the absolute best of luck. And I hope you'll be on site long enough to see the first Tsumi thread at least. Since you've helped me quite a bit with them.

Jack Pine

Staff Apprentice
FM of S6
Game Master
Don't worry, neshaten has friendly neighbors now to back them up. And I know Club will take good care of them too. I wish for fairer health for you my friend, stay well.


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FM of Yamatai
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I'm well aware that running a community can be super stressful sometimes. Thanks for all the help you gave us, Kyle, and best wishes for your health situation!


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Game Master
Get well, Kyle! and good luck with everything! We'll keep your spot safe for you.


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FM of Nepleslia
FM of the Iromakuanhe
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We are really rooting for you so get well and stay safe! 🍔⭐💫🦅