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SYNC Medical technology update request


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To: Available members of Star Army Research Administration
From: Chui Aliset of Koun


To whom it may concern,

A few days ago, I was accidentally bitten by a Separa'Shan member of Star Army personnel, due to an accident and triggering of a pain reflex. Her name will not be mentioned for her privacy. This bite was purely accidental and my fault. However, it did highlight a few problems facing my continued service as the YSS Koun's astronavigator and helmsman.

In my career, I have noticed a not insignificant level of judgement due to my body's incapability of cybernetic augmentation, the lack of the Star Army of Yamatai's ability to back up my mind in case something goes wrong, and more, the inability for Yamataian medical technology to meaningfully assist me in the case of injury or illness without near complete destruction of my immune system. I cannot interface with computer technology outside of manual controls, cannot download and disseminate files, and cannot "feel" Yamataian ships as I can Senti vessels. This last is a point of insecurity for me, as despite my talent making up for the lack of ability, I am still only as good as an average SPINE augmented Yamataian pilot. At the cost of over two hundred pounds and an inability to affect G forces to minimize the strain on my body.

Moreover, Venis ethnic Separa'Shan can be highly venomous, with a hematoxin and neurotoxin cocktail that left me incapacitated for several days, and handling an infection for more than a week. This time period left a Plumeria 2e down a helmsman and astronavigator, and the sickbay burdened with my medical treatment that for any other species could have been taken care of with a quick injection of hemosynth and an antivenin. For me it was three days of constant, nightmarish hallucinations, hot flashes, and immobility. Had my ship's medical personnel not remembered that I cannot take saline solution injections, nanite injections, or that many medications do not work as intended on my physiology, I would likely be dead. As such, I would recommend them for awards and citations, were I of sufficient rank to do so. More annoyingly, many of these things simply cannot be done without the complete annihilation of a key component of my immune system, the general virophage living in my blood.

As such, I would like to volunteer for medical testing for the integration of SPINE and other standard Yamataian medical technologies to Senti physiology, and ask for any updates you may have regarding any current projects in this vein.

Kindest regards,

Chui Aliset iš karo laivo Kōun neé Tokyo iš Yamatai y tarybos narys mūšio y Vadasirinidias krovininis Soren iš Shurista.


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TO: Chui Aliset iš karo laivo Kōun neé Tokyo iš Yamatai y tarybos narys mūšio y Vadasirinidia-[[ERR-BUFFER-OVERFLOW-C#739]], YSS Koun, First Fleet
CC: Shoi Takeda Sayako, YSS Koun, First Fleet
FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration

Chui Aliset,

Your willingness to volunteer as a test subject is greatly appreciated. In light of this, your Star Army record has been amended to include our Testing Division as one of your assigned memberships. This may make you eligible for Innovation Awards depending on the outcome of research you assist with. Hopefully it will also make you more willing to engage with us into the future.

A Testing Division patch will be shipped to you for use on your uniform until such a time as you earn the right to wear it in perpetuity, you are no longer willing to be involved with SARA, or it is revoked for some reason.

The Chief Science Officer aboard the YSS Koun has not registered an active project with us. Therefore, they are open to project assignment at our discretion as a Science Officer. They are the obvious choice for this endeavour given your proximity and have been sent an official assignment to this research project as a member of our Research Division. If this poses an issue, we can assign another science officer instead.

In addition, one member of the YSS Koun's engineering staff will also be assigned to the project, at the Science Officer's discretion. Engineering personnel on another ship can be assigned to assist virtually if this poses a problem.

Research Division and Development Division patches will be sent to each of them respectively, if they do not already have them on their uniforms.

We've also sent a memo to First Fleet and our colleagues in the Medical Administration regarding the YSS Koun having a Senti aboard. Obviously, your science and medical personnel need to be kept abreast of information related to your species.

As Senti are underrepresented in the Star Army (as are most races other than Nekos), we have no developments to share with you at this time in relation to other projects regarding Senti.

A list of personnel and resources for the three of you to draw upon will be provided below. Luckily, we have several experts in augmentation of species within the Star Army. Taii Iemochi Seinosuke is currently pursuiting a similar project in relation to implementing SPINE for Elysians. They will be included on the list of available consultants.

We expect your initial report within the next month.

Best of luck,
Director Iemochi Feyani

P.S. Snakebite is the best cure for a snakebite, or so they say.

(A list of contacts and available resources is attached, as well as official documentation authorising this project and assigning personnel)

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TO: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
CC: Shoi Takeda Sayako, CSO, YSS Koun, First Fleet, Chui Kamiko Akino, First Officer, YSS Koun, First Fleet ,[[YSS Koun Medical operations]]
FROM: Chui Aliset Koun, Helmsman, YSS Koun, First Fleet


While I agree that Shoi Sayako is a strong candidate for this research due to proximity, I feel I must clarify that her primary field of study is currently gravimetric sciences, and thus probably better suited to helping me with a completely dissimilar project. However, her guidance has been, and continues to be a valuable guide in my endeavors. In all ways but a lapel pin, she is my superior on most subjects, and her capacity to connect to a computer and instantly learn any subject has been a source of great frustration to me.

To that end, I would like to propose a research project I have been modelling in Koun's navigational computers since I came aboard, spending most of my downtime catching up on the physics to make it work.

It has intrigued and angered me since I was a little girl that FTL jumps are typically straight lines with no deviation. However, in searching through Soren's jump logs, and even those of Koun, that there were sometimes minor deviations from course, especially when passing close to gravitational phenomena. I believe we can harness this. The current logic states that maneuvering in FTL is nearly, if not completely, impossible due in part to the velocities involved. However, Shurista has access to half a million year's worth of data and extant technology. One such find is from a now extinct civilization in what is now CIN space, that bears marked similarities to the Yamataian Continuum Distortion Drive. Along with this piece of technology was found not insignificant documentation, leading us to believe that this was a prototype, barely functional, and generating perhaps 3 C in straightline FTL.

My proposition involves two maneuvers based on modern computer science and timing. However, I will have difficulty executing this maneuver without the SPINE augment. I would find this maneuver too risky to try on my own home vessel until a small craft has successfully documented the execution of the maneuvers. Ideally, this craft would be capable of high FTL speed and range, with sensor and telemetry equipment comperable to a Fuji class vessel's main sensor suite. It would be small and inexpensive if at all possible.

The first maneuver, I have called "Stutterjump." In theory, it is fairly simple, utilizing the similar sized realspace bubble shared by both the Hyperspace Fold drive and the Continuum Distortion Drive, and shielding the ship from detection as it exits the hyperspace fold by already being in a continuum distortion. By this method, the quantum foam shift by which a CDD jump would be detected is shrouded by the collapsing hyperspace fold, leading attackers to believe that an unstealthed vessel has dropped to slower than light speeds and has not jumped to FTL. This may prompt attackers to not attempt FTL tracking methods, and in stead scan empty space, Tactically, this carries little advantage without the capability of performing maneuvers while in FTL.

This is where the second maneuver comes in. As stated earlier, it is widely recorded that many ships have wound up either slightly or severely off course by the interaction with massive objects in the sector, and worse, if a ship actually hits something at FTL velocities. With this knowledge, I believe it's possible to curve the trajectory of a spacecraft in FTL by superimposing the preexisting continuum distortion of a supermassive object such as a black hole off center of the direction of travel, utilizing the spatial density constant to cause our CDD to travel along "curved" space, and causing an effect of faster than light combat maneuvers.

In theory, this allows a combat manever I have been considering since my time on the YSS Tokyo and assisting with the servicing of the Combined Field System and Hyperspace Fold FTL dribes used on the Ginga heavy bomber.

In theory, the Ginga is sent to a target site such as a deep station target, and as standard, would enter via hyperspace fold., preferably within 1/2 light hour of target Stutterjump to CDD and use the shadow of the collapsing hyperspace fold to make a sharp course correction directly to target. All FTL tracking is going to be looking for a new jump. When it detects the jump signature, it will likely be milli light seconds from the target, dropping full payload and immediately jumping out before interdiction measures can be made.

I understand if this project seems insane. And I understand any trepidation in the theory.

Thank you for your time.

Chui Aliset iš karo laivo Kōun neé Tokyo iš Yamatai y tarybos narys mūšio y Vadasirinidias krovininis Soren iš Shurista.
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> Reply chain intact 32kpls

As a Star Army Science Officer, I am knowledgeable and capable in all of the following areas: «744 kpls hidden, touch to show», and thus capable of acting with professional competency outside my primary speciality even if I were an organic. While aboard the Random Alien vessel I witnessed a simple intervention by a Senti medical officer for a medical condition that no non-Senti in Yamatai even knew was a problem, as Senti are not, in general, given to complaint about minor, or even moderate, issues. Additionally, due to my particular speciality, Kōun-Chūi's performance and efficiency as a navigator is increased by a measurable margin when I am in close proximity to her. Therefore I am in a unique position to monitor Kōun-Chūi's status and response. No other Senti has volunteered for such a project and certainly none with such a degree of constant contact with their Chief Science Officer. It would limit both the efficacy, as well as efficiency, of any project relating to Senti biology if it were assigned to any other science officer, organic or not. Please consider this my preemptive acceptance of any such project as may be assigned.

It is of no consequence for me to assist with both endeavors. Not only am I capable of multiple, parallel, dedicated subprocesses to assign to them both, I am not subject to organic frailties such as the need for sleep and sustenance, and may dedicate additional subprocesses to recreational routines. As such, I can sustain continuous operations and thus have an average of a 60% increase in work hours per standard Yamataian day.

I already consider both projects to be within the purview of my standard responsibilities, and conversely not additional duties to be assumed.


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TO: Shoi Takeda Sayako, CSO, YSS Koun, First Fleet
CC: Chui Aliset Koun, Helmsman, YSS Koun, First Fleet
FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration


These theories are certainly something. 3c and extant technologies, quite exciting.

However, as was stated, SPINE is likely required for the second proposed project, which makes the first a prerequisite.

For now, the first project is authorised as stated, however you can work informally on the second as long as progress on the first is not affected. Once the first is complete I will formally authorise the second.

I'll see about organising procurement of an Eye-III Class Stealth Corvette for the 'small, fast and sensory' requirements on the second project, however I believe we're still waiting for Logistics to close the deal on the initial shipment so this may take some time.

The CSO is correct insofar as this falls under standard duties for both themselves and whichever engineer/technician is chosen by them to assist. However, whomever your Captain is may require some convincing to give the Helmsman time to work on SARA projects directly. Feel free to drop my name in any discussion related to that.

Other than that, everything you require should already be sent in my original message.

Director Iemochi Feyani


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TO: @Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
CC: @Shoi Takeda Sayako, CSO, YSS Koun, First Fleet, @Chui Kamiko Akino, First Officer, YSS Koun, First Fleet ,[[YSS Koun Medical operations]]
FROM: @Chui Aliset Koun, Helmsman, YSS Koun, First Fleet

Alright, first month update on the implimentation of SPINE technology to Senti physiology.

Some basic points to cover before we begin.

  • Tsulrati physiology includes a symbiote that feeds on complex proteins. Lab grown samples have shown that it will consume cleaning nanites, bloodborne femtomachines, microsurgery nanomachines, and even medical scanning nanomachines, often with disproportionate and aggressive colony growth. It's bacterial, and responds to general antibiotic treatment, but is a potent general virophage. For general viral load of the nanomachines in the ship air or in the food, it's fine. However, it means that any nanomachine injection is likely to cause immediate blood sepsis.

    This problem alone would necessitate the removal and destruction of my immune system temporarily. However, reinnoculation of my immune system may be lethal.
  • Yamataian medical scanning technology, and even basic first aid technology relies on technology actively detrimental to my health, with no progress available on software, hardware, or chemical markers to prevent the aggressive immune response.
  • Tsulrati physiology does not handle invasive surgery well, with several common non-nanomachine sterilizing agents such as sodium iodide or other iodine compounds delaminating the cellular binding layers in my skin and musculature.
I'm sure there are methods around these problems. However, most of this is well outside the technological capabilities of Yamatai and the Shuristan Councils. It may be necessary to outsource the project to an allied government with a less specialized medical industry. I'll leave the actual report to be filled in by my scientific superior.

Please report when ready, miss Sayoko.