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READ ME Mending the Imperium


The Gunman
Hello everyone. I suck at speeches, but I think one is needed. So here we go:

I have been appointed by Wes as the new FM of Nepleslia. After the loss of our veterans, we took a hit. We lost GMs and players alike. Our faction started to splinter and break. We continued to lose players. Some have given up on Nepleslia. I, however, refuse to let this great nation fall apart. When I first started more than a year ago. I was instantly drawn to Nepleslia. It's players, it's characters, what it stood for. I felt at home. Now, as I take up the mantle I choose to fight. To fight for Nepleslia and return this faction to glory and make it even better.

I don't plan to do this alone however. I am hereby appointing @FrostJaeger as my first of two CO-FMs. I need a volunteer to take the final CO-FM slot. I call on all Nepleslia players. Who wants to help me bring this faction back from the brink? I need one more highly dedicated player to help me.

I plan on rocking this Faction to its very core to give GMs new material to play with. I can't release any details yet, but trust me. I have very large plans for our faction.

I hope that I will do you, the players, my friends, justice. I fight this fight for all of you. I hope that I will do you all proud.

For the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia!


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I hate to toss the first bit of trouble your way, but I ask that you do not appoint Zack as Co-FM of Nepleslia. Last time he was a major part of the faction, he took it in a direction that alienated a good portion of the playerbase to the point that he was ejected out of the faction. And following that, he was banned from the site after a community wide vote. That is, a vote that was open to every player on the site at the time; the results were very one sided. If you insist on keeping him as a Co-FM however, I will have to resign as GM and close my plot. As much as I love RPing in Nepleslia, it's gotten rough at many times, and I'm simply no longer able to contend with things like this.


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I left the faction because I was not able to work with Kokuten.

Since then the group that wanted me banned has had ample time to do what they want with the faction, and the results speak for themselves: Nepleslia has gone from a large, healthy, player faction to one that is non-functional.

I warned Gunhand that there would be pushback for this, and if he thinks that Nepleslia will be better off without me here then I'd be happy to step aside. Honestly I don't think either of us knew exactly how bad it was going to be. Ultimately that's up to him.


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Well, here's the thing, we have what is essentially the last actively running GM of any Nepleslian plot willing to resign. I consider this to be a major problem.


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First, you didn't leave Zack. You were ejected, and not just by Kokuten. Many players were unhappy at the time.

Second, the decline of Nepleslia began before you were expelled from it. The SARP meme of "Dickships" was born solely because of you, and those very same ships got shoved into Nepleslian inventory. And that's not to mention the horrifically metagaming technology that came with them. That stuff might be powerful, but it's all junk in the grand scheme of things because they don't do a thing for site and story.


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Actually, Gunhand, we are helping since you need to learn your playerbase if you plan to be a useful FM for Nepleslia.


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It seems like this is a critical moment in Nepleslia as a playable faction. If the results shake up things to the point where all the vets leave, then make sure that the new players that are still around can have the commitment to revitalize the faction and keep it afloat or it'll go into NPC territory again.

It's not an easy endeavor to run a faction because it usually involves GMing a plot or at least having active, nearly-daily interactions with your playerbase/GMs. If you have that kind of time commitment, then the faction is most likely in good hands regardless of who's in charge.

Or, as I like to say, the best ability is availability.

Good luck with your efforts!


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Enough. I have a decision to make and you all aren't helping. I am speaking with Vets now.
I understand Centurion and I encourage it. Just please not in this thread. Message me with these complaints. I don't want to marr this thread with hate and squabbles

Regardless of whatever decision you make, I can definitely respect the way that you're handling this, and am not offended in how you're going about it.


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I'm going to be honest, I don't have as big an investment in the site as I used to with all that's been going on, and I wasn't here when Zack first arrived in SARP. But some things that should be taken into consideration are the player's history with things on the site. I'm going to make this statement as impartial as possible and as simply factual as possible as well. But to my knowledge, with my 2 years of being here everyone involved with running Neplesia has rather strongly disliked the notion of Zack being part of it. He also has a record with technology that leaves many players believing he tries to intentionally abuse the system to make things over powered. (The C5 and associated starship containers are one recent example)

I'm not going to tell you who to pick and who is right, and I can't give you a positive side about Zack because simply put I choose not to be around him much. But my suggestion is if you're getting CO-FMs you want them to take the faction that's already there and help you make it better. To do that it's best the people you choose as CO-FMs are already part of the faction as it is, and not coming from the outside.


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As one of the site vets (Having been here over ten years.) and a vet of Nepleslia having created tech, and ships, I'd like to be a part of this decision. Nepleslia is a second home to me right now, and I'd like to do right by this dirty, burly, manly as f**k faction. I have a lot of history and lore locked in my mind from when I first joined, up to this point. And it could prove useful if needed.
Alright, so.........I'm not terribly good at this "speech" thing, but here goes:

To start, I'm honored beyond words by the faith our new FM, @Gunhand4171, has expressed in me via his acceptance of my humble request to become a Co-FM for Star Army's second-largest (and second-oldest) faction. I swear that, from this point onwards, I shall try my absolute damnedest to live up to the stratospheric standards set by the Pineapple King himself, @Koenig808 - and, in the words of a certain politician, "Make Nepleslia great again."

That being said, however.........I unfortunately must also state that if @Zack is to retain his newly-acquired position (as Nepleslia's other Co-FM), I - similar to @CadetNewb - will be forced to resign from my post, due to the reasons already expressed by Cadet and @Syaoran.


The Gunman
I have come to a decesion. I will rescind Zack's nomination as CO-FM. The matter is closed and I don't want to hear about it again.
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