[MERLIN] To: Nicholas Saiga From: Taiyou Hoshi


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Early YE 41
To: Nicholas Saiga-chusa, SAINT
From: Taiyou Hoshi-chusa, YSS Kaiyō II

A long stream of stars will be unfurling before me for a long while. The celestial bodies will be far, then will grow nearer. In a short moment, an infinitely small moment, they will be next to me, then I will be passing them. With each system I approach, I feel its presence like the blaring siren of a fast moving vehicle that is coming at me. Only when it is behind me do I notice the pitch to have lowered in intensity. I am, in my own way, thankful for my digital mind that can process so many systems, all with their own unique effect on me, though they stress me, still, to no end. There is no reprieve, not now. My homeostasis has adapted back into a mindset where eustress is a given and expected while out here, though... It's silly, it has lessened now that I have had the chance to say this.

It is really silly that I now feel a weight lifted. Even after just saying it will not end, it has. I think I will begin to remind myself that my name is befitting me, a Nekovalkyrja that is meant to enjoy the stars. I have already begun to watch their approach, passing, and subsequent recession with a renewed gratefulness.

Is this your doing or mine, this comfort? This ease. I referred to my state as one of eustress, but I do not know if I was benefitted from the concern I faced. Perhaps it was my own reflection I was looking at, and not the expanse of space before me, that led me to feel such grandiose emotion. Whatever the cause of my newfound serenity, I am thankful to write to you. I hope this hemorrhaging of emotions from me was not overwhelming or objectionable.

If you can say anything in candor, tell me now, here. Despite my instruction, I do understand the inability you may face to do so and don't anticipate a response. My appreciation for you knows no barriers. Even in the stillness of silence, the ripples of words once spoken cultivate an affirming ebb and flow.

Surrounded by stars, I want you to know that I find the moon tonight to be very, very beautiful.

I don't want to stop writing but you may want to stop reading, so I will end it here.

I love you,