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Message Group Invite - Ceilia Dee-Cerulius, Kessler Ryzka, & Rose Ironhart-Pine


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YE 42
Group Direct Message Invite from user: DeeKyle29

DeeKyle29 > Audio Message: "Hey! It's been a while since we were able to talk, I think it's been five months if my memory isn't completely jacked up." An audible sound of nervous laughter,"But anyway, My brother managed to get me revived. I'm doing fine. Message back whenever possible. I know it's been a while so if you don't remember me, I'm Kyle Dee."

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Hey! Good to hear you're alive! A lot has happened, and, well, your mom's been staying with me since you died. It was hard times for all of us. She's been great with the kids.

[File included:
Photo depicts Rose looking a decade older holding a baby boy, three toddlers near her feet. Seraphina stands off to the side.