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RP: Hinomaru Sunrises II [Mini-Mission] M3 - Seafood Extravaganza


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RP Date
YE 45.1
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YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City

M3 Seafood Extravaganza​


Airwin_cinematic_interior_shot_of_a_intricate_futuristic_japane_8de24c07-1352-4e19-a3ab-c26553...pngChef Kurahashi Chikafusa ran the kitchen like any Star Army Cook, with of course the exception he was not Star Army at all; he was a vetted civilian chef brought on board at the request of Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. He had served as her personal chef now since YE 42 and was one of the few notable chefs from the infamous Takeda House. He had frequently offered cooking classes to members of the Clan, which had begun to expand to the company and crew of the Colony Fleet. This particular event however was one of importance, he had arranged for members of the Taisho's Alpha Team to be transferred to the YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City for an exciting challenge, to create a new seafood dish for the Taisho. He was a rather handsome Minkan, with black hair tied back in a ponytail, and dark sapphire eyes, and he wore a chef's jacket with the patch of the YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City over the left chest area, and the symbol of Takeda House on the back.

The Chef looked over those that had come for his little challenge, as he gave out a rather fancy black gift box to each of them, "This will be your knife set, you would be wise to take good care of it. A chef's tools are like a soldier's equipment - without it you're in the weeds," he said as he finished handing out the knife kits. "Your challenge is going to be a difficult one, as a team you will make three dishes. I want them to be unique, centered around the theme of Seafood, and destined for the Taisho's table. It will be up to you to appeal to her sense of palate, she is a picky woman fond of her seafood and the championing of ingredients native to Jiyuu," he explained. "You will have access to this fully equipped kitchen, and its pantry which is diverse as you would expect. You would be wise to be creative, and yet be weary of some of her dislikes like beef and pork," he took his place at the end of the long counter that framed the cooking area, "I'd advise planning your menu first, an organized chef is a wise chef. I will be here to advise and guide you, I also will be tasting at my leisure. A special prize has been arranged, but you will only achieve it if you produce at least two of the three dishes to her liking. Work together, you have four hours until I expect to place these on the table," he looked at them and made a loud single clap, "Any questions?" he asked.
"I have a question!" There was a giggle behind the chef, disrupting the seriousness of his lecture, and somewhat uncharacteristically outgoing from it's source. Tachiko descended silently from the ceiling behind him and squeezed the dignified chef about the midsection like a youngling pouncing a parent. "Fusa-kun~ How did you get so cute?" As the founder and chief executive chef of Takeda House, Tachiko had personally gathered the most talented chefs in the sector and mentored them in her personal cooking style that formed the basis of Takeda House's haute-nouvelle Lianja cuisine. And, Kurahashi-sensei was the best of all of them. She finally released him and his dignity alongside, "Mother said she wants an order of those crab cakes."

Turning to the gathered crew and associates she gave a small bow, followed by another giggle and enthusiastic waving salute. "Motoyoshi-chan is here to taste test!" She did know Katsuko's tastes better than anyone, after all. Even moreso than the great Kurahashi Chikafusa.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Lisse felt like she was on a cooking drama.

Accepting the black gift box, the Sprite’s mismatched eyes went wide as she opened it and peered inside. Right now, she could more readily kill with the knives than she could cook with them, but she sensed that after today, that might change! Regardless, she anticipated that the process of learning how to cook was going to be messy. As such, the Sprite wore a tight-fitting Type 40 Exercise Uniform with volleyball-style shorts and a cropped ringer T-shirt. She wouldn’t mind getting the outfit dirty, unlike with her regular duty uniforms.

However, when Tachiko arrived, the serious, intense atmosphere was suddenly defused as the Princess hugged the chef around his waist. Lisse watched with a wide gaze as the scene played out, but like everyone there she was well aware of Tachiko’s reputation.

Not only was she the boss of the dignified chef standing before her, but she was also the chef de cuisine of Takeda House and one of the most famous chefs in the Kikyo Sector.

For her part, Lisse blinked, then took a deep breath. The normally-peppy Sprite could only just manage a smile and a small wave as she took in the playful episode.
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Taisho's Private Kitchen - Ayano

Unsure of what to expect, but curious nonetheless about why she was called over to the BACC, standing to one side of Tachiko was the pear-shaped and short form of Ayano. Able to keep her tongue in check throughout the chef's speech, she snorted and started to cackle as her sister used unflappable affection to pull all the wind out of his sails. "That's hehahehe-hhilarious!" She had to fan her own face as if she was losing oxygen, and it almost made her forget the sinking feeling she got when she thought of trying to appease her mother's palette.

The Taii cleared her throat, and put the set of knives under one of her arms. She had come in a Type-42 uniform with a pleated skirt and no tights. For some reason, she had worn one of her lab coats over that, apparently expecting a bit of a different assignment, or feeling more comfortable with it also on.

"Well, cooking is a science! So we should avail ourselves of our laboratory equipment. What about see-through seafood ravioli? That would be simple enough. Though if we have hibiscus and a bit of time there's always a way to create an interesting dish with crab or lobster." It was clear she had linked up to the ship for a little help, but where she found it and what had been accessed were a little unusual. "Deconstructed smoked salmon? I wonder if that's better as a pretty dish or as some kinda' dish to take apart with like chips a' stuff..." And she kept mumbling to herself after that, eventually trailing off as her tail started to swish back and forth from where the split in the back of the coat allowed it to be free.

M3 Seafood Extravaganza​


When Mazumi heard of the challenge, she found herself interested and intrigued. She thought she could join and have fun, and win something, but there was a prize she’d be interested more. Knowledge, of new foods something she could easily have made on the Mazu. She could improve her caretaking skills she could please the Mazu crew greatly.

So there she was ready and waiting to roll. Though unlike Lisse, the Mazu’s last sprite chose a different outfit, her birthday suit. Though she was wearing an apron, and steel toed shoes were her only articles of clothing. She inspected the knife set given to her, and she glanced over as Tachiko spoke, as did Ayano. But she focused on what Tachiko said, crab cakes specifically, she was certain she could create that. Crab cakes, first part of her three foods she’ll make. She can do this, she felt confident she could do this, and glanced over to figure out whom she should team up with.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Alina was rather surprised she had managed to find her way to the Taisho's private kitchen after arrival to the YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City. She quietly walked in with her duty uniform on and took note of the very delicious looking chef's instructions when she entered. A rather surprised look came across her face, a red blush rushing to the cheeks of an otherwise straight faced norian. There was a bare derriere gracing the presence of those in the kitchen. Her ears twitched as she approached the woman enjoying the breeze and whispered quietly, "Would you like me to order you some clothes or shall I give you my apron?" she asked.

While she awaited a response she got settled in at the station next to the woman she had just spoke to. Violet orbs overlooked the scenery of what surrounded her. A fancy black gift box laid before her. This must be the knife set the handsome chef mentioned. She moved to take a peek inside the box when a giggly chui bounced in. Her gaze shot up and the corners of her mouth curled into a slight smile. It was nice to see people expressing such joy, although not in a manner she would personally have chosen. Slender ears twitched yet again as she listened intently to the words spoken by Ayano. She was not able to eat meat, but she could still be of some use to the group.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Inari bowed slightly accepting the gift. She didn't know her mother's tastes well, and she thought hard about what she could do to make the dish stand out. The theme was seafood and Essia did have a lot of great seafood. Many cities on the coast and rivers ate fish. She remembered the Aksero, it was actually named for the method of preparation rather than the actual fish. The Askero leaf was a large leathery leaf. You would wrap the fish to be grilled in one of the leaves and bury it in coals. She felt tentative suggesting it, but felt like using a Jiyuu fish and spices would also fulfil what Katsuko wanted. "We could do Fish Aksero, use a Jiyuu fish and spices, but cook it wrapped in a Aksero leaf. It's a low and slow technique, so we can get it started now and have more time to focus on the other dishes." She suggested.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Radcliff Yingzi was still experiencing a bit of a culture shock since joining the Star Army of Yamatai. Her deep learning childhood had given plenty of examples on the nature of nekovalkyjra and their... fashion sense. But seeing a naked sprite was causing her to mentally twitch. Being a pathologist, she could stop herself from imagining what pathogens could he introduced by such an act!

But she simply breathed in and out before focusing on the contents of the black box. She had never seen such excellent cutlery before. It was enough to distract her mind and change the subject of examination to them.

She then looked to the Taii. "Your the boss ma'am!" Shortly after Yingzi said that, a massively tall man ducked through the door the kitchen wearing the newly updated Type 35 uniform with the rank of Shosa. She noticed the red MP brassard, but the white panels of his uniform stood out the most to her. Yingzi was familiar with Advancer Enterprise's Zhenren augmentations to know he wasn't an ID-SOL. But it was the first time she had seen such an individual within the Star Army. Must be a lonely experience she thought to herself.

Mikael's time to officially report to Taisho Motoyoshi was not for a few hours. But he took it upon himself to leverage his old SAINT skills in observing and casing locations that can pose the most threat to her and her officers. The first among them was naturally the source of her food, the Taisho's private kitchen.

But there two things he was not expecting: Tachiko and a bunch of clearly not cooks cooking.
Too busy embarrassing the chef to notice Mikael enter, Tachiko eventually looked up, making eye contact, and blushed a little. Putting one of her deceptively-delicate hands before her lips to feign clearing her throat, she tried to get back into her proper role as the Acting First Officer of the ship and the President of the Takeda House company. "Yes. Anyway. The ginger-lime crab cakes in the five spice aioli. One order for Katsuko's thinking snack in addition to all this." Afterwards, Tachiko drifted around the kitchen, checking on everyone's progress and assisting with anything they'd need.
Chikafusa's facial expression said it all, it appeared the boss had come to put in her two cents. Had it been anyone else he'd considered grabbing one of the larger pots and placing it over her head and beating it with a wooden spoon. He flushed slightly with embarrassment, but she had a request from Katsuko and that didn't have any kind of lack of importance, "Yes, I will get these wonderful people started and whip her up some of her favorite treats," he noticed as he spoke to her that one of the Mazu's people had come nude, he raised a brow and said aloud, "You would be wise to accept an apron, you're one sputtering pan away from an unpleasant experience!" he jousted. Then brought his hands together in a loud clap, "So a good number of you have joined this little endeavor, I suggest you get started," he said in the same raised voice.

This was going to be an undertaking, not to mention a challenge. He slipped towards one of the cooking stations to begin the prep for the crab cakes but kept a careful eye on the group. This was not the day his kitchen was going to get a visit from emergency services to put out a fire or remove an injured inexperienced cook. "Focus!" he declared, "Work together..." he said as his voice tapered off and the sound of his knife against the board took over as he chopped onion and garlic.


Taisho's Private Kitchen - Ayano

"Woah, what'd they feed you?!" Ayano exclaimed when Mikael entered. "Just kidding, I know exactly what." She raised her hand towards the others more like she was flagging them down, "Well crab cakes for the first course, seems pretty obvious. I am leaning towards the see-through seafood ravioli for something light, if I use something other than tomato sauce for it." She thought aloud, "I want to see that, lil' sister." The shorter-than-Inari but taller Motoyoshi chimed in with her approval for what it was worth.

The doctor passed by Mazumi and gave her a quick whip of her hand to the left cheek, just to see if she could leave a strong enough mark of her fingers in her behind. "It'll hurt more like this! Something to remember me by! If you wanna be naked to do things come talk to me later." Cackling, Ayano started to prep her station though she left room for others, "Yes get her an apron the chef is right. If we want to try the lobster with hibiscus flakes we'll have to crack on that, I can download the recipe I used. It will be easier with purpose-built tools. I used a laboratory last time."

While opening her box of impressive knives she added, "...I sterilized it, don't worry."
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Mazumi was nervous and excited as she set about participating in this. Nervous because she had never done anything like this, and excited because this will be a new experience, and if she did well, Minato her sister and Kaoru would be so proud of her. Of course she’d made one mistake, wearing an apron that was transparent and see through, it caused confusion to three people already! “huh?” she asked Alina as she turned to her, as she turned the apron shifted, causing it to sparkle a little as the light shone on it.

She was about to ask something further when the doctor slapped her, causing her to jump and squeak. “ an apron.. but as I see it now, it turned transparent and invisible.. A girl named Tachibana-hei gave it to me, as a apology for bad stuff she’d done.. Maybe a new apron might be better, won't cause confusion..” she said, thinking and noted Alina stepped into place beside her. She remembered they were supposed to be working in teams and so she turned to asked if either of them would like to be on her team. She was however distracted by the newcomer to join, and heard comments from another girl.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen


Alina looked to Inari, "I could probably help with wrapping it in leaves if you would like? I really cant eat meats, but if there is any way I can help I am here for it! Especially if it involves any fruit or vegetable prep and cooking, I think I could manage that part." she chirped in happily. She snapped up to look at Mikael as he entered and gave him a friendly wave with a smile, then went back to business.

When Tachiko came round she would clearly see that Alina had no idea what recipes to use. The young norian peeked over her shoulder, "Chui, I am woefully lacking of recipes suitable for this. Would you perhaps know of any I could get started on? Norians do not eat meat, so I have no idea where to start, but I want to help!" she asked. When Ayano popped the rear of Mazumi it elicited a slight hop and yelp of surprise from Alina. It seemed Mazumi did the same. Her ears twitched when the woman looked over to her, subsequently focusing back on her finding a recipe when Mazumi got distracted.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Mikael raised his right eyebrow towards Ayano's comment. She seriously doubt she knew the crap hospital food he had to endure when he opted to get his old Nepleslian body back and go through the "hard" way of acquiring the augmentations. He shuddered ever so slightly at the memories he had logged and started to move to wash his hands since he was in the kitchen. That is when he noticed Tachiko had finally sensed his presence. The slight lost in composure was enough to make him grin and wink at her before continuing with his task.

Reaching a sink, he rolled his sleeves up and proceeded to give up to midway on his forearm a good and through scrubbing to ensure everything was clean. Yingzi, watching this gave a nod of approval. The first person she saw taking hygiene seriously. She looked over towards Alina.

"I have heard appetizers, but I haven't heard of a main dish yet. But I don't know of anything for seafood that doesn't involve just cooking a whole fish when it comes to Lianjia cusine. Beef and pork are essential to our diets. Maybe dumplings, but again those are usually filled with pork and vegetables. So perhaps the two of us can think of a decent dessert with some fruit." she said before thinking to herself, unaware of Takeda House's reputation and menu. She remained thoughtful for a moment before slapping her hands together.

"I know what! Fruit jelly filled lunarcakes! We can add that to the menu Taii." she exclaimed, not knowing Alina or anyone other then Tachiko would have any idea what those are. Mikael looked over quickly at the mention of lunarcakes.

"I will pay you if you make extras, Shoi."
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Inari nodded at Alina, "Allright, so it's meant to be pretty easy to make. I'll get started with the meat and you can wrap them in the leaf." She said, trying to figure out exactly what she needed to do as she hadn't ever cooked this in a actual kitchen. The young princess decided that the oven would probably be the best. She set it for the appropriate temperature, low and slow. Then started to prepare the fish, it was simple Jiyuu fish and spices, but she was careful to follow the recipe for it that she was given. Then she handed Alina the fish to wrap into the Askero leaf. As they worked Inari asked, "So why do you not eat meats?" She asked.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

After donning an apron pulled from a nearby rack, Lisse waited in line behind a certain tall and dark Nepleslian MP Officer who her gaze lingered on for more than a few of her digital mind’s processing cycles. Nevertheless, after he was finished, Lisse committed herself to the same task, mirroring the MP’s actions of washing all the way up to her forearms as well.

Once she was ready, Lisse found herself following Mikael towards Yingzi, especially upon hearing word of dessert.

“What about castella cake?” The Sprite piped up from behind the two Nepleslians.
Chikafusa watched as the inspired participants began to decide what they would make. The ideas seemed interesting so far, they were lucky to have access to his well-stocked pantries, refrigeration, and freezer units. When it came to observation, he was very keen, he was used to working a knife and listening and directing simultaneously; it also helped with his other job. He put the last touches on the crab cakes and called for one of the caretakers to take them to the Taisho, "Order up!" he declared, then directed KAMI to track the plate so that it would be carefully monitored from his kitchen to the Taisho.

"Great Ideas!" he said to the team, "Refine them, Plan them, Cook them and get them on the plate!" he said, the clock still charging ahead as those crab cakes would not hold the hungry, and pregnant Taisho's appetite forever. The veteran chef began to clean up his prep area as he would continue to observe them and the process they utilized to prepare the Taisho's food.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen
As she waited for Doctor Butt Slapper’s response,she turned her focus and attention at the task at hand. Her ears picked up on what others were saying,and she used her caretaking skills to figure out what food item might go with and compliment the others food choices. She also remembered the saying, think of the person you were cooking for, and since they were in the Taisho’s private kitchen, she immediately thought of Katsuko. Immediately she got some ideas, and she turned her head to Ayano and spoke “I have a list of some food that might compliment what the others are doing.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen - Ayano

"Oh, we all like the view. That apron's fine, go ahead and pick any spot. We're all on the same team." Her prep work was going ahead at pace, she started to layer something from a bowl into incredibly fine sheets on trays before slipping them into an oven. Then she began to work on the filling by getting out two large bowls while speaking to Mazumi, "Let me hear your list. If nothing strikes your fancy, you could always prepare the meat for the filling, we could go with lobster, or really any fresh fish we have though I was leaning towards lobsters or shrimps of some kind. Then we'll mix it with olive oil and cheese. Plenty of space for whatever you want to make if not."

The doctor spoke up just to restate, "Okay everyone, if you have a solid idea and can get it going within our time limit, start it up and we'll pick the four the Chef prefers to go out." He was the expert, and everything about what was happening was helping her learn to be better, her methods were a little unorthodox and the exercise felt at home, she could run a surgery why not at least part of a kitchen? It was kind of fun cooking for her parents, the thought made her paranoid enough that she looked around the room to make sure no one heard it somehow, even though it was impossible.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Taisho’s Private Kitchen

Mikael's own sense of observation were briefly directed towards the Chief Chef. He couldn't figure what, but his SAINT senses were getting tingly when ever he watched how he was watching the others. There was the "mentor look" and then there were the looks of someone assessing way deeper than if the student had even listened to you. It wouldn't surprise him if he was a SAINT asset since they are always watching. But going on just feelings is never enough (despite what some Nekos might say) and he was deeply connected to the Taisho as far as he could tell. No point in thinking more on that for now.

The shosa started to move slowly around to see what the other members of the family were up to. The outsiders seemed to be the odd looking Shoi and the Norian. He decided he best keep a closer eye on the true unknown, the Shoi ranked Lily Artificial Nepleslian. Yingzi was too busy accessing her memories regarding the creation of lunarcakes to noticed the lightly hostile looks from Mikael. Remembering all the "yummy" foods she had as a "child", she settled on a recipe she once learned when she was a "teenager". An old recipe that her genemother had encoded into her engram within the simulation. When she finally started to focus, she noticed he was standing right in front of her.

"Aiyo!" she exclaimed before muttering curses under her breath is some dialect of Lianjia Speech. She then sqinted her eyes at him for a moment before she calmed herself to her normal state of being to begin cooking. "You look familiar, sir. You wouldn't happen to know a Sergn't Brandon Harris would you?" prompting a raised eyebrow from Mikael. That was the alias he used for a training video he once did for a company regarding very basic infantry tactics all forces in the sector would know when he was just a simple Heisho.

"Never heard of him. You need some help with the cakes Shoi?" he before Lisse said something. Both of them looked over towards her with Yingzi speaking. "Those are those soft, spongey sweet cakes right? I think the three of us can get the lunar and these castella cakes done." she said with a smile. Mikael simply nodded his head.

Just as she was getting ready to forward the recipe for the lunarcakes and what she was going to needed for Lisse and her to collect, she recieved a message from Mikael of a chibi version of himself with a text bubble popping up saying "Send me the recipe?"