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  • It's 5月 YE 43 for September and October. IC months advance every 2 OOC months.
Obsidian City, Sirris 4, Mining Guild Main Headquarters – It’s the same old saying, to have ships you’d need materials, and to do that you’d need mining, so it’s no surprise that when the mining Guild formed within the NDC, it has greatly helped the new nation with its metal needs, and gems for the jewelry. The Mining Guild has also expanded with the NDC, but further, with new partnerships. “Indeed, [our] corporation that I co-run with my twin sister is always looking to expand, always willing to create new jobs. Something I hope is helpful to Yamatai as well as my own nation and abroad. “ Says the daughter of former Yamataian immigrants, CEO Astrid Kurosaki.

The Mining Guild has Mining Sites on the surface of the NDC’s home planet Sirris 4, as well as the planet known as Daichi, formerly a Yamatai world which was given to the NDC some time ago. Unfortunately, due to there being no resources in the Vale System, the Mining Guild has no presence there.

Rumors were circulating about the presence of two Yugumo Corporation Representatives on the Mining Guild’s Station and the Capital of Draco Eridanus, the CEO, had this to say. “Yes, they were there. The Mining Guild is cultivating a relationship with Yugumo Corporation, and as a result, we do have Yugumo Corporation Products like the Kiosks, as well as the prefabs that they sell. Of course, we are helping them with their mining needs. We’ve sold a few of our Dragon Class Mobile Refineries to them.” Said Miss Kurosaki.

During the interview, miss Kurosaki had also expressed her excitement that they were also in a partnership with Sunavi Corporation.

Because Miss Kurosaki had a busy schedule, we had to cut the interview short, but she did have this to say. “As I have mentioned, the Mining Guild is interested in working with other nations, other corporations, to help them with their mining needs. We have well-trained workers, advanced technology, and a productive workforce. Though we will not work for a criminal entity, or for those nations ruled by a malevolent leader, we will do our best, to make sure your metal and or gem needs are met.” Astrid finishes with a winning smile as she concludes with “I hope you think of us, and call on us, though we do understand if you’d be concerned about doing so.
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