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RP: Hinomaru Sunrises II Mission 1.1 Just More Questions

Crash Site - Unnamed Planet

After no direction had been given, Alina took a moment to think things over. She wanted to be of assistance, but without orders what was she to do? She had tried contacting her boss to no avail. As such, she proceeded with the next logical course of action. A detailed inspection of herself was conducted to ensure her equipment was secured. Everything seemed to be in place and she turned to face Katsuko, "You are most welcome Taisho, happy to help." Without any further orders from Akina, she began to make her way over towards the mobile laboratory.

A slight eyebrow raised as she heard muffled laughter from the group near this Morris fellow. Alina smirked a bit in passing, "Thaus wielk lu au jiik wauw si lisu wier sinjeu//That would be a good way to lose your tongue." she murmured to herself in Nira'las. Though she did not understand the language they switched to, but it sounded like some pretty routine stuff. As she reached the ramp leading to one of the airlocks she wondered if personnel were already at work inside. Perhaps they might have something she could help out with, if not, scans it would be. After getting through the airlock she stepped inside to look around and get her bearings of the place.
At being called out on her slip of the tongue by Katsuko herself, Tachiko's ears drooped once more and a pink blush rose in her cheeks. Momentarily her eyes drifted over to Akina, before fixing their focus back to somewhere on Katsuko's left shoulder. Nonetheless, once her orders were issued, Tachiko once more, ears up, snapped to attention. "Banzai, Heika-Taishō!"

Turning towards Makoto, Tachiko nodded, and sent a wireless ping to sync with her. "Mikratos-Hei," Tachiko said softly, "let's go!" She turned crisply to lead the way down the hall, and was promptly tripped by Peepers, who zagged instead of zigging at the last moment. Tachiko was saved only by her inertial control system, again, hanging in the air mid-trip. Snorting in annoyance, with ears pinned back sharply, she attempted again, making it a few steps before narrowly avoiding a repeat attempt by Peepers. And again, every few steps.

Crash Site​

Unnamed Planet


"The sooner we figure this out the better." Akina nodded, giving Katsuko a little ping, "I'll take care of things up top." Then she keyed over to speak with Alina.

"You and I are going to the Mazu. The rest of the fleet is coming." The escort of other armors that appeared outside knew what she was going to do in advance, of course. "Easy start, then when we're high enough we'll go for it." She also passed guidance for the simple ascent they were going to perform to get to the Mazu. Tachiko earned herself a little wiggle of Akina's fingers, just for her. With a slight smile, the Nekovalkyrja raised her arm to bid a farewell to the others as they went to their own jobs.

Love you~ She thought to Katsuko while they were still in sight of one another. The redheaded Taisho waited for the Norian to come along with her. Getting to orbit and back to the bridge was important, and if they ended up in battle, she preferred to be in a MINDY than one of the soft enviro' suits. The way back up was much more fun.

Akina realized the Norian might not enjoy screaming to orbit for fun, she would have to ask her later, but just in case,"Shanui-hei, if you want to take the shuttle up, that's fine. We'll both end up in the same place."

Field Laboratory​

Unnamed Planet


"Okay, okay, careful! Fuck. All right, just like procedure." The doctor was literally hovering over the transportation of the body. She was going to have it scanned completely, and then make many simulated autopsies at once, so the unknown being will be the least compromised if she needs to end up doing in a far more physical way. It was impossible to miss the excitement on her face even with the mask of her suit on.
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YSS Mazu​

Main Bridge
Mazmumi smiled at Kaoru, as her presence was acknowledged and she was thanked. She appreciated it as she kept working. “Must be some advanced species.” Minato’s younger sister said, as she continued to handed out drinks or treats to eat. Diligently she’d handed them a napkin which to eat over so they didn’t allow crumbs to fall in sensitive spaces(machinery or otherwise).

Mazumi found herself closer to her elder sister, as her presence was acknowledged and she was spoken to. “Indeed, we Tennyo body Neko’s have excellent timing skills” she said. in a joking tone to her sister, and then answered her question. “yeah, there have been lots of talk about it, and and the bodies discovered. which leads me to wonder if Mishuu are edible as some have mentioned.” She said, and spotted Minato eyeing the crackers she had brought along. The Tennyo, lifted a pack and handed them out to her. “wanna have some? They are fresh, made it myself, with all the deliciousness and good stuff” She said with a smile.
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Crashed Ship - Katsuko, Yingzi, and Mikael​

Katsuko adjusted her Mindy 1H's helmet as she embarked on this mission with a Shoi she didn't know well. She responded to Akina's farewell with a casual "Love you too." They moved away from the bridge and proceeded down the ship's central corridor. The upper decks seemed relatively intact, but the lower levels were heavily damaged. Katsuko suspected they might have missed something crucial down there, but it was challenging to conduct a thorough scan with the lingering threat of plasma fires that had yet to be extinguished. Fortunately, the carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere leaking into the ship was gradually dealing with that problem.

As they walked, Katsuko couldn't help but comment on the sight of a pair of Mishhu corpses. "It's bittersweet to find Mishhu here, yet oddly fitting," she remarked loudly enough for both the Shoi and Mikael to hear.

Their journey led them to a sealed door, which Katsuko approached. The door assembly was displaced from its track, so she used her Mindy to forcefully push it inward, creating a loud crash. "We're close to the bridge, so this might be the Captain's Quarters," she explained. Her Mindy's light illuminated the dimly lit cabin as she stepped inside, making way for the others. "See if you can locate a log or something resembling a family photo; it would be nice to know who these people were," she suggested.

The cabin was a chaotic scene. The desk console, once attached to the wall perpendicular to the door, was now partially broken, with data chips scattered across the floor. Each chip had a different color, and the writing on them was as perplexing as the ship's unfamiliar programming language. "What a mess," Katsuko remarked. On the other side of the room, a bed had its mattress flipped over, concealing items that had shifted during the crash. Yingzi's sensor readouts fluctuated and malfunctioned as radiation levels in the room increased slightly. "Mikael, see if you can help move some of this furniture," she suggested.

Crashed Ship - Tachiko and Makoto​

The ship's control systems were severely damaged, and many were experiencing ongoing system failures. Despite successfully restoring power to the ship, it remained evident that just a few hours earlier, it had plummeted from orbit to the planet with the intensity of a runaway train. Amid the wreckage, a glimmer of light pierced through a broken bulkhead into an adjacent compartment near the bridge, suggesting that something inside was still operational. It wasn't the distress signal; that had ceased transmitting on its own during their journey to the wreck. On the opposite side of the bulkhead, multiple energy signatures were detected, all possessing an aetheric quality, though scans couldn't distinguish their specific sources. To access this area, they would need to find a way inside, but the broken door was currently supporting a fallen beam, and attempting to force it open might trigger a collapse.

Field Laboratory - Ayano​

The female aquatic alien lay on the table within Ayano's reach. Her upper body appeared mostly human, except for scattered patches of scales on her skin. Her lower half resembled that of a fish, with a scaled tail adorned with long, luxurious silky fins that would resemble expensive tapestries if she were submerged in water. Initial scans revealed that the unusual spines and crowns on her body resembled cartilage structures found in Chondrichthyes on planets like Jiyuu and Yamatai.

Along the creature's fins, there were patches of glowing particles, although the scans couldn't provide a definitive explanation, only confirming that it was caused by some type of bacterium.

The creature seemed fragile, not just due to its rapid decay, which was notably faster in the fish-like portion than the humanoid part. It emitted a strong odor of sulfur and rotting fish, a smell that would make any Yamataian recoil, given the importance of fresh seafood in their culture. The female appeared malnourished, and there was something peculiar about her gills on the neck and hips; they appeared pale with strange black bulges. Further examination and extraction would be necessary to understand this anomaly. To gain a deeper understanding, Ayano realized that she would need more than the scanner; this was an entirely unprecedented encounter, challenging even their advanced medical technology to identify some of the creature's organs.

Mindy and Shuttle en route to YSS Mazu via Atmosphere - Akina and Alina / Second Shuttle - Morris and Diasuke / Everyone, including Iron Company Units not with Morris and Daisuke - Incoming Storm​

As Akina embarked on her ascent in her Mindy, and the shuttles took off into the sky, ominous changes unfolded in the atmosphere. Thick clouds began to gather, accompanied by a strengthening wind, and bursts of ionized energy streaked across the sky amidst the cloud formations. Instead of conventional rain, a deluge resembling a monsoon ensued. However, it wasn't ordinary water that poured down; rather, it was liquid hydrogen cyanide. This transformation occurred due to chemical reactions within the clouds, originating from the previously detected cyanide pockets.

The toxicity of this liquid was a significant concern, but there were other worries as well. The corrosive nature of the substance might not pose a threat to the Mindy or the shuttles, which were likely made of resilient materials like durandium. The real problem arose when another surge of ionized energy traversed the sky, causing the hydrogen cyanide to ignite explosively, setting the entire sky ablaze. This fiery tempest descended towards the saturated sands below, endangering the crafts in the sky, disrupting their sensors, and wreaking havoc on their systems. Surviving this ordeal seemed almost miraculous, and they might be compelled to make further decisions leading into the unknown.

The storm itself was colossal, spanning nearly a thousand kilometers in diameter, with winds gusting at speeds exceeding three hundred kilometers per hour, carrying flames and corrosive liquid through the atmosphere. Materials made of durandium and other less resilient metals would likely suffer damage from prolonged exposure. The Iron Company, in particular, would be severely affected, and anyone with exposed skin would feel the burning agony of the corrosive rain. Combustion engines faced the risk of explosion, and the planet had transformed into a nightmarish landscape in a matter of moments.

Inside the wrecked ship, the corrosive and flammable rain seeped through cracks and breaches, triggering plasma fires that roared through various sections of the deck. Fortunately, most of the exposed areas had already been sealed off by bulkheads during the crash, but there were still places where the corrosive substance dripped and pooled, posing ongoing hazards.

YSS Mazu - Kaoru, Minato, Mazumi​


Minato picked up one of the crackers and started eating it. After a few bites, she commented, "These crackers are amazing. Whoever made them must be really skilled and mysterious." She continued to snack on a few more bites but suddenly looked surprised as she heard an alarming notification sound. Turning her attention to Kaoru, she reported, "We've got a rapidly forming storm down there, and I've never seen one develop this quickly." She switched the main screen of the Mazu to display a massive storm, even larger than the typhoons on Jiyuu and possibly more dangerous than those on Jiyuu IV.

"There's a lot of heavy ionization in the atmosphere. It's like a swirling battery down there, and that rain... it's hydrogen cyanide," she explained to Tasia.

Over the communication channel, Kaoru addressed the away team, saying, "YSS Mazu here. We've detected some extremely severe weather conditions down there. Is everyone and everything okay?" She expressed her concern for their well-being.
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Kosuke Sector
System YC-06C, Yss Mazu Bridge
Mazumi smiled with pride as Minato complimented her crackers. “Amazing, yes, mysterios I don’t think so. It was your humble little sister, Mazumi who made them afterall.” she said then added ”Not sure if you knew, but I participated in a lesson, started by The Taisho’s personnal chef, I think I learned a lot then. I also partnered with Doctor Butt-slapper-I mean the Chief Science Officer, Motoyoshi” She said with a blush on her cheeks. That’s when the Alarms began ringing. “Oh dear, thatsa horrible storm! While the figurative brown and stinky is happening, are there any orders for me?” Mazumi asked as she sensed Kaoru’s concern.

System YC-06C, 2nd Planet Crash Site
Daisuke accepted her apology which pleased Makoto, and allowed her a sigh of relief as she moved to follow orders. If she displeased a Motoyoshi she didn’t think it would be good. With the telepathic contact from Tachiko, she was synced with the other Motoyoshi. Though it would appearthat her partner was… a bit of a kluts. Forcing her to move to try and save her, but didn’t need to, due to Tachiko’s own skills with their biological levitation.

Makoto followed, slightly to the front ot Tachiko as to better defend her should something happen. She was the first to notice the glimmer of light that seemed to come from a bulkhead. Due to not being in a Mindy, she relied on Tachiko to scan, but then they got to a new area. Makoto examined this, lookin and checking on how they’d make it inside. She didn’t trust that it would fall on them. Thats when they'd gotten Kaoru's report, and she responded. "Motoyoshi-Tai and I are still inside the ship, should be safe unless the storm is strong enough to destroy it.