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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 26: Winter Wolf


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RP Date
YE 45
RP Location
Kessica Prime
OOC Note: @Ametheliana and @SchererSoban JP :)

Kessica Prime
Planet Surface
Forward Command Center

Evening had descended on the northern region of Kessica's continent in a quick blink. A full moon lit the glittering freshly fallen snow around the hastily set up base. In the starport itself it was harder packed where battle had tread it down and the lights on the Yamataian and Uesureyan outpost modules warmly illuminated the odd armor part that had broken in the carnage.

The legion and its combatants had settled into a routine between their forward command post and the formerly Mushhuvurthyar starport that they had taken up residency of. Now, though, many of those that had seen battle during the day were resting or drawing up plans for the day ahead. It was below freezing but the barracks had been given heaters to keep the joint forces that were not in starships at the beechhead and in starships warm.

In the communications outpost Taiyou Hoshi was unarmored. Her blue and white hair was up in a ponytail and shone with some residual hemosynth that she had left in as a sort of gel to keep her hair plastered to her head. Though she had survived the battle, the captain had ordered the onsen of the Kaiyo be filled with hemosynth and had taken a quick soak to heal her wounds after battle. Now she gripped a nautical compass tightly in one hand second naturedly as she looked from her datapad readouts to a large unfurled map on the table in front of her.

Though there would be a lot of movement south, the commanders ––Hoshi included–– needed more information on the next installation that they would be striking. The captain looked up with an expectant smile as someone entered the communications tent, then her face fell and she looked back down.

"Expecting someone?" the operative, Effy, asked. She was a silvery-haired elf in with a field jacket over a shibui suit. Her bangs bounced over a woven golden circlet with a central blue gem, cresting eyes of the same color that narrowed at Hoshi. Though Effy had worked with the captain before, a gnawing jealousy seeped into the uneasy grimace she wore.

"Someone else," Hoshi said before her deep blue eyes lit as again the doors opened. "That someone!"

To the former ranger he was greeted by a familiar sight as he stepped into the hut. Seeing a familiar face so far away from home was a welcoming sight especially being his former commanding officer.

As he stood at attention he said, "Heisho Soban reported as ordered". Seeing an operative nearby he wasn't sure if he was interrupting "Ah sorry was I interrupting a private briefing Taisa?"

"Wouldn't have started without you," Hoshi said with a smile. "You two are going to scout the next enemy installation for us. Though there was enough satellite imagery on this starport to at least get our foot in the door, countersurveillance measures down south are built up a lot more. There are two cities and outposts between us and the enemy installation where forces will be positioned."

"But I want to know what's between this city and outpost in the center," Hoshi said, bringing her finger across the center of the continent so that she was pointing out the cities and the area between them. "If there's any changes in terrain, roads with bottlenecks, or anything that could be advantageous in blocking one from the other, I want to know."

Wulf was listening to the briefing intently. Just looking at the map he could see the goal and the plan looked right. Seems like intent was to avoid costly urban engagements and instead do a bypass and breakthrough but knowing what was there was key.

Pointing at the map "If we get inserted close to the mountain it should help protect us from sensors till we get on the ground". Using his finger to draw, "We could then make our way on foot and check out the defenses and the avenues of advance on the target". Smiling as he finished "Shouldn't be too bad unless we want to try a aquatic insertion via the lake here?"

"That will be a last resort," Hoshi said. "We have a lot of forces to move. That leads me to your secondary objective. We need to know what numbers our enemy possesses." The small pink Taisa breathed in heavily, weighted by the words she was about to say to her old crewmen. "I only started working with you again, so be careful. It'll likely be a difficult infiltration and you have quite the night ahead of you. But we need the numbers and your feet on the ground information badly."

Wulf could only smile at the prospect at the tough night ahead "No worries Taisa I'll get it done besides I always love the challenge". His smile not faded "Well if its going to be a long night we better get to work so there is no delays" Looking to the other operative "I assume your ready to go ?"

"Ready as ever," Effy nodded to him, then gave a curt bow to Hoshi.

"Have fun," Hoshi chimed to the otherwise quiet elf, then repeated to Wulf, "Be careful." The sides of her lips had stayed upturned in a smile, though, and she added, "I know you will be."

Drop Off Zone

"Lead us down," Effy said. With the shuttle that had taken them there overhead of the slope, now, she had turned to Wulf Soban expectantly. "You were on the Taisa's ship before, then?"

Wulf had been completing his pre-drop ritual rechecking his type 41 rifle. When Effy spoke up he was surprised at it had been a quiet ride. Looking up to her from the bench "Yup, served on the Kaiyo during the war". Smiling as he remembered his time on that lovely ship "Served as recon the element part of the crew". As he slapped the magazine back into his gun with his check complete. "I take it you also served with Taisha Hoshi as well?"

Blinking as she looked from Wulf's rifle to his face, Effy replied, "You can say I've helped her." Effy wanted to further distinguish the difference between serving under her, but held her tongue. He was obviously thinking of fond memories and it struck her that maybe there was more there than she had initially given the captain credit for.

"After you," Effy said as she stood, readying to leave with as she slung a backpack over both shoulders and double checked her SiZi on her thigh.

Wulf nodded at what Effy had replied. Guess it was a different type of relationship instead of the bond of crew. As the shuttled thudded down on the ground he quickly moved out into the clearing. Rifle raised and sweeping the area looking for any hostiles or other threats. Not seeing any immediate threats he gave the all clear. Looking quickly to his bracelet to reconfirm direction to the target area he quickly gave a quick hand signal for them to keep moving forward.

There was a breath of relief from Effy as they got off the shuttle and started trekking. The mountainside was more temperate than the northern region they had been in earlier for the briefing. These woods were full of the fresh smell of evergreens and the muskier ones of the damp vegetation beneath. The vibrant sights of which were fully illuminated in the moonlight. Everything was cast in a pale glow, spotlighted by the pale orb overhead.

After a few minutes, Effy spoke, "Hunters say the best nights to go out are nights like these with a full moon."

Wulf hadn't paused as he was always looking for threats as they moved forward. This was his element and he loved the fresh air. Hearing Effy spoke he was surprised by the Elf "Yeah nothing beats a hunt under moon light". As he gently moved passed a bush so not to make sound. Still worried about being spotted by anything he still kept his voice low "I take it your not a hunter then?"

"My family wanted other things for me. Xiulurians think the pen is mightier than the sword," Effy breathed in, a short hiss of sound as she chose the same footsteps that Wulf had made in front of her. "But I picked it up anyway. What about you?"

Wulf nodded along as he walked with Effy " No idea what the family wanted, was an orphan and put into a military orphanage at the capital". As he checked his bracelet one more time to make sure they were still on track he moved forward. Keeping up the conversation, "Not exactly a choice but keeps ya focused on many important things". As he stopped to hold a branch to let Effy slide past "Hard to beat that I think".

With a sidling motion past the branch and a gracious nod, Effy said, "That's very true. Never been a dull moment since I joined up. Keeps you sharp."

They had made it to the where the ground leveled out more substantially. The deer trails spread out before them in hard to spot lines amongst brush and grasslands. In the distance looked to be a paved road with something edging it, possibly a rail line. Nearby were the flickering grid-squares of city lights. To its left was the glittering reflection of light from the lake, partly obscured by the terrain between them and it.

Wulf paused as he looked out into the grasslands and the start of the city lights. This is where it was going to get interesting as though there was cover; this was the start of where it got dangerous.

Taking a knee at the trench line, he asked, "Do you see any patrols or anything we have to avoid on the way in?"

Effy booted up the enhanced visuals on her visor, scanning the area with thermals and infrared. "There seems to be a checkpoint of some kind on the road near the lake. The city's not gated. I think we've also got some suburbs along the road near the city, but they're just empty houses." She couldn't really say much for the far outpost as it was out of range.

Wulf nodded along "Alright mark the checkpoint for later at least". As he checked on his visor as well he checked to see how the suburb looked. From what he could tell it looked pretty standard and should give them amble cover to move further into the city. "Alright let's take the suburban route but watch for any parasites that might be hidden in the grass".

Effy was sure to keep an eye out as they passed through the overgrown grasses and local habitat. Their route took them through abandoned homes and apartment complexes next. The black triangle of the Uesureyan Empire was on many of the buildings. One of which was lightly scuffed and Effy looked resolutely from the tarnished insignia to the road ahead and made a mental note of the wear and tear on the buildings.

Wulf was sweeping the area as they moved. Any of these abandoned could be a host of threats that could quickly overwhelm them if they weren't careful. Though they were derelict that didn't mean they contained the enemy. Though thankful so far they had avoided all threats so far he spoke quietly "Let's find an apartment complex high enough to give us an overwatch of the target base". Guessing that they may have not cleared out the nearby civilian buildings from their compound it was his hope they might be a safe vantage point.

"Understood, Heisho," Effy said with a nod. She looked over her shoulder before turning back to the buildings before her. There were a few that edged the town nearer the checkpoint that matched his description and she picked the one on the Southern edge. "There."

She spent short time on the door, cycling a lockpick's parts through the lock with a quiet intensity until she hugged the wall of the building and let Wulf take point as she turned the knob slowly. There was no movement immediately, but once inside it was obvious the streets had been picked clean. There were two bodies huddled near the door, dead for a long time now. They were clad in deteriorated teal clothes of the Uesureyan Empire.

Wulf could only look disinterested in the corpse as he made sure they wouldn't be joining them. As Effy had opened the door he took point rifle raised and scanning for threats. He had to be careful though the enemy had a disregard for the dead it didn't mean there couldn't be traps. As he scanned around and not seeing the threats "Let's find a stairwell and move quickly, who knows what might be lurking here".

Effy shuffled her kabuto helmet's from infrared to thermal as she scanned the bodies and then the hallway. "Aye." She said as she swapped to lowlight and set about finding them a stairwell down the hallway. As she passed, one of the doors slowly crept open behind her with a groan, making the operative turn on a dime with her Shibui's palm projector quickly aimed at the door.

Seeing Effy spin around he was locked on the same door. Creeping next to the door held up his left hand, counting down three, two, one. At the end of one he opened the door and entered the small apartment. Quickly sweeping left to right he saw nothing but an exposed opening to the exterior wall. Giving the clear signal and feeling a gentle breeze "Looks like just the wind due to the deteriorating status of the building". As he motioned for them to move back to the hall way "Looks like there was more of a fight here then let on".

"Alright, this way." Effy nodded as she turned about. "If I were Uesu I wouldn't be so forthcoming about losing, either." She made her way to the stairway whose open door creaked with the same low groan of dull metal on metal. Effy slid past it and checked above then below before nodding to Wulf. She took methodical steps upwards on the near rusted stairs before finally getting to the roof's door.

It was open just a crack and she sidled to the side of it, watching Wulf get into breach position as well. She peaked through the opening, then her helmeted head turned quickly to Wulf with a more urgent stare. Three of her fingers went up in front of her torso and she relayed the visuals from her helmet to his. There was a small grouping of seemingly Nekovalkyrja huddled around one another in the closest corner of the roof. Their teal uniforms and bright hair colors were vivid in the pale cast of moonlight from above.

This was Wulf's worry during the mission. Due to the enemies unique properties if former allies could be a thrall in the enemies army. Also with them on the target and the clear. Pulling out his type 33 service pistol made sure to check the silencer on it. His hope was to use the stun setting and if they where friendlies could recover them. As they where stacked up he nodded to Effy to do the breach.

The elf tapped the door softly, opening it in a slow controlled manner that kept it quieter than the ones they had encountered below. When the door opened the ears of one of the Neko twitched and swiveled, picking up the almost indiscernible sounds of the pair that were on them. The other two stayed where they were while the third had instinctually backed behind a vent and, thus, behind cover.

Following the elf he quickly moved towards any cover nearby. Seeing as there cover was blown he wondered why the other two had no reacted. Taking a glance he tried to see if there was any way to close the gap as he didn't know if they where armed. As he peaked he took as risk "Identify yourself" trying to speak quietly enough so not to echo too far while letting the neko still hear him. It was a risk but hoped it would buy time to figure out if they where friend or foe.

"Huh?" One of the two stood, turning towards him in a disarmed fashion. "Soldiers of Uesureya. We've been stranded here. Who are you?"

"Are you here to help?" The second asked, still sitting.

Looking at them was abit surprised thinking they would all be Neko. Abit worried if they where soldiers why they wouldn't react more. Keeping his pistol leveled at them. Motioning with one hand "Stand up and take two steps forwards with your hands up". Wondering how their companion would react "How are you still out here" he asked inquisitively.

The two looked between themselves at his order. The one on the ground stood slowly, but she was pulling up something from the ground with her. As she did, Effy changed her position next to Wulf. She was pointing her palm at the other end of the vent and shot, but the Neko there had been quick enough to roll on the rooftop and avoid the fire before drawing back into cover behind a storage closet. One of the two Neko leapt towards Wulf while the other raised a rifle, shooting its automatic fire at the Yamataian pair.

Firing off a quick few shots at the one that leapt at him while trying to avoid the rifle fire. As they closed the distance he called out "Get the one behind cover I got these two". Hoping the stun rounds would work he fired full blast hoping they weren't to augmented and would go down quickly.

While Wulf fought against the two, Effy slunk towards the storage shed. She put herself against the wall of it and moved around its perimeter. Her helmet switched to thermals and she pinpointed where the other was before coming up on her. The supersoldier Neko was ready, though, and she gripped Effy's wrist in a hold that the elf couldn't easily release out of. Effy initiated her suit's clothblades. Fabric of the suit stiffened and wrapped around the Neko on her, contorting her as much as she was contorting Effy's arm.

Meanwhile, the Neko firing and being fired upon by Wulf were just as avoidant. The one without a gun had acrobatically maneuvered out of his gunfire and closed the distance between him and her at the same time.

"We're always going to still be here," She said as swept a leg at his own, trying to knock him off balance or at least engage a close quarters fight. "We're not like you." Unlike her, the one shooting was wearing a flak vest. Despite that, she had taken a hit and slumped slightly, as if the stun had partially worked. For a moment she stopped firing.

Wulf pulled back, he knew fighting a neko as a unaugment human was not a good feat to attempt. As he pulled pulled his pistol in close so not to allow the charging neko grab the weapon. "You're going to call everyone here with that damned gun fire so I don't think you'll be here long either". As he pulled further back he fired off quick shots at the neko. He knew distance was the key for this but he also hoped they react his words.

"Good." With a smile she twisted around, falling away from the gunfire and to his side. In that moment she looked from Wulf to her fallen sister, then to where Effy was fighting the other Neko. The elf had gotten a hold on her with the clothblades and hit her elbow into her chin, making the Neko yowl in protest. Effy was quickly pulling away and detaching; she didn't want a parasite to transfer from it to her. She backed up, seeing Wulf in combat and the Neko glancing her way. Effy raised her palm quickly and fired her plasma projector at her, making Wulf's combatant's focus stay on Effy instead of him.

It seemed his fear was confirmed, looks like they were the enemy. As Effy drew his opponent's sight he took a few more steps back into the stairway he knew he had to end this quickly. Pulling a stun grenade he called out into the private comms "Flash out". He hoped the operative would turn off the helmet audio sensors to protect her from the flash.

"Roger that," Effy called back as she absconded behind the rooftop storage shed and turned her sensors off. There was still the Neko she was fighting somewhere close by, so she unholstered her SiZi and held it at the ready.

Wulf steadied his pistol as he heard the distinct sound as the flash went off. He rushed back out at the door. He didn't have long as he scanned quickly for the neko he engaged a moment ago. As he drew a bead and fired off a full round this time going lethal. It was now or never and he couldn't hold back any longer.

The elf heard the lethal shots, she ducked out of cover behind the rooftop shed. Her shot was just as sinister as her SiZi fired one of its less interesting but more deadly rounds. In the broad light of the full moon she was able to see the scene like a spotlight was on it.

"I'll search them," Effy said as she made for the pockets of the woman she had shot. "Check the street."

Effy found an NMX key card she pocketed and in the front of the woman's jacket a ration of the enemy's make.

"Certainly not friendlies," Effy said, straightening to follow Soban.

Wulf nodded to the request as he holstered his pistol. As he moved to the edge of the building he took a quick look over the terrain. As of this moment he didn't see any movement but that didn't mean it would last for longer. Calling back to the operative "Clear for now though shouldn't be for long".

As he looked back to see her pocket something. "Find something of use?"

"ID card. If we're lucky it's still usable, or at least usable where we're going," Effy said. She started scanning the terrain, trying to get a good look at it. "I think we've got enough intel on what's between the outpost and town. We should move on to secondary objective and get numbers on the enemy troops."

Wulf nodded as he kept watch for the streets.

"That sounds good, lets sweep the outskirts of the town then move to the main area then."

He did another check though gun fire did ring out he thought a response element would already be here. Looking to the operative " So that gun fire did ring out should we just focus on speed and getting to that center point now, we can fly as close to the deck as possible to avoid further detection"

"These outskirts seem like a pretty deserted part of town," Effy noted. "I wonder what they were doing up here. Anyway, I'm behind you."

Wulf nodded to hear agreement before leaping off the building. He waited for the last moment before activating the plasma engines before heading off towards the objective.
Kessica Prime
Planet Surface
Outside of Redan

As Wulf hugged the ground he opened the comm to reply to Effy's query. "Easy, I would guess sentries and early warning." He thought about it more, "If I was the enemy a few fighters and a comm could call in artillery and could hold us off longer." He kept looking around as he flew across the empty streets. "Makes the most sense when they can make us bleed for every inch or force, there are more forces to guard our rear from guerilla fighters."

"We'll have to hope that is not the case," Effy said through the helmet's communications. She was no Nekovalkyrja and the act of flying felt exhilirating. Her voice had gone up an octave after she had dropped and pivoted to hug the ground as Wulf Soban had. "We wouldn't stand a chance in an all-out guerilla war here. We'll have to gain the upperhand for our forces from what we find here tonight."

Wulf nodded as he replied, "Well then let's make sure we get a good count then."

He could tell the operative was enjoying the flight. It was these little moments between combat that any soldier could enjoy even if it meant that right after death and carnage would fellow.

As he lead the way towards the main area he spoke. " Should we hit a roof top or try to find a building with troop records and deployments?"

"I'll be honest," Effy said as she sped along from the town's outskirts to the city South of it. "A rooftop sounds safer where we can take thermal readings. But if we have to go in, well, we might have a pass."

He nodded to her response. It seemed she wanted the low risk option which he couldn't disagree with. "Alright then let's find a good roof top, see if you see a still active industrial building we can use the heat from it to mask our location as well."

"Aye," Effy said, flying over both low, flat rooftops and taller pencil towers alike as they made their way deeper into Redan. "You take to scouting pretty naturally. What made you turn from being a ranger to trying on a black panel? Besides your CO recommendation and all."

Wulf wondered if this was a test. Since he had officially joined Saint he felt on guard with many in the organization, a habit with working with those in the dark of the universe.

"I guess you won't accept that I do what is asked of me?" Wulf looked back to see a response though not seeing anything. "Well it's a chance to keep fighting and being on the frontier." He smiled as though his response was going to be corny, it was true. "Besides if you live dark easier to root out what's in the darkness"

They passed over more buildings and both were able to see the fortifications the Mishhuvurthyar had built along the streets. Their tankettes and racks of armors looked ready for war behind durandium shielding and sandbags. Effy didn't have to say to note it, she trusted Wulf would. It was a heavy reminder of the darkness in the universe. She almost felt like there was nothing to say, it was so true, but she could sense he was on guard. New to the ranks and but not even newer to to rooting out the darkness, as he had put it.

"I've been a part of SAINT many years, despite my rank." Effy said with a heavy tone, "In that time I've come across the source of that darkness only a few times. Each time that I put an end to it, it made living in the dark worth it."

Listening to her he nodded and she seemed to enjoy the hunt too. "Well then as we are from the same cloth let's keep up our hunt." As they flew overhead he was absorbing as much as he could, taking photos with his helmet display to help keep track of it all. Pointing out one in particular, "See how they are even using the bottom floors there to hide the tankette, it has them set for good ambushes on our assault." One thing he couldn't spot was any communications or buildings that would be ideal for the enemy's command post. As he kept looking, Wulf said, "You don't think they have their command post in the sewers ?"

"They're not above that," Effy said, emphasizing the word 'above' to denote the joke. "But we should keep looking. The former emperor set up this planet to be a more than just a base, but a home. He built quite the city for the Mishhu to take over." As they flew Effy's point became apparent as the city pooled into a park. Its tree-lined edges and grassy lawn gave way to industrial buildings and a large strip of concrete to its South.

"See there," Effy said, retracting her body within the Shibui so that she could slow and pivot.

Wulf listen as she spoke. I guess even the emperor wanted more then just a military to serve him. As he looked a the approaching starport he could admire and dread the next part. One of the most critical parts of any invasion or to supply a ground force was these key starports. Due to that they tended to be heavily defended as well could double as a command post due to the communication relays and large storage area to supply. Though thanks to the nature of the port it also meant lots of ways to hide and sneak in, either via transports or the existing warehouses and supply area. It could truly become a maze to any one not use to the port.

Smiling at the fortune of information, Wulf said, "If we can get into there we could find their supply manifest which could give us critical information about the strength in the city and beyond". Wondering if the she willing to risk it all, "Though if we get found out in there it might be the end for us". The former ranger would enjoy the challenge but the risk could be great. He wondered how she would reply and her thoughts of getting in.

"I'm not picking up heat signatures on the same levels as their full infantry force." From his side, Effy was studying the starport and the structures around it. "It's definitely critical to get in there and find out what we can. There's a city center to its East, a kind of fountain and shopping district that's covered with NMX, so I don't think that would be a point of entry for us. Let's try to the southerly side where the shipping containers are let in."

Wulf could only nod along her approach was sound to the operation. Replying in kind "That sounds good for a egress point." In response he took point heading towards the designated area. As he used his thermals to scan the area one thing kept bugging him. Speaking quietly "Have you noticed a lack of air patrols or other movement". Though the enemy had stationed a lot of equipment and ambush points it felt off in a way.

"You're right, it's certainly something to note. Maybe their ships are elsewhere and we have air superiority over them." Effy said, thinking of all of the other reasons dor such a lack. Wulf took them in towards the Southern entrance where starship cargo containers were stacked next to large hangar bays set into the ground. He found one that was offloading armaments into the gradual decline into the open bay below by way of its bright lights alone.

"I hope that is the case I don't think we want any more surprises at the juncture."

As they approached the entrance he switched to hand signals. Quickly but quietly moving towards the entrance he tried to scan the opening. The lights made it hard to peer to close a jump in could spell doom. Scanning the area quickly he saw a power junction box nearby he motioned for Effy to kill the lights. Though it would be temporary it would allow them to sneak in quickly.

With a nod, Effy took up a position near the power box. She had spied a couple of NMX Nekovalkyrja working the area and slipped past their line of sight. The Elf operative pushed her thumb in to release the box's opening and flicked the row of switches. Halfway through them, the lights in the bay went from an overbearing fluorescent wash to almost nil. Only the large moon, the omnipresent companion on their journey thus far, cast a pale glow that was half obscured by the lid of the bay. The Neko called out to her companion in a haughty tone.

Giving an approving thumbs up he motioned for a quick insert. The darkness allowing him to sneak past a few confused NMX who wondered why darkness had descended upon them. As gently jumped into the hole he made sure to only use part of his suit's thrust to keep him near the ceiling. He waited for his companion to join him before he descended further into the abyss.

The pair made it deeper into the starport's underground base, past the shipping center and towarsd the hangar. Above them were large armored segments that looked like they could open up, acting as doors for the ships around them. As for the ships, there were gunships and scouts, but many were damaged or surrounded by repair vehicles and the odd engineer going to and from their tool cabinet and the ships themselves.

Effy cocked her head towards the hangar and made a tip-toeing motion on her hand with the other. It wouldn't be too hard to sneak past those busy with their midnight work.

Wulf nodded to Effy's suggestion. As they moved forward he wondered if this was part of the initial planetary defense or a rapid upgrade. As they slipped past a few he got a glance at something above. He made a hand motion to have Effy look up at what would await any attackers. Not only did these armored doors protect the range of craft underneath but it looks like they held a deadlier secret.

Next to each door mechanism was what looks liked a armored box that could quickly uplifted to the surface. Being loaded into one of them looked like a high powered cannon. It seemed that if attacked they would uplift these armored pillboxes and either dislodge infantry or heavy ordnance. With them being first underground it would make them almost immune to any planetary bombardment and be a deadly surprise for the assault forces.

There was no joy in Effy's eyes as she looked through her helmet at the weaponry. The Mishhuvurthyar had no reason to fear the incoming task force if they had these type of defenses. They continued past the hangar where the open layout was replaced by a forking of hallways, two of which on the right-hand side had keypads and slots for keycards to be swiped through.

As Wulf was guided to the area he saw the doors. They had a few choices but he wondered if the keycard they swiped early may work. Gesturing to the door on the farthest right he gestured to his companion to open it. Hoping that the enemy had clearance to the area it was quieter then any other approach and hopefully less risk. As he stacked next to the door he waited for Effy to see if the keycard worked. His rifle leveled he was ready to take point and clear the room.

Effy pulled from her pack the card and swiped it as Wulf got in position. Through the still and quiet there was a sharp and clear beep. The sound of the door's lock pulling back was next and Effy pulled towards Wulf as she pushed the door open, letting it fall into the room. It was unlit but there were no heat signatures and she fell in, closing it behind Wulf as she pushed on a light. It looked like an office used by a few clerks, maybe officers.

"Let's try to see if they have anything on paper before booting up their systems," Effy said as she began rifling.

Wulf nodded along to Effy's suggestion. It was a good plan and also they could grab hard evidence for there return home. As he began the shuffle through he saw a list of different request forms as well as a few cargo manifests.

"Mostly seeing food imports and manifests for a weapon types I'm not too familiar with." Wulf tried to pierce it together. "You find anything on your end?"

"Not much different, but from what I'm seeing I can piece together a bit of info." Effy said, "I think the underground installation was added to. It runs all the way to some of the civilian sectors." Effy pulled up the sheets of information to her helmet, taking video of it to be analyzed later. "Taisa Taiyou needs troop numbers, though."

Wulf followed suit as he took a few photos as well. As he stared at the computer he wished a old friend was here to help out with this portion. Calmly speaking "Well at this point I think its time for us to risk that". The computer might have at least unit identifications and maybe even unit cyphers that might be able to click in the last few pieces. Sitting down at the desk and booted up the computer. When he saw the login screen he moved his wrist with his Ke-G7-1B hoping the automatic hacking software would give him basic access.

As he saw the screen switch over to access granted screen, Wulf said, "Okay I'm in but I don't think we have long."

Effy peered over his shoulder momentarily, then went to the door and turned the lights down from there, weapon drawn. It took a bit of finagling on Wulf's end, but by using the tracker numbers he had gleaned from the food imports, he was able to reroute from the expected rations into the expected troop size that would need that food.

The number was staggering.

It was almost double the amount that the task force had on planet.

As Wulf looked at the result he could hardly believe such a amount of troops was on the planet. As he took a few photos he started to get up. "Alright this is bad we better get this back quickly." The other feeling it had was this just reeked of a trap for both the Uesu and the Star Army. As he turned off the computer he sent a copy of all his photos to Effy just incase. He wasn't sure why but he had a bad feeling of there escape. So far each part of the way had gone smoothly other then the one patrol. "Lets move quick cause I feel like this could be more than one kind of trap."

At the door, Effy nodded and opened it gingerly. Nobody was waiting for them outside of it, but there was a commotion from the hangar. The sound of NMX Nekovalkyrja yelling in quick bursts came over the clacking of crab-type Mishhuvurthyar claws whose dim silhouettes caused large, obfuscated shadows to dance along the door and wall which Effy and Wulf were sidling along to leave.

Effy turned, sending a handsign to her compatriot. It didn't look like the enemy knew of them. Not yet at least.