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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.0] Pickets and Surveys

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Location: Ketsurui Fleet Yard, Kyoto Yamatai
Time: 0600 hrs

The Aeon sat in the repair bay as the last of the technicians walked away from the warship. All of the repair arms and cranes had been stowed and the morning sunlight glistened off the dew on the hull. Katae stood for a moment at the ramp leading into the bay. She brushed her brown lock of hair back as she surveyed the ship. From where she stood the hull and the paint job looked perfect. Before her were two Star Army Security personnel restricting access to the warship. They were present at her request in light of the recent attempt on her XO.

As she approached the sentries, they came to attention. "Morning Taisa, identification please." said the brown haired, male Yamataian Heisho.

"Morning Heisho. Ise Katae, Taisa, First Expeditionary Fleet, Commander of the Aeon." She said presenting her identification.

After a moment of comparing her credentials against the list of authorized personnel the sentry handed her back her identification and bowed. "You are cleared for access ma'am.

Katae returned the bow and walked across the bay with her bag in hand. She let her eyes run across the Aeon ensuring that at least externally all things were proper. She then walked up the ramp into the cargo bay.

"Welcome aboard Ise Tasia. All repairs have been completed to specifications, and the last of our provisions should be delivered in one hour." was Eternity's greeting.

"Glad to be back aboard Eternity, too much cloak and dagger and drama for my liking this time. Notify the crews to return to their ships in one hour, and mission briefing will be held in two hours." she answered crossing the bay.

For the next thirty minutes Katae traversed the corridors of the ship. She stopped and visually inspected each room except for the quarters. This was her tradition, just her and the ship. Hard to believe its been almost two years, since the Aeon was assigned to me. We have seen plenty of battle, too much sometimes. We were supposed to be doing simple exploration, a respite from war and devastation. And every mission we have gone on, someone or something conspires to try and destroy my ship and crew. she thought as she entered her cabin.

"Eternity, please notify me when Kim-Shoi is aboard." she said and started unpacking.

Meanwhile Eternity sent the following message to all squadron personnel.

To: All Seventh Squadron Personnel
Subject: Movement Orders
All personnel should report to their vessels at 0700 hrs.
Mission Briefing will take place at 0800 hrs.

Ise Katae, Taisa
Commander, 7th Squadron
Tsubei, having been without proper orders for quite some time, had ended up wandering around the hospital trying to find her other crewmates for a good hour or so, but to no avail. She eventually ended up breaking orders yet again and traveled by herself back to the ship, where the Neko headed to her room and awaited further instruction.
Oshiro Arkase didn't quite know when he had finally returned to the Aeon with Trowa, but he knew it hadn't been too long after he had introduced himself. Once they had arrived, Arkase went straight to sleep to shed the stress of the day off.

He woke up when the message came through, and winced when he read the time. Two hours was a long time to wait, but Arkase felt he had several entertainment options to choose from.

I can try to pull one of the civilian entertainment networks into my cabin... Music. I need music.

Arkase browsed through the files on his communicator until he found the songs he was looking for. After a quick queuing-up of songs, he set his communicator to maximum volume and began playing Aethersperm with an odd combination of classical music interlaced throughout.

He settled back, and wondered if anyone would require his presence before the brieifing began.
Almost as soon as he arrived back at the Aeon Trowa ran through his recovery procedures of calibrating his new upgrades. It took a lot longer than the Nepleslian thought it would. When he finished, he was dead tired. Glancing at the time, Trowa saw that he still had a while until he had to report for the mission briefing. Trowa stretched out on his bunk and very soon fell asleep.
Time: 07:55 hrs
Location: Ketsurui Fleet Yard, Kyoto Yamatai

Outside the ship a group of vehicles arrived and unloaded their cargo. A cluster of Ke-O5-1a FTL drones positioned near the cargo bay.

Eternity sounded chimes across all the compartments, followed by her contralto voice. "All Aeon personnel should report to the Wardroom now, if they have not already done so."

Katae waited in the wardroom by the main table. Volumetric displays showed the same location on the other ships in the squadron. She could see the commanders of standing near their corresponding tables.
Mist had been on the Aeon since around 0630. She had no time to sleep, but she felt refreshed just to be on a warship once again. The Jiyuuian looked down at her teal uniform. It felt different then the last time she had worn a Star Army uniform, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Mist had already explored the medical center aboard the Aeon, and she found it adequate enough for her purposes. At the moment, however, she was getting settled into her quarters. The few things that she owned were already stored away: the red kimono that Yaichiro had bought her, a blue two-piece swimsuit, extra new uniforms, and some civilian clothes for shore leave. She wasn't sure who her roommate was yet, but that would probably change soon enough.

Shortly after she was finished packing, Mist heard the announcement to go to the wardroom. The blond-haired former sprite made sure her uniform was presentable before leaving her new room and heading for Deck 1.
Kyoka walked through the door into the wardroom, bowed to her superior, and continued standing, waiting for further instruction. She hoped that Katae wouldn't give her a hard time about the day's events, especially given that the circumstances were new to her.
Trowa woke to a ringing in his head. He was surprised to see a message telling him to report to the briefing room on the retina of his cybernetic eye. Surprised because he hadn't thought that he had tuned it in with the ship yet. Satisfied that his new equipment was working Trowa headed to the Mission Briefing.
Asi finished pulling his uniform on, a light sheen of water still visible on his skin. Glad I got changed in time. That practice was definitely worth it though, I need to get back to doing that more often. After adding his belt, he was ready to go, and headed over to the wardroom. He stopped outside, however, when he saw another crew member standing just inside the door, unsure of whether they were allowed in or not.
Katae watched as her crew members entered the wardroom. "Tsubei, Yamamoto, Im'inao, Kage please take a seat." acknowledging their arrival.

Next to enter was Eun-Kyung, followed by Arkase, who each took their seat without comment. The rest of the original crew of the Aeon arrived, followed by their SSS Liaison Josea.

"Good Morning everyone. I hope that you were all able to get some enjoyment time during our few days of down time for repairs. By now Ketsurui Zaibatsu should have delivered an allotment of FTL Sensor Drones. They are a vital part of our upcoming mission.

Once all ships have reported securing their drones, we will be heading out to the Veronica star system. We will deploy a number of the drones there and then proceed out of Yamatai controlled space. Our mission is two fold, deploying the drones to help the Star Army track any ship movements approaching our space. Which will allow our forces to mount defenses. Our second part of our mission is the exploration of unexplored star systems south of HX-23. Our first system we will be exploring I have designated AX-01. The Aeon will rendezvous with the rest of the squadron in orbit at 0900 hrs."

With a wave of her hand she severed the communications with the other ships. "The rest of this briefing is for Aeon crew members only.

First we have a new crew member, Kage Kasumi-Nitô Hei, she is our new medic, so you will all have a chance to get to know her better. During physicals and mental backups.

With regards to the incident two days ago in which our XO Kim-Shoi was abducted, it is related to our first destination Veronica. We are going there to not only deploy the FTL Sensors, but we will also be dropping an Orbital Geological Survey Platform in orbit as well. Star Army Training is going to relocate from Yamatai to there, and the OGSP will be used to choose the ideal site.

The Director's Aid was apparently working in concert with the individuals who attacked Kim-Shoi. The Director had suspected that her Aid was up to something, and used the data cube that the XO was carrying to prove it. She had no idea to what extremes these people would go, but now that their contact has been taken out. The SATA move will be able to proceed. They plan to establish their facilities, then announce the move and transfer all personnel to the new installation.

SAINT is continuing the investigation and the Aid has been taken into custody. This just proves the importance our my standing orders."

Katae paused and looked around the room.

"Any questions?"
Mist nodded slightly with a smile to the rest of the room at the Taisa's announcement. It was a little embarrassing to have some attention drawn to her, but the Jiyuuian resisted the urge to blush. It wouldn't do if the crew's first impression of her was that she turned into a beet every time something mildly embarrassing happened.

Almost everyone would probably want to get mental backups done before the next mission starts, so the medic would have to make sure all of the equipment is ready after this meeting was over. She decided to herself that it would be good to get to know the crew over time as long as it didn't get in the way of her work. It also wouldn't do if she disappointed the Taisa for failing in her duty.
Trowa listen to the Taisa's give them the run down. He didn't like the idea of someone, even if they were a Director, using them as bait. What else might they use the Aeon and her crew for? But that was politics and Trowa tried to stay away from that. He was a soldier and followed orders. Still, the Nepleslian pilot was curious and raised his hand. "Ma'am, are you expecting trouble?"
Kyoka raised her hand and asked, "Will we be using the Mindies for anything besides security detail?"

She cast a quick glance at her new squadmate, but didn't really think much of her, positive or otherwise.
"I do not anticipate any problems when we arrive at Veronica. Its been used by the Star Army as an outpost. We will use it a a training exercise for deploying the OGSP and the FTL sensor drones.

After that, there is no way to tell. Unexplored systems are unknown, and as such are inherently dangerous. Our first sortie's before the war were explorations, and we encountered a world with hostile life forms that could damage a Mindy, giant crystals that unleashed dangerous energy, and a group of hostile unknown ships.

As for the use of Mindy's it will depend, on what the conditions we find in AX-01, if there is what appears to be a habitable world, we will probably use AMES until we can ensure that the environment is safe." Katae replied to the crew members.
On Board the Aeon, Kame and Josea-san had boarded 30 minutes ago, and just managed to just reach the zero g chamber that lead to the Bridge and Engineering.

Kame then spoke softly and carefully, "Sorry again about the accidentally ... well you know... at SSS Academy.. and making us late because of it. Thanks though... for answering my questions about the possibility of getting training from the SSS in Astrobiology or Computer Science, since I already have experience in solid-state physics and astrophysics. Even though I still am interested in getting training, I honestly not sure how or when I am going to do training especially during missions. If there is anything I can do on this mission to make up for the accident, such as run sensor scans or any other science stuff, contact me.

Also thanks again for taking care of those tablets and keep me updated with any results. Well, I have to go down and report in to Usaga-hei."

Kame then started to wander off to report into Usaga-hei, but she was still close enough that Josea-san could yellow down the chamber at her. After hearing the Taisa's message, she was also going to double check things with Usaga-hei about the drones before asking any questions. She had also seen that their where new salvage lists and had sent a message to an Anonymous seller about purchasing something for their next mission. In particular she would check with Usaga-hei about the possibility of purchasing that Elysian Sensor Drone that had just come out of the market.

The Grey haired, red eyes Neko was wearing on her new environmental suits she had purchased for 150 KS, and caring her personal welder, a sniper rifle, and of course her trust type 29. She also wondered if the get-well present for the X0 of 5 new propulsion brooms had come in yet. It cost her 500 KS total, but it had been worth it. They where supposed to arrive with little red bows and a get well card wrapped around them before the Aeon blasted off.
"Okay, since there are no more questions. Everyone report to your action stations. Once we are underway everyone can go and update their mental back up if it is not current.

Engineering personnel ensure those drones are properly stowed in the cargo bay." Katae said, then walked out of the wardroom.

She made her way down one level, and headed to her cabin. She sat at her desk and took care of the few administrative details she needed to tend to. Anderson-Hei's transfer to the YSS Integrity to replace a lost crew member.

"Eternity, contact Departure Control, I want us on a priority departure. I would rather be out in space where things are more simple, than stay here and contend with intrigues." she said as she switched off the terminal and went to the bridge.
Mist bowed to the Taisa as she left the wardroom. This mission seemed like it could go very wrong... but the medic decided to ignore her gut feeling. I should be more optimistic... she thought to herself as she made her way back to the medical bay. Her work would probably increase once they got underway, so she decided to busy herself with prepping the medical bay for future use.
Trowa headed straight for the bridge. He was ready to fly again. Apond arriving, the Ittô Hei put on his AMES then sat down at his station. "Hello again beautiful." Trowa said to the ship as he began a scan of the ship to make sure that everything had been repaired and was functioning properly. "I'm glad to see that the tects took good care of you."

The Nepleslian connected his new interface with the ship. Data began scrolling across the retina of his cybernetic eye. It was a lot of data at once and the pilot though that it might overwhelm him. But he quickly got the hang of it and moved on to his pre-flight checklist.
"Kame-San, as long as you have access to terminal on the PANTHEON network, you can take courses online. When you are ready I will set you up and enrolled." Josea said to the Neko. He went to his quarters and stowed his gear.

He had walked into the Wardroom, but stood by the door to listen to the Taisa's briefing. Exploration, that's more like it. I'm not a soldier, so checking out new worlds will be a welcome change. he thought.

When the Taisa left the wardroom he quietly left and made his way to the bridge. He sat at the science station and uploaded any information he could find on SSS traffic in the region they were heading to.
Asi nodded at the Taisa's responses to the questions. Not coming up with anything else, he stood up and bowed, making his way to the Power Armor Bay to check in with Haruhi-Juni, and see if they had any further orders. I don't really like this kind of mission, but I guess I'll have to deal with it. WHile he was waiting for the rest of the infantry squad to show up, he started checking over his armor; unknown or not, there's no point in going into a mission without an armor you know is good.
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