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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base


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Cargo Hold

Katae looked at Rin, her expression went distant for a moment.

"Well, Okumura-Hei it would seem that things are getting interesting. Eternity just relayed a report to me from the Ground team. They have encountered some aliens on this planet. Not Kata'nova's unfortunately. But interesting in their own way.

Prepare two VCMAD-A for deployment. Configure the first one with a Sniffer and a Sky Eye. We will send that to the Chui's team. The second one fit it with a Tracker and a Big Ear. We will deploy that one to the Ground team's location."
She said.

"Eternity, send the following message to Saki-Heisho's team."
Aeon actual to Away team.
Proceed with caution, make sure to record all events for later study.
Take no provocative action. Try to ascertain if they are indigenous or not. Limit scanning of their persons and equipment to passive. Active scanning could be considered an invasion of privacy or aggressive.
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Rin nods and smiles "right ma'am" he looks around the cargo bay till he finds the VCMAD-A's. Then looks for a Sniffer, Sky Eye, Tracker and Big Ear and smirks removing the panels needed from the VCMAD-A's and attached the Sniffer and Sky Eye to one of them making sure they are in working order and wont fall off "ma'am VCMAD-A for Chui's team is operational".

He turns his attention to her for a bit "that is upsetting for Kata'nova i hope we find the right species", he goes to work on the other one attaching the Tracker and Big Ear smiling then does the same checks as he did for the first "ma'am both are ready to be used by the teams, should we deploy them to the teams or do a few more checks?"
Katae looked back at Rin in the hold. "Initialize the drones, and monitor their system status on one of the ICP's. If they show green across the board. Let Eternity know and she will provide them with their destination coordinates." She answered, then looked back towards the plume of smoke in the distance. "We really did not expect to find Kata'nova's people on the first planet. We could be dozens of light years away in the wrong direction. So far Kata'nova has not been able to give us any clues. Familiar land marks etc.
Rin nods at her "umm ma'am i would really like to speak to Kata'nova sometime", he activates the drones one at a time hearing the faint buzzing of the machine. He smiles at this sound then gets to the ICP quickly and looks at the statuses of the drones seeing red the first time on a couple of points, then slowly goes to fix the problems quickly.

He goes back to check and the board was green "Eternity, boards are green give these babies their destinations".
Katae watched Rin, "Well at the moment she is with the one of the away teams. So you will have to wait until she returns."

"Initializing launch sequence, please move to the side." Came Eternity's voice. "Coordinates load and accepted. Drones calculating flight path. Launch in 3... 2... 1... " The two drones lifted from the floor and surged forward towards the entrance. As they moved their configuration changed to high speed mode. Once clear of the Gunship, they accelerated and streaked away.
Rin smiles and stretches "so ma'am, what shall we do now?" he looks around "there really isn't anything to do until we get more information about this planet and it's inhabitants", He slowly looks around the cargo bay then at Katae smiling massively "anything i can help you with?".
"We do our job. Take a VCMAD-T out with you and gather soil samples. This is a biosphere we are not familiar with. So we should gather as much data as possible. Equip it with a Bloodhound and a Digger module to assist you." Katae instructed.
Rin salutes and goes get the VCMAD-T then looks at the modules and smiles as he gets the Bloodhound and Digger, he attached the Bloodhound and Digger to the VCMAD-T and smiles "helmet, i need a helmet". He looks around for his helmet and picks it up from just by the entrance to the cargo bay, "okay ma'am, i'm ready to go, is there any specific location or should i just find a reasonable place"
"Keep in sight of the ship, start say 5o meters our, pick a suitable location. Then play it by ear." Katae replied.
Rin nods "aye ma'am" he then connects the helmet to the suit making sure there were no leaks and gaps and walks out the cargo bay with the VCMAD-T and searches for a suitable place to collect samples.

He finds a suitable location about 40 meters away and gets the VCMAD-T to do the job and collects the soil samples slowly and to check the chemicals by the bloodhound module.
The VCMAD-T performs the analysis, providing a stream of data on the soil composition, and other aspects. The drone shook from side to side when the ground rolled beneath Rin's feet. The output from the volcano appeared to be subsiding, the ash cloud was thinning for the moment.
Rin slipped a bit when the ground shocked but righted himself quickly looking at the volcano "hmm, this seems to be good the ash is thinning" he checks on the VCCMAD-T and smiles, nothing seemed to be damaged. He checks the data and smiles "i'l keep it going for a few more more minutes them go back to the ship" he was talking to himself more than anything.
The drone continued performing its assigned tasks without incident. It moved to another location and repeated the process.

Katae watched the activity and admired the view from the just off the ramp of the Aeon. She looked towards the setting sun. Just our luck we landed where night was about to fall.

"Ise-Taisa, I recommend that extra-vehicular activity cease soon. The ground team received warning about a predatory life form that comes out after sunset. There is no way to know if any of them are out in this region." Eternity said from the speakers.

Katae looked out across the view, and could see how dark the landscape the other way had become.

She picked up her communicator.
"Okumura-Hei, wrap things up as soon the drone completes its current sampling. One of the away teams learned that there are dangerous large predators that come out at night."
Rin listens to the message and gulps, lookind at the VCMAD-T "come on darling finish the job quickly for me". He watches the sun setting and gulp seeing it was getting very low.

Half an hour later the VCMAD-T finishes and he makes sure everything is okay and walks back to the ship staying close to the VCMAD-T and gets back to the cargo hold taking off his helmet "god i was hoping to find more out about this planet but if there is a dangerous creature out there, i don't want to get attacked" he looks at her "ma'am what about the other groups?".
As Rin entered the cargo hold a loud animalistic bellow could be heard.

"The ground team should be safe. It is still daytime where they landed, they are following the Tharugons to their garrison." Katae responded. "The team from the Tenba, they've been given warning. I trust the officer to keep them safe." She hit the switch and closed the cargo hold door. "I will be on the bridge. Take the samples from the drone and take them to the medical lab for storage."
Rin smiles "if you don't mind, I'm going to work on Cerus" he looks at her "she is my little droid, i think i told you about her in the interview".

He smiles at her and walks to his room to get the droid "you can see her if you want she is a bit shy around new people though".
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"That is fine, but after you deliver those samples. I have Eternity contact you if I have further need of you." Katae said with a smile and left the hold.
Rin smiles and walks away to put the samples away and then goes to his cabin to get Cerus, when he gets her he goes to deck five and walks into the engineering Compartment and collects the tools and material he needs to help her. At the moment Cerus was a skeletal quadrupedal robot at this time he was adding metal so Cerus looked more droid like.
Hisa had seen Rin come into Engineering which was her domain. Her curiosity piqued, the green eyed, light brown haired Nekovalkyrja followed Rin back to his cabin. She gave him a few minutes before hitting the door chime.
Rin opens the door and smiles "yes?" He still had Cerus in his arm and looks the girl up and down "so i'm guessing your wondering who i am, and why i am here?" He walks back in "come in i need to put Cerus away" he goes into locker puts Cerus in the locker, there was a bag in the locker that hadn't been opened yet as well.