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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Fourteen: Uekiya pt. II


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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
IYS Universe, YSS Kaiyō II
YSS Kaiyō II
1日 5月 YE 40

Hoshi said to Alastair as he arrived, "Please, have a seat in the XO's chair. You will hold the bridge while Teien-shosa and myself work with the captives, as well as a woman named Pumpkin that has come from our universe to... Well, she says to help. I need to find out more information."

She was soon off the bridge.

Med Bay

The Nekovalkyrja captain had been brought into the prow-side containment cell and the Shosa spoke.

"Sanssinia-heisho," Eden said. "Please wake her up."


Pumpkin's shuttle had arrived in a non-spectacular fashion and the NH-25 woman, with a dress of off-putting Mishhuvurthyar tentacles, was escorted by Nekovalkyrja on high alert to the wardroom, where she and her two escorts entered. Her escorts were odd-looking women with pointed ears and seemed to have arms and legs encrusted with icicle-like spikes that jutted out from their limbs and ended around the knees and elbows. They made no moved to alert the guards, but were oddly dressed in some sort of matching shift.

Hoshi was waiting, along with some of her crew. The little captain stood at the wardroom's starboard-side entrance and greeted her.

"Ohayō gozaimasu," Pumpkin said with a bow and Hoshi returned the bow in greeting.

"Please," Hoshi said, "sit."

Fabrication Bay

With the IYS MEGAMI laying splayed on a table, Muyomi asked, "Right, what first?"
Med Bay

"Yes Ma'am." Sacre said, stepping forward and pushing the stimulant that would help counteract the stun. She didn't know what Eden had planned, so she had synthesized a large array of chemicals that might be helpful during the interrogation. She also had a small subset of her knives hidden on her person. Knives could help in interrogations in ways that chemicals just didn't. There was a visceral response to knives that just wasn't there for small vials of what looked like water. However, they were all neatly tucked out of sight.
Medical Bay

Authorization for...unusual means of interrogation were open. Kyoi was just finishing labeling every single vial with their MSDS numbers. Anyone with a bit of science would know how dangerous each number would be.

Of course, each number was fudged. Every substance was marked as a few stages more painful than they should’ve been.

“Properly marked.” Kyoi stated when she finished. “Most of them, of course, are absolute lies. Probably like what our victim here will be saying.”
YSS Kaiyo II

A few minutes ago

As the ship was decimated in the far distance, Mochi breathed a little sigh, his analysis fields narrowing quickly as all that was left to look at was the debris. Finally, all was done and there was nothing left to see, the scientist saving his findings to their central storage through the console. With the away team blinking in, the father-to-be stood from where he'd been sitting with a grunt, stretching this way and that as he paced around the XO seat to stretch his legs.

Out of respect, he hadn't changed the settings on Eden's chair but his back wasn't keeping quiet for it as he placed a hand on the back of the seat in question. Realistically, there didn't need to be a science officer present to check over the MEGAMI but she was a data construct after all. Leaning down to the screen - a bad move as it turned out, his back cracking loudly enough for others to likely hear - Sein buzzed over to Kaori. "Check down with the MEGAMI we've captured, give her a few good scans if you can, Kaori-hei."

As Hoshi's order to find them a clear area came in, Mochi quickly slid back into the awkward seat, sending another message as soon as he sent the previous. "If you think Odo-hei needs a hand, feel free to stay Kaori-hei. Your choice." Sein glanced over to Asuka, who was likely already positioning the scanners. "Looks like if we bear starboard 10 degrees we'll be heading in the right direction, Deio-hei?" That was his presumption anyways, from what he could remember from the remnants of scans from their engagement and where EM waves had been fewest.




YSS Kaiyo II
Fabrication Bay


Itto Juni Iemochi sat sorely in one of the wheely chairs within the Fabrication Bay, the XO's chair having taken things out of him as he looked over to Peio, rubbing his back a few times. "Mentafexal Electro-Gravity is an iffy thing but I think we can get the better of it." The husk of the MEGAMI thrown out before them, he gestured to the rack of tools to the left of Peio-hei, "This is going to be a two person job for sure, I'm glad you're here."

At times like this he wished Anastasia could drop by and lend her nearly unending mechanical expertise to them. "We'll have to run a diagnostics on what exactly is still salvageable. We can safely say most of it is crippled, its non-vital organs and a lot of vitals are probably shot to hell. It exploded after all."

"What we're going to have a hard time with is the anti-tampering devices, these bodies are meant to be uncrackable and if we get her working those might trip after the fact. Not to mention the nanosurgery we need to do to reconnect any blown pathways in this."

Buzzing quickly to Hoshi, he passed a message telepathically, "Hoshi-chusa, I doubt that the full Neko schematics are open to my clearance - I think we'll need them to proceed in any meaningful way."
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YSS Kaiyo-ii
Med Bay

It was a shame, really - the former ship AI had gone and died in his fresh environmental suit, a suit that still resided on the hunk of meat he had dumped in the Fabrication bay before heading off to help guard in the Med Bay. It was a slight inconvenience but nothing more and besides, his pointed ears pricked up at the mention of saint personnel heading to the medbay where the other ship's captain had been carted off to. The minkan had possibly set a new record for dumping a mindy suit on the rack as he did so and grabbed the few possessions he deemed necessary for guard duty.

Call it a somewhat unhealthy desire but they had asked for extra security personnel and it was the perfect excuse to see masters work their trade. So Wyatt leaned somewhat off to the side in his type 37a field jacket over his type 31 work uniform with a SDR strapped to each arm and one on his right hip for good measure, not uttering a word as he stood there and watched.

This he had to see, he'd heard rumors of course - everybody had - but he was curious what was simply a rumor about the black paneled sect of the SAoY and what was fact.
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Sensor Dome

"Deep space or the closest thing to, Odo-hei!"

Thats easy enough. He thought. There was a whole lot of space out there and a whole lot of nothing within it. He input the new paramters into the workstation and put it to search. He wanted a spot that was far enough from planets that it would not be within any normal trading lanes. He was also having the system check for any residual energy readings from passing ships.

He tied the sensor systems into the science systems, so anyone monitoring could see what he saw and pipe in with advice if they needed too.

It took a couple of minutes but the computer came back with a match.

"Good, send it up to the bridge." The computer had found a location a little distance away, but it was right next to a asteroid field, so they had cover in case they needed to hide.

He opened up a communication channel. "Bridge, this is the Sensor Dome. Got a possible destination coming your way. A bit of a ways off, but should provide us a isolated area." He waited to hear their approval or rejection of his choice.
Mark was still confused, his perception hazy. Was he in trouble for something? Why was most of the mission so far a blank. It brought a fear to his mind, as something felt very wrong. He wasn't one to defy an order though.

Mark dismounted his Mindy and gathered his clothes. He made his way to the showers, still feeling as if in a daze. He started the water, which was cold but grew hot quickly enough. He stepped in and relaxed, the fog seeming to clear from his mind. But something seized in his chest, and world blurred as his legs lost strength. He thudded to the shower floor convulsing, the shower still spraying him with water. He couldn't cry for help, or move.

Ragnar stood uncomfortably in as far off a corner of the medbay as he could. Ignoring that he never bothered to take of the old emergency service type 31 uniform and wasn't sure how the higher ups would feel about that, if they even noticed him; something told him between the medical personal and black panels this was about to get ugly. It was an odd predicament; he was sworn to protect lives even if it was in a certain order, which included the enemy when all friendlies were cared for, but by doing his job if they were gonna be hands on he'd only encourage the further harm. He knew a soldier's duty, knew that it meant even medical had to get bloody sometimes, but there was something distasteful about the whole affair.

Cataloguing medical supplies, still getting his bearings in the bay while trying to be as quiet as possible, had kept him out of peoples direct line of sight. He did throw the occasional glance at Sacre, the first person that had actually spoken to him in a remotely personal manner on the vessel, and his face should have said everything he felt about this. We're walking a line here that not everyone can come back from, do we really need to get this hands on? he risked sending a message telepathically to the other medic. Wasn't the time to have it intercepted by a random person pacing but he hoped the message and inflection of his unease might have some impact.

Telepathy; didn't make Ragnar as uncomfortable as the deep, terrible void of space but it was in the top five. Sometimes he missed being human.
YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair walked around the chair a few times. He ran his hand over it gently. It had been not long ago that he was the captain of a ship. He knew the responsibility that came when you sat in that chair. Slowly he took a seat and put his arms on the armrests. He let it sink that he was now in charge. He closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts as if he was about to jack into a VR game. This felt good, it felt right for him to be in this seat.

Like glass shattering on the floor the reports started to flood in from around the ship. He seen the crew had split between the medical bay and the wardroom. Prisoner in one and the guest in the other. "Boss, give me live feed of the medical bay. I wish to observe what takes place in there." He voice was firm and calm.

Another alert came in. This time coming from the sensor dome. Was a request to move the ship to an asteroid field for cover. "I see the destination Odo, good work on finding us a safe place to hunker down." Alastair cut the link to the sensor dome. "Helm, put us on a heading towards the asteroid field.

He thought for a moment more then looked over to the person on comms. "Please hail our friends next to us and let them know we are moving to a safer location. Don't need them thinking we are running off with their captain." He said in a smooth voice. It seemed he was very quickly getting comfortable with his new role.

Just as he was about to tap his fingers on the armrest another report came in. This time it was from the Fabrication Bay. It would seem the crew had ran into a challenge and requested support from Hoshi. He had boss pull the requested information but held to see if this would be required as he knew Hoshi would be more than able to handle the request.

A look of shock crossed his face and he stood from the chair. A red flashing report popped up that one of the crew was in need of immediate medical attention. Alastair pulled up a video feed to see Mark a pile on the floor in the showers. The heck was he doing in the showers to start with, this wasn't the order Hoshi had given. Either way there was no time to waste. Telepathically Alastair pinged the medical staff on the ship. "I hate to put the breaks on a good torture but immediate medical attention is required in the showers. Mark has collapsed and is in unstable condition. Please advise." His hands were shaking so much. First day on the job and already had to give the command of a crew member down. He wanted nothing more than to rush to his aid, to be there for him. Sadly he was needed on the bridge to ensure he could react quickly to changing events.

Sacre could tell that Ragnar was uncomfortable. She slid up beside him. "We have some... guests who may have parasites. I'd rather not bring any back to Yamatai." She said to give him an out. Moments later when Alastair pinged the Medical staff, Sacre looked up at Ragnar. She looked more than a bit pissed off, not at him, but at Mark. She wanted to go and deal with Mark herself, but she was needed here. "Go." She ordered him to take care of it. She touched a screen to authorize Ragnar into the restricted parts of Mark's file dealing with the Geist and details of how it interfaced as well as about Orias. She hated doing it, but it needed to be done. His device vibrated to let him know Sacre had sent him something important.
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Ragnar deeply appreciated Sacre's alternative task for him. He had no idea what he was liable to do should he have to witness a perversion of a place of rest and healing. He knew, or at least had been learning, that morality had to be adjusted somewhat out here but it did not mean he had to like it. Grabbing a medkit and scanner, he was nearly out of the bay when the order had come through into his mind. Not ever gonna be a fan of that, he thought to himself until the gravity of the situation hit him.

Dropping the standard kit and ripping an emergency pack from its place in the bay, Ragnar nodded acknowledgment to the other medical staff before bolting down the hallways. "Hei-Halfdan responding to medical emergency, will advise more when on scene!" he bellowed out mentally assuming the issuer of the orders would receive it, as well as many others. "Ship! Can I get an initial scan on patient 'Mark' currently in the showers!?" he yelled to nothing in particular, not having learned either the ship's preferred name or expecting to have to use it in such a capacity. Honestly he was annoyed to have a patient so soon after a bout of space flight. Gotta remember to make these guys do a quick screen after every op...should be standard procedure; Ragnar mused.

Rushing past and running through crew and objects, using his own large build as a battering ram, was actually the first time he felt comfortable and even happy on the ship. This is what he was meant to do. Gravity was a nice bonus. There was a ping on his device, patient info he assumed. He'd go over the information as he dealt with what was ahead. Most important thing at the moment had been the corpsmen's axiom; "Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round. Any deviation is a problem"
YSS Kaiyo II
Science Lab / Sensor Dome

Kaori nodded at the series of transmissions coming to her ear, just wrapping up her work around the science lab. "I'll check. By the way... I've cleaned up the mess, Iemochi-Juni." Her quiet voice carried an mild tone of disapproval.

The short Nekovalkyrja made her way to the sensor dome, entering the room without much sound at all. She spectated Odo-Hei as he worked, her presence only announced by the thin air of perfume. He seemed like he was getting along with the repositioning just fine. She broke the air with a quiet "Good work." before making an about-face and heading out the door for the Fabrication Bay.

Fabrication Bay

Wish and ye shall receive.

"I'm here." Anastasia herself said, waltzing into the Fabrication Bay. She was taken aback slightly by the sights and sounds of the room, slowing down on her approach towards the table. The cobalt-winged Elysian stopped beside Seinosuke, her expression immediately shifting as she cocked her head to the side. It was a look of mixed confusion and disgust. She eyed Iemochi, voicing her concerns. "I thought you said this was a MEGAMI unit?"

She looked back at the body that was laying splayed across the table. "This looks more like a rejected science project."
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YSS Kaiyo II
Fabrication Bay

Sein's complexion lit up as the yin to his technical yang glided into the Fab Bay as if it was her castle, which it essentially was. He raised a hand in greeting with a friendly grin, then patted the table where the carcass lay as she brought it up. "Yeah, tell me about it, heh. I thought the away team had recovered the unit too until I got here." The golden-haired man seemed rather unperturbed by the viscera and unsettling corpse, likely having seen much worse as the biologist he was.

"This what a Neko looks like once a boot steps on them evidently." It was a morbid, joking comment but was surprisingly accurate to the visuals, being exploded from the inside. "Whatever the case, the main priority will be either reviving the brain or downloading the digital memory. I've heard decompiling that sort of thing is trouble, so I'd prefer to go for option 1."

"While she is a pile of scraps, Nekos are made to be indestructable so it's not imposible, just hard." It would be an interesting, difficult operation indeed. "Nekos are as mechanical as they are biological, as machine as they are breathing. We'll need to pool our expertise it seems." Mochi was pretty concious of the leadership he was displaying, hoping he wasn't overstepping his bounds. "We just need to know what we're looking for and be sure to act carefully and precisely. I doubt there's a rush given you don't get much worse than exploded, the plans from Hoshi will be needed. Unless we want to hope for a lottery win."

Telepathically, he contacted his mentee up as she was leaving the sensor done that was his citadel - now slightly more theirs. "You.. Cleaned it up? If you can do that, you can persist through whatever we get thrown at haha!"
YSS Kaiyo II
Fabrication Bay

The moment Walter Hyde got called to the Fabrication Bay, he took off his power armor and took off with his toolkit and Star Servantines. He felt he alone had that capability to fix up a Imperial MEGAMI, given that... Well, Neko's replaced everything. Even computers, honestly. Of course, when he got in there, he found some more techies... Well, not quite. One was the acting Chief Engineer, the other is the Science Officer. With his enhanced hearing, the tall Minkan can perceive that these guys have some idea what they're doing.

Although, only some. Apparently they hadn't operated on something like this before, both in a technical and biological sense. He should really step in before they end up exploding the MEGAMI's brain or something.

"The MEGAMI has plenty of safeguards; that happened to be one of them. Didn't bother to mention because there's nothing I could do to prevent it from happening in the heat of the moment." The eight gauntlets orbit around the technician, some idly rubbing their fingers together, and a couple holding his Blacksmith Toolkit. "The data is still salvageable, but like you said, this thing is just roadkill. If you're looking to revive the brain, you might be able to pull it off if the femtomachines didn't already damage the brain. We're don't have a lot of time until the brain goes belly-up, though."

"I will like to offer my assistance; I'm no biologist, but these types of Nekovalkyria are no mystery to someone like me. It comes with the job description of IYS technician." Walter dared to look at the ragged corpse... Disgusting. Very disgusting. He's about as used to it as anyone else, but... Femtomachine death. MEGAMI Nekos felt like they had more death traps then they did computers, anyway.
Sensor Dome

Odo had been working at the controls, when he heard the acceptance of his destination. He smiled a little. And then he nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard someone behind him. He had smelled something, but it was light and he was engrossed in work. But then he heard a "Good job" come from behind him, and he whirled around. He didnt even know anyone had come in. He saw the retreating figure of a Neko.

"Well, ok....thank you" He said at the retreating figure, but he doubt she heard him.

He turned his attention back to the sensor's. He figured that while he was here he would continue with some long range scans and keep an eye out for any trouble.
YSS Kaiyo II
Fabrication Bay

Kikios ran into the Fabrication Bay to take a look at the MEGAMI which was in Neko form... Decommissioned Neko form... She surveyed the mostly inactive body. "So this is the body... I can't say I've worked on Nekovalkyrja before." She blinked, confused as to why they wanted a technician here for this. "I'm not sure I'm used to working on organic... machines? Is there something a technician needs to work on in her?" she asked.

Chlorate was idly thinking, standing in place, when Mark's Geist notified her that he was in trouble. She immediately looked up and rapidly glanced around, almost in a state of panic. She then looked at Alastair who was standing by the Alachair and asked "Why am I getting a message from father's Geist that he has..." Well... what was he doing? Some organic thing? She used the best term in her robotic mind that she could equate it to, which was "Crashed?!"

William had landed aboard the Kaiyo and quickly docked his AIR 2 at its station. He felt the cords disconnect from his neck and he stepped out from the armor. His eyes took a moment to adjust, then he quickly turned to his locker and got dressed.

Once he pulled his black coat back on, he strode from the bay quickly. He needed to get to the wardroom ASAP.

As he slid into the room, he laid eyes on the guests. The orange haired neko looked familiar. A quick search with his mindware quickly produced the answer that was on the tip of his tongue. Pumpkin.

'So this was who was captaining the other vessel during the op.' William thought as he moved to stand off to the side and slightly behind Hoshi.
YSS Kaiyo II
Fabrication Bay

As the commotion in the room went on regarding the dissected MEGAMI laying on the table in the center of the room, the doors behind the large group that had gathered around opened, revealing the Douryo pilot from earlier. A newcomer to the ship in more ways than one. Why in the Devil was he here? Observation, of course! After all, there wasn't much to do, stuck in the confines of the ship's vehicle bay. Sure, Eden said to stay alert, but he'd be damned if he was going to miss something like this. Of course, a possible enemy was aboard the ship, in a meeting with their captain, of all people. But the armed guards had that dealt with, hopefully.

As soon as he entered, he took a moment to analyze everyone present. Technicians, science officers, and even those with zero experience in anything of the sort were here, which probably meant that Able wasn't the only one with the intention to spectate. Well, that was his thought, until he got a good look at the MEGAMI. A neko...?

Taking a few steps forward, he scratched his chin in deep thought. "Strange... I thought the MEGAMI was purely mechanical. I wasn't aware it had the ability to take organic form." He murmured, looking genuinely intrigued as he fixed his shades. After a moment, he glanced towards everyone else. "Oh... My sincerest apologies. I am merely here to spectate, so simply... Ignore me, if you will." With that, he stepped towards the back of the room, leaning against the wall.
YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair got the message that medical staff was on the way to help Mark. He hoped that it was nothing serious but had his doubts. Based on his last chat with him things were just getting worse. He would have to find a way to get Mark fixed once and for all to keep this from happening. "Ragnar, give an update once you reach Mark." He said replying back to his crew mate.

Alastair was looking over the information coming from the fabrication bay. He was very much interested in learning much from this AI that had taken human form. A few minutes into watching the team in the fab bay talk back and forth he heard from Chlorate. "Crashed huh, good way of putting it. Well, it would seem he is in a bit of trouble at the moment. Help is on the way so nothing to worry about." He smiled at her even if he was lying. While he did not know the details he expected the worst.
The scan would come back as an seizure caused by neural degradation, brain activity being erratically in and out, and as if there was a second mind in his head.

Mark continued to convulse his chitin covered right arm flexing uncontrollably, the claw scratching into the shower wall. His left eye with it's black schlera and crimson reptilian slit pupil darted its focus rapidly. His whole body had muscles spasming and seizing uncontrollably.