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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Roku: Genjitsu Tōhi pt. I

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YSS Kaiyō
5日 5月 YE 39
0800 Hours

Eden tapped her fingers going from her pinky to index in a gliding, swift motion against the arm rest of the chair of command on the bridge aboard the YSS Kaiyō. The Kaiyō enlisted crew had all been promoted one rank, Matsuvo and Akiko had gotten a Tomoyo's Kikyō each, and everyone had gotten a combat, service, survival award. Saki had gotten a command medal while Meissa had received a Red Tessen, as well. Amanozako was back with the squadron and the Kaiyo was refitted with large nest pits in many cabins per requests of the occupants, the wings had been painted an ocean blue, and some other minor changes and installations had taken place aboard the Plumeria Gunship.

Eden paused her tapping against the arm rest as a communication came in, then looked to her captain's suite where Saki was resting before her golden eyes shifted to the comms officer on the bridge with two raised black brows.

For Riku, it was business as usual, the vacation having had little impact on his ability to transition back into the seat he had grown familiar with. Though, meeting the Empress first-hand did instill a small sense of pride into the Minkan, though this train of thought was broken as he heard the urgent 'beep beep beep' of an incoming transmission. With two fingers and a swipe, he relayed the communication through MEGAMI's partitions, cleared it's authenticity, and it's signal; all within the span of a few seconds. "Eden-shosa, it's a registered Star Army of Yamatai signal, broadcasting from," The Minkan looked towards the screen to double-check, just in case. "An escape pod. Shall I put it through?"

"Of course," Teien Eden said, pushing off of her armrest with one hand and stood from her chair. "Open a channel."

His fingers, having hovered over the terminal, was swiftly swiped to the side. "The channel is open, Shosa."

"This is Shosa Teien Eden of the YSS Kaiyō, NG-X1-440. Am I speaking to a pilot of the BIES of this pod?" Eden said, ending with a question.

"Teien Eden? Am I speaking to the Teien Eden."

"Excu—" Eden began, then remembered the voice from years past.

"Sørensen Astrida?" Eden said, eyebrows knitting together. "It can't be. What are you doing far out here?" Eden then looked to Riku and asked, "Orders from the Taisa about how to proceed?"

Riku listened in to the communications, less so eavesdropping then making sure all was well. It was strange to the Minkan that they would get such a transmission, from an escape pod no less, the occupant not even a little perturbed by their current situation. Then again, it seemed the Shosa knew whom she was speaking to. At Eden's beckoning, Riku opened a channel, secured it through MEGAMI, and sent it out towards the Excalibur. "YSS Excalibur, YSS Excalibur, this is the YSS Kaiyō; we have picked up a transmission from an SAoY escape pod. Eden-shosa requests orders from Ross-taisa as to how to proceed."

The Minkan waited, a few seconds passing by with little in the way of a reply, until one finally came in the form of the Excalibur's own communications operator. "Excalibur acknowledges. Ross-taisa advises immediate SAR action in the form of the YSS Kaiyō. Break off from the formation and rendezvous post-haste with the pod in distress. Rescue all aboard. Debrief and relay what has caused their situation in the first place. YSS Excalibur, out."

Riku nodded, turning his head to speak more directly to the Shosa, "Ross-taisa has given approval of search and rescue operations within their area of space. We are to rendezvous with the escape pod, bring aboard the survivors, debrief and then inform the Captain of what caused their situation in the first place."

Astrida had waited for Eden to get her orders, then said, "That's Chusa Sørensen Astrida to you. It's a long story and it sounds like we're going to be picked up soon, anyway. We'll send out our position right now and speak to you soon, in person. Oh, and Eden?"

"Yes?" the Shosa asked.

"Good to hear your voice again," Astrida said.

Eden looked to the suite where Saki slept, then to the pilot, saying, "Engines at max. I want to get there as soon as possible."

The fresh new face on board nodded, tail softly brushing against the seat. Her ears swiveled at Eden's words.

"Okay then, Shosha." Kyoi replied. "Engines to maximum, entering FTL in five, four, three, two, one..."

0900 Hours

As the Kaiyō began to end its pursuit of the lone escape pod, Riku's panel lit up with incoming transmissions and the beep beep beep's became all the more urgent.

"Status report, Kawazoe-hei!" Eden said, black hair swinging as she turned her head to look at him.

Riku's response was immediate, though the fact he managed to catch a glimpse of the Shosa's exaggerated movement nearly broke his concentration. "Eden-shosa, another transmission from the life pod belonging to the Chusa known as Sørensen Astrida. Putting it through now." The Minkan flicked a finger and opened the transmission for her to speak into.

"Monitoring attempts have been detected by the Quantum Encryption technology of the pod's BIES," the Chusa said to Eden. "We're being stalked and the pod is unable to detect by who."

Eden gritted her teeth and nearly shouted to the pilot, "Adjust engine output to 2.5 light-years per hour! Boss," she said to the MEGAMI, "Go to condition two!"

The Kaiyō plummeted through space at speeds that were closely guarded military secrets, hurtling towards the escape pod and the unknown enemy while the infantry suited up and prepped due to the condition two status of the ship.

The Minkan communications operator, despite Eden's slight escalation in her voice decibels, somehow managed to keep his ear listening for the pod's signal. It's steady 'bing .. bing ... bing' ever present in his right ear - until it wasn't. Blinking, the Minkan attempted to pick the signal back up, trying everything his training had provided him. "Eden-shosa! The signal .. it's gone!"

"Condition one, Boss!" Eden said, standing. "How close are we to that pod?"

Kyoi's ears flattened against her head as she leaned forwards in her chair. She didn't need to care too much about the pod. She cared a little more about what she was jumping into.

Remain calm, Kyoi told herself. A steady hand and a steady mind keeps you from moving too quick or too slowly.

"Asuka, got any pings?" the Neko asked. "What's the field look like at the exit destination?"

"We've got..." Asuka said, trailing off, "Next to nothing. Circular object about four meters by four meters. It..." Asuka trailed off again, looking to Eden with her bright blue eyes. "It must be the pod."

"Seems good to me." Kyoi shrugged.

"Boss," Eden said. "Send an away team to grab the pod and bring her in!"

The MEGAMI replied, "Right away, Shosa." Boss pinged all of the crew besides bridge officers and Akiko to report to the power armor bay and suit up. She had Akiko report to the bridge, though.

"Santo Hei," Eden said to the pilot. "Bring us in close."

"Okay, orbiting one kilometer off the pod." Kyoi replied, as she input the instructions to the computer. She deftly angled the ship so that all of its guns had a clear line of fire to any hostiles approaching.

It did, however, feel a little odd to the strange-looking Neko that such a pod would... stop broadcasting. Her first thought was trap. Her second thought was it ran out of power.

"Something about how it stopped broadcasting feels weird to me..." she observed.

"Quite," Eden muttered as she looked to the door to the captain's suite one more time.
The new Kaiyo was nice, Meissa had decided. The old Kaiyo's mattresses were honestly getting a little old and hardened. It was somewhat obvious they'd been recycled a few times. But these? Fresh and new, just like a good repaired Kaiyo. And her armor as well.

Ping! And there was Boss telling them to hurry up and get into the armor bay.

Speaking of armors.

She leapt off of her bed. Hopefully this time it wouldn't be any space squid or strange bird-people related disasters. Just, something simple. But as much as she hoped for her 'something simple,' she probably wasn't getting it. At least, that was the thought she had when she entered into the PA bay, and before entering her armor giving Mat a quick hug.

She took a deep breath in, and out. Her hand flipped some blocks of plastic explosive back on her belt.

Back to work, then.
YSS Kaiyō

Kioko was enjoying her new surroundings, this was the nicest ship she has been on in years as she giggled to herself and got ready for anything that could happen. Her reptilian eyes scouted for someone she could scare as she was still very new to the ship and wanted to make the first impression the one that people don't forget, she didn't even know if the Captain knew what she looked like as she was very early to get on the ship so she could search it all through.

Ping Ping Armour Bay

Kioko giggled at the idea of meeting the crew in the armour bay, so she quickly made her way to the Bay and saw some people already there she looked down to hide her face and only brought it back up when she was very close to them "Hey there, I am you new crew mate, pleasssure to meet you missss." She gave a toothy grin showing all her fang-like teeth and large silver eyes to the person before she turned and going to her armour to get it fitted and ready for the mission.

She looked for an interesting weapon to put on her armour and sighed "I wisssh I could have a cool weapon, being a sssaint and all, I ssshould be allowed sssome interesssting gunsss."

Time to work with her new team.
Orion arrived at the power armor bay to finally, after a very long time, get into his power armor. He was suprisingly in a good mood. For some reason, he absolutely loved his power armor, not even he knew why, but he just, loved it.

He gave a little wave to the new face in the bay as he walked to his power armor, looking up at it.

"It's been so long..."

He then proceeded to put on the Mindy, then to grab his sniper rifle.

"Let's do this.."
"Hey. Nice to meet you." Meissa said, without even looking. She didn't seem to care about the hiss. In fact, she seemed like she was hard at work preparing. She turned to the newcomer.

"Sup. Never seen you around, let's get out there and get things done." Meissa didn't seem to notice or care about the fangs and eyes.
YSS Kaiyo

Yoshida shook herself loose as she walked into the bay, humming, and walking on the tips of her toes the whole while. With a wide grin, she greeted the brand new crew member. "Salutations! Not all the saint are so frosty cold as our current resident huh?" She grinned at the saint before she turned back to step into her own armor, and hoisted her Aether Gattling Rifle with a grin. "I'm also sure you'll get your own cool gun soon enough!" Along side the gattling gun, was the conformal barrier module, two shoulder capacitors, a whole collection of grenades on her waist, and NSB packs on her thighs. There was little doubt her role was to be the spooky heavy weapons, supressive fire monster. It really totally clashed with her small stature, and utterly adorable look.
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YSS Kaiyo
Power Armor Bay

5日 4月 YE 39

Anastasia paced down the halls quickly, the technicians hair bouncing a little as she made her way to the Power Armor Bay. She looked around at the other crew members as they went to their armors. She had made sure to adjust her suit before leaving Kyoto, because fitting her new wings into the metal jackets for her old ones would be... uncomfortable, to say the least gruesome.

She quickly suited up into her lightly resized armor, covering her crimson Type 22 Bodysuit. It had been too long since she last stepped into armor for a mission, and she took a deep sigh, joining the other crew members at the other side of the bay. She ran diagnostics checks as she did, though it was almost unneeded. The Kaiyo was fully refurbished, repainted, and she was very glad she wasn't in charge of that during her vacation time.

But for now, there was a situation to handle.
Bridge Bunny Den

Arb-Arb was at her station again, glad that the new pilot seemed to have a much more professional attitude regarding hostile space than the previous. She was methodically overviewing the weapons, getting readjusted to the new ship-and its new weaponry. The previous encounters in space has given the ship's weaponry controller some experience in terms of what best would work in which situations, and she was passively overseeing the reconstruction to make sure she could put in the right firepower.
YSS Kaiyo, Med Lab

Mochi stooped over one of the numerous workstations scattered about the medbay-come-laboratory that this particular room had now become. Portions for treating patients and laboratory/research equipment coexisting yet merging together. Today, he was experimenting with some grown L'Kor tissue reacting with various substances. He'd gone through various normally deadly poisons and other miscellaneous items. In the middle of adding a portion of ethanol to his next sample, the lights inside the room suddenly dimmed to a crimson glow causing Mochi to startle. A small amount of the liquid dashed upon the back of his hand as he realised that a situation must be unfolding. Better get to work. Hastily laying down his equipment, the Juni threw his labcoat onto a nearby chair and made his way towards the Power Armor Bay.
YSS Kaiyō
Recreation Area

Hanna was training. Today was her high intensity leg day and she had just finished with box jumps, leg presses, and lunges. Now, she was doing sprint pyramids. The distance of the sprints would increase incrementally between repetitions, until she hit her sixth repetition, and from there, the distance would decrease back to the initial value. The goal was to enhance her conditioning and combat fitness. Good soldiers are also good athletes, and Hanna wanted to be both. She was on her seventh repetition when MEGAMI went to Condition Two.

Slightly annoyed at the interruption, Hanna groaned as she wiped her towel over her brow. Perhaps I can get a seventh repetition in while sprinting to the Power Armor Bay, she thought to herself she stowed her gear under a nearby bench. At least I won't be late like last time, Hanna speculated to herself as she took off in a full sprint towards the power armor bay.

Power Armor Bay

The distance from the recreation area to the power armor bay was not nearly enough to fulfill a full repetition, however, Hanna was slightly winded when she arrived, on account of the workout she had already completed.

"Eeeeeeeekk! Get away from me!", screamed Hanna in a high-pitched voice when a...snake-like...fanged lady suddenly appeared in front of her. The embarrassingly high-pitched shriek attracted the attention of a few of the infantry within the power armor bay, most of whom seemed unfazed at the hideous new face.

Unfortunately, the woman was out of sight before Hanna could retaliate. Fuming and humiliated, Hanna turned her face away from some of the glares towards her direction. She quietly undressed and floated into her armor, silently vowing revenge upon the abominable snake woman.
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YSS Kaiyō
Simulation Room

William had been in the sim room as he normally was, training. His kendo swords were drawn and he was dripping with sweat. His opponent, a copy of himself. Once he heard the call, he sheathed his kendo swords and bowed to the holo version of himself who did likewise and the simulation ended. With that, he exited the sim room and took off towards the power armor bay.

Power Armor Bay

William entered quickly and moved to his Reaper. In the times since the last visit, he was able to get the armor painted deep blue, with white and gold accents. He smiled at the handywork as he placed his swords into the sheaths fixed on his armor. He then stepped behind his armor, popping the release before stepping in and sealing himself inside. He enjoyed the few moments of silence before the suit powered up and his HUD sprang to life. He went through his start up checklist, and everything checked out.

William powered up and detached himself from the rack and stepped forward, his hands resting on his swords.

He was quiet, standing off on his own while he meditated before the coming operation.
Armour Bay

Kioko turned back to the girl who screamed and even though that was what she loved to do, she felt a little bad that she made such an appearance on only one person when everyone else seemed to be okay with her looks. She walked back over to Hanna and looked at the girl "I am sssorry that you found me so ssscary, I normally love ssscaring people but sssince you are the only one and that ssscream wasss a little too much, I deeply apologize for ssscaring you."

She gave a little bow and smiles kindly "I don't bite, have no venom and thisss look isss more a family thing than me wanting to terrify new friendsss." She smiles at the others and bows to all "I am Kioko Gargendottir, SssAINT and Nitô Hei."
Sounded pretty cool to Meissa. The whole...Nito Hei SAINT business.

"Hey, you'll have to try a little harder to freak me out." Meissa replied to her statement. "Especially after the time we got swarmed by space squids."

Meissa made sure her drones were in working order, and that this time her comms wouldn't get blown out in the first pass.

"So you're a SAINT?" Meissa asked. She fished around in the armory for her Saber-Rifle. "That's pretty cool. Meissa Nashira, Joto Hei and resident explosives girl. Anyone got any extra information on the object besides 'escape pod, Star Army?'"
Power Armor Bay

Perhaps one of Hanna's favorite things about putting on power armor was the anonymous invincibility a suit would bestow upon its wearer. If anyone asked the wearer to cease her activities or attempted to hinder the wearer in her progress, she could simply shoot the agitating individual or ignore them entirely. After all, her identity was hidden behind a thick Zesuauium-coated face plate. Her true existence safely concealed behind the face plate, she answered to no one and no one questioned her will.

The snake lady...no...Kioko Gargendottir, sought to directly apologize to Hanna. In apology for her infraction, Kioko gave Hanna a genuine-looking smile and a bow. However, Hanna was still enraged and humiliated.

It was not that Hanna failed to see the genuine camaraderie behind Kioko's smile, but rather, it was Hanna's humiliation that fueled the flames of her anger. Simply put, Hanna could not forgive a transgression that endangered her reputation as a skilled soldier.

Surrounded by soldiers armed and armored in MINDY's, Hanna had lost most of the inherent benefits of wearing power armor. Yet, there was one thing that she still retained: her impassivity. Behind her face plate, no one could see her seething anger. She found solace in that, but unfortunately, it did little to calm her emotions.

Sensing her powerlessness within the situation, Hanna did what any emotionally immature, one-year-old Nekovalkyrja would do, given the circumstances.

"Hmmmmphhh!", Hanna huffed, as she firmly crossed her arms over her chest and turned away from Kioko.
YSS Kaiyō
Mission Ops/Communications

Riku continued his attempts towards hailing the escape pod, eyes scanning the remnant waves of it's last transmission, replaying their 'ghost' in order to catch any discrepancies with the original. There was no reason for the BIES to cease all outbound traffic, which caused the Minkan to switch through multiple different channels and bands in order to see if they hadn't just gone "dark". All standard escape pods, from the Type-29 to the Type-30, came equipped with an automated beacon; even if power was out on their end the system would have kicked in on its own reserves and let out an 'SOS'.

"MEGAMI, please scan frequencies above module's six and four, tone down and cross reference our recorded audio by point-oh-six. See if you can't pick up whatever was attempting to intercept their communications since last trans."

"Understood, please hold."

"Parsing code and purging non-essential background noise. Frequency four dash twenty Alpha, modulating signal range to within point-oh-six light years. Cross-referencing short-band, long-range, and multi-channel ....."



"Results inconclusive. The signal degraded rapidly after their last transmission. I am unable to pick up any others, save our own and the other ships of the Sixth Squadron within faster-than-light."

It was worth a shot. Whatever had happened to the escape pod and the Chusa on-board, Riku hoped it was just a faulty transmitter and the results of some over-worked bureaucrat that failed to maintain and uphold the standards before signing off. "Thank you, MEGAMI, continue trying. Inform me of any changes or if you pick up anything I miss."

With that said, the Minkan communications operator began the long and arduous task of continuing to hail the escape pod, monitoring their surrounding area's traffic for anomalous signals, and keeping tabs on everyone as they prepared.
YSS Kaiyo - Pilot's Seat

Kyoi listened to the rapid blip-blipping of Riku's panel, as well as the dull hum of Arbitrated's weapon adjustments to make full advantage of the angles she had given. As of now, there was nothing. Sadly.

Something's probably out there, Kyoi told herself. Something. She didn't show it, but the tension boiled in her gut, causing her tail to assume a different pattern of flicking around. Her ears instinctively swiveled constantly, as if listening for anomalies in space would really help.

"Maybe I could bump the pod," Kyoi half-joked. Maybe it could get them to respond with an angry message or two. But, any response...
YSS Kaiyō
Mission Ops/Communications

His work and thoughts were temporarily interrupted by the pilot's words, the new transfer that had come aboard during their vacation time. The one that replaced Ito after she left. Riku continued, opting to maintain the delicate silence and concentration a bridge needed, blinked once and began simultaneously encrypting and sending a message over towards Kiseki-hei, the only recipient, over wireless communications.

"As interesting as that would be, I would rather you not bump a two-hundred and fifty meter long ship against something as delicate as an escape pod."
"Why bump it? We've got the graviton emitter on the ship's aft, and we can lock it in place back there if we wanted. Heck, even drag it into the cargo bay." The tiny birb seemed satisfied with what she had chosen to work with on the expedition, arranging the weaponry neatly into several firing groups which often overlapped. Some examples included "Anti-ship", "Anti-Armor", "Suppression", and "Point Defense". For the time being, MEGAMI was getting to control the point defense segment all on her own as the little nerd was routinely charging and cooling the main guns-the process might be compared to firing a blank, but on a starship scale.
YSS Kaiyō- Medbay

Dai had spent time getting used to this new ship, more specifically the ship's medbay. It wasn't so much that she was inexperienced, quite the opposite, but experience didn't excuse the fact that she had never been on this particular ship before. It was important to get used to one's workstation, and she was certain she was going to spend plenty of time inside of it. Most of this time was spent figuring out exactly where every last thing was placed from supplies to medical equipment. The Neko refused to be caught unawares. Time spent finding things later on could mean loosing a crew-member down the road.

The Ittô Heisho brushed the wrinkles out of her coveralls and took a moment to smile at the red diamond on her shoulder, it contrasted quite well against the green of the coveralls- of course, that was the point.

She had yet to meet any of the crew as of yet, work came before socializing as always, but she was excited for the chance to do so- as evident by the constant flicking of her tail. It was important to her that everyone feel better knowing their lives were in competent hands.
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