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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Roku: Genjitsu Tōhi pt. II

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YSS Kaiyō
5日 5月 YE 39
0830 Hours

Teien Eden asked the MEGAMI of the Kaiyō, "Boss, why is the view screen broken?"

Boss replied, "The view screen is performing optimally."

Eden stood and brushed her white paneled jacket down and adjusted her belt, then asked, "The vessel?"

"It looks to be..." Boss said and, for once, was at a loss for words.

Eden couldn't finish the MEGAMI's statement as she stepped closer to the view screen, then took a few steps back, lips parted as she looked at what she saw.

"I want a channel open to them," Eden said, turning around to sit in her chair while her golden eyes glinted fiercely.

Riku groggily picked himself up from the floor, having been thrown out of his chair through sheer force of nature from what they had just done. There was a cut on his forehead from his impact against the chair he tried too hard to stay in, though that would eventually heal over. Breathing in, the Minkan crawled back into his station and blinked away the feeling of nausea.

"Hailing frequencies open, Captain." Riku said, fingers moving a bit slower then usual.

Eden's eyes went wide as she looked on at what she was seeing in front of her. The bridge was bigger and bore the type 22 Hinomaru, but what it held was uncannily familiar. The same people, minus a set of wings stared back at her, almost unmoving as they clenched their jaws or let them fall as they looked at the bridge crew of the Kaiyō. As she pushed off of the arm rests to get a closer look, Eden studied her own face from the other side of the view screen. The woman that stared back at her had the same black hair in a hime cut, jawline, nose, cheeks, yellow eyes, body, and much more that Eden was used to seeing in the mirror. She seemed so unsure of the situation to Eden, though. Realizing this, Eden straightened and pulled her eyebrows closer together.

"This is YSS Kaiyō of the Star Army of Yamatai—" Eden said, but stopped as she saw those aboard the ship turn to one another in quiet awe. She finished, "NG-X1-440! State your intent!"

Eden's eyes fell on the Neko face and cherry red fur-tipped ears of Arbitrated and saw the green and blue eyes of her staring back at Eden from across the screen. Eden looked down and to the side to see Arbitrated still on the ground, her pink wings folded around her. She looked back up to see Riku sitting at his console and Airi at hers on the view screen, then looked back at those two sitting at their own consoles on the Kaiyō.

"Saki..." Eden muttered telepathically. "Come to the bridge. Now." To Boss, she said telepathically, "Condition One to remain in effect."

Before she knew it, Saki was on the screen. She had a domineering air about her as she sat in the command chair while her brunette hair fanned out around her. Her uniform, like the others on the bridge, showed a gratuitous amount of skin and her mouth was set in a stern, abrasive scowl while her eyes scanned the bridge of the Kaiyō until they settled on Eden.

Eden gaped as she looked at her wife. But was it really her?

"This is the IYS Kaiyō of the Star Army of Yamatai, NG-X28-1280" said the brown haired and violet eyed woman in white panels staring back at Eden. "And we would like to know what you are doing impersonating a Star Army of Yamatai vessel! And crew nonetheless!"
YSS Kaiyo - Bridge

Kyoi looked up and down the screen she was seeing. A look of disbelief began to enter her eyes, and evidently her clone's as well.

The look of 'too many questions and not enough answers' passed between the two pilots.

Kyoi tried to be witty. She tried. She failed.

"Is screaming against the Star Army procedures?" the fox-like Neko asked her CO.

Shuttle Bay

Meissa was thrown to the floor as the ship rocked.

"And that does not feel like a normal day." Meissa flatly stated, belly against the metal floor, hand under the civilian's head to prevent concussions.

Quietly exiting the captain's suite, Kikyo death-gripping part of Misaki's hair, the XO walked up next to Eden, looking up at the viewscreen, and found herself staring at... herself? She quietly stared at the viewscreen while Kikyo was looking at Eden with teary eyes. Saki simply explained it without looking to either of them, sensing that Kikyo was looking at Eden, "She woke up from the explosion..." Kikyo put her free hand as if reaching out to Eden, suddenly speaking, "Mommy, I'm scared."

Misaki was looking at her own copy, or doppelganger, or whatever she was. There was a look of legitimate confusion on her face, and it only got more intense the more she thought about it. Why was she on the screen, wearing that sort of uniform? What was IYS? X28? They didn't have a twenty-eighth expeditionary fleet.

Misaki soon found herself speaking up, "I-I think we have as many question as you do, and we have our IFF codes, orders, and everything else to show our legitimacy."
Shuttle Bay

As the ship rocked, William was thrown to the ground. He landed with a loud thump as his armor hit the floor of the bay. "Amanozako... are you okay?" He asked as he struggled to get to his feet, but another toss of the ship sent him sprawling. He cursed again, this time standing and locking himself into his PA rack. That way he couldn't fall again until the ship stopped rocking.

He then looked the latch on his suit and hopped out quickly looking around the bay. He then thought if his mother and Aiko. An intense wave of fear for their safety flooded him and before he know what he was doing, he was sprinting out of the bay and through the ship.

'Calm down...Panic won't help matters. Remember Momma's training.' The more rational side of his brain informed him. He took in a deep breath through his nose, and exhaled slowly. His heart rate began to slow as well.

He stopped and knocked on the door rapidly. "Sensei... your highness. Are you both okay?" He asked, the worry ebbing into his voice.
While Anne was frantically looking around to see what was causing the shaking, Anna was being comforted by two Star Army officers, one talking to calm her down and another with her hands under Anna's head to prevent injuries. Once the shaking stopped, Anne flew straight towards her sister, the Ambassador. They talked, but in their own language, which was comprehensible to other beings. They talked to each other, making sure they were not injured. Anna then looked over to the two officers who comforted her. "Thank you very much." She said, flying close to them, too close for the comfort of many. "But I must speak to the captain about the situation, we were not told this was a dangerous area." Anna continued, Anne gathering a few things that fell out of their bag, and then put her gun back into it. Once Anne was ready, both sisters took off their space suits, with Anna remaining unclothed, while Anne put on armor. The duo decided to fly instead of walk, quickly flying out of the room and down several corridors, and within a few minutes, they found the door which led to the bridge. Anna went in first, the automatic doors opening, and this time she walked. Anne was directly behind her, and when they entered they saw something startling....there were people who looked exactly like the bridge crew on the view screen.
YSS Kaiyō
Communications/Mission Ops

Riku looked over, finally, towards the view screen; his eyes widening like the many looks of mixed shock and astonishment currently on the faces of the bridge crew. His jaw went slack, an unprofessional widening of the mouth as he stared at the picture perfect image - then his mouth closed and the Minkan sat up straight once more. "I can confirm that their passive communications signal is near identical to ours, though I say that cautiously and with some hesitation due to the lingering radiation surrounding our wake. Each Plumeria has a unique signature given to it's MEGAMI so as to better identify itself in case of emergencies so there should only be one in existence." Turning back towards the console, he exhaled softly at the situation they had just found themselves in. Perhaps he hit his head too hard. "In other words, there are now two very unique frequencies that share the same wavelength and signal patterns in existence, which is a paradox, Captain."
Orion was thrown around in the shuttle, eventually faceplanting on the floor with a small groan, his leg slightly twitching as he slowly looked up, shaking his head.

"What a landing... Has to be my best crash.." He said to himself.
Shuttle Bay

Having stabilized herself on a nearby handhold, Hanna Madsen was in the first stages of taking off her power armor. Her helmet was already off when MEGAMI re-issued a Condition One. Sighing, she put her helmet back on her head and turned around when she noticed the two civilian...wasps...flying quickly out of the room, with no official sanction regarding the validity of their activities. After putting her helmet on, she ran after them, but realized that she was not permitted to move about the ship in power armor.

Angrily shaking her head, Hanna turned around before tuning into MEGAMI. "MEGAMI, why are you letting two civilian aliens have the run of the ship?", she asked in an irate tone.

"The novel coloring of the I'ee failed to register on my motion sensors in time. However, I am adjusting the programming parameters to ensure that this will not occur again.", MEGAMI replied.

"Ugghhh, it better not...", Hanna finished, as she turned around to look back at Yoshida.
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YSS Kaiyō
Shuttle Bay

Anastasia landed in the shuttle bay with a gentle landing. As gentle as one could get in full power armor. She looked about the bay as Meissa handled the... new arrivals. She had planned to assess damage before racking her armor again. "Status rep-"

Anastasia's status report was interrupted by the Kaiyō lurching suddenly. She grabbed a nearby handhold, crouching under the sudden force. She went silent for several moments, before getting up slowly. She exhaled a held breath as she noticed they were back in condition one.

"What's was that??" Anastasia asked, directed to the rest of the crew.
Yoshida took a look around the shuttle bay- noting a distinct lack of prompt orders to be sent back out, no signs of FTL being activated, and certainty no hull breaches, they'd be warned about that sort of thing. The power wasn't off either. "Weellll, Let's just find out! I'm sure that, unless the bridge got taken and the megami destyoed in one fell swoop, it must not be that bad, we'd have been told if it was!"

She pulled the helmet up and fitted it back on right quick, mechanically assisted tail swishing back and forth as she assessed the ones around. "At least it will probably be better for the civilians to NOT be around when we start powering up our CFS, or jumping out of the bay hanna."

Eden was thankful to have Saki by her side and nodded as her wife spoke. Then she lifted her hands and for a brief moment, was caught up in the love at seeing her child speaking for the first time and smiled brightly. Then, when Kikyō was secure, she looked back to the view screen.

"We have the same required information," the woman that looked just like Saki said. She then looked to her XO, the one that looked like Eden and went on to say, "I am Shosa Norogumi Misaki and my XO, Taii Norogumi Eden. We would like to have you come aboard our vessel to go over this further."

As the little I'ee arrived, Eden immediately whipped her head around to look at them, then cocked her head and spoke through a grim smile, "Not the best of times, ambassador."

After she had said that, Eden spoke out to the MEGAMI, "Boss!?"

A holographic avatar of a gorgeous blue-haired and almond-skinned Neko dressed in a grey-paneled type 35 uniform appeared and ushered out the I'ee.

Eden said, "We will send an away team shortly."

"As will we," the brunette captain on the IYS Kaiyō. "Unless you object?"

"Why would we?" Eden replied. "There is nothing to fear from one's own self."

"Precisely. We will meet at 0900 hours. Please bring a shuttle in unarmored and we will do the same."

Eden nodded and looked to Riku and the transmission was halted, then she said to MEGAMI, "Briefing in the power armor bay. Go to condition 3. Medics need to get to work."

Over the comms, Boss' voice could be heard, "To all Kaiyō personnel and civilians aboard this vessel —save for medics— please meet in the power armor bay immediately. Condition 3 in effect. Sutahira-hei please assist Muyomi-hei and Royama-heisho to the bridge."

Eden looked to Kikyo with a forlorn expression and then to Saki, smiling briefly before placing Kikyō on Saki's shoulders and kissing her wife gently on the cheek before speaking.

"You have the bridge."

With that, she was out into the hall, passing the I'ee, and heading to the power armor bay.
YSS Kaiyo - Bridge

Kyoi slumped forwards, letting out a very pent up breath. She massaged her fingers that were gripped around the controls, turned white by the force.

She gladly disconnected from her post and stretched her back, causing a series of popping noises.

That felt great.

Then, she got up and walked towards the bay.

YSS Kaiyo - Shuttle Bay

Meissa removed her power armor. Wow, that felt nice. Seems like whatever happened got fixed.

Still no briefing or short debriefing, though. Or any form of information in general.

When Eden walked into the room, the owl was already fully out of her armor. "What's going on out there?" Meissa asked.

Because, you know, some information would be great.
Power Armor Bay

Eden looked to Meissa, barely acknowledging the question with a glare that could only mean she did not appreciate being addressed in such a way.

"Save your questions for after the briefing, Jôtô Hei," Eden said sternly.

Once everyone was in the bay, she spoke out, making sure Boss relayed the briefing to Misaki, as well.

"We were able to decimate the enemy ships, but in doing so we ended up coming face to face with a look-alike ship to ours. The members of the bridge of this ship resemble the members of our own bridge." Eden looked around at the faces to gauge their reaction to this. "We will send an away team in order to further investigate this ship and an away team from their ship will come to ours."

She went on, "Teien Misaki will control the ship while the rest of the crew greets them. I would like our bridge crew to stay on this ship as well as our public relations liaison Ketsurui Aiko —who will be taking the lead— and her samurai with the civilian student William. In addition, Seinosuke Iemochi, Murakami Mitsuko, Royama Dai, Reina Madoka, the injured Muyomi Peio, Matsuvo Shinomori, Gargandottir Kioko, Sutahira Medikku, and Amanozako, the I'ee ambassador and her guard Anne Ee'ith and Anna Ee'ith will all be staying on the ship along with my daughter, Kikyō."

Eden said, "That means that Meissa Nashira, Yoshida Kokoro, Leeta Aoi, Anastasia Barlow, Orion Jones, Hanna Madsen, Abart'huse Theisilis, and myself will all be taking a shuttle to this other ship. Now, any questions?"
YSS Kaiyō
Shuttle Bay

Turning around to reply to Yoshida, Hanna said, "That may be the case Kokoro-Hei, but these civilians are also aliens. It is better that they have an armed escort to ensure that nothing calamitous may occur by their doing."

With that, Hanna turned around, her bushy, cyan tail tensing upwards as she took off her helmet and deactivated her MINDY's CFS systems. Before Yoshida could respond, she took off and jogged for the power armor bay.

Power Armor Bay

By the time Teien-Shosa had entered the power armor bay, Hanna was changed into her bodysuit uniform, had tied her hair up into a high ponytail, and was projecting a pink and glittery cut crease with a burgundy lip shade on her face, although she greatly preferred the feel of real makeup on her skin.

She was perplexed by the revelation that the bridge crew of this other ship resembled them. Did they happen to encounter another Plumeria? Why was this important enough to warrant an away team? Although there was a large amount of appearance diversity in the Star Army, there were many Nekos that looked alike. And why was the other ship's away team coming to their ship? Her tail swished around inquisitively as she thought of the possibilities. These questions and more floated through her head, but Hanna decided to only ask one...or two.

"Teien-Shosa, how close is the resemblance of this...other ship to ours? Could I...see their bridge crew and perhaps compare?"
YSS Kaiyō

Royama cursed silently in her head for what was probably the hundredth time, outwardly her expression was a solemn, but calm one. She wasn't particularly worried about Muyomi any more than she would any patient, it was the situation that worried her. The hemosynth was prepared, but she left Muyomi in the care of Medikuu. There were other places medics were needed, and they couldn't focus all their attention on one patient. That'd be terribly inefficient!

The Rasberry skinned medic rushed to the bridge, carrying a Type 32 Trauma Kit along with her!

Anna was confused at what was happening, but before she could say anything the MEGAMI was pushing them out into the corridor. "Captain, I-" was all Anna was able to say before she was in the hallway, along with her sister Anne. They waited outside the bridge until suddenly people starting walking out as an announcement came on for everyone to report to the power armor bay.

Power Armor Bay

Anne and Anna quickly followed the group from the bridge to the power armor bay, where they listened to what the captain had to say. The whole idea of another ship identical to them was crazy to Anna, but she nodded, with Anne looking slightly worried.

Eden turned to the ambassador and her guard, saying, "I know this is all a lot for you to deal with, but I hope you will make be wonderful and welcoming hosts on a ship not your own. I am sorry you joined us during such a tumultuous time. Do you have any questions for me?"

Anna nodded to the captain, and looked around at the mass of people. "It is nice meeting you Captain, but my government will want to know what happened, why our craft was destroyed. I do not even know why, or who attacked us. We will be the best hosts we can, but we need answers."

"Answers are hard when I don't have all of the facts." Eden said with raised brows. "I will send a report of the events to your government once I have clearance from Star Army Command to do so."

Anna signed as she heard the captain's response. It was satifactory, but she still wanted to know what happened personally, but decided not to push it. "Thank you, captain. I wish you luck on this mission, and look forward to seeing you again." Anna said.

"As I do, but to you. I will enjoy having you aboard this ship, I am sure," Eden replied before looking back up to the rest of her crew. "Any other questions?"

"No Captain, good luck." Anna replied, turning around to talk to Anne.
YSS Kaiyō
Communications/Mission Ops

As the communications line between the two paradoxical ships ended, Riku stood from his seat, pulled off the headset around his ears and placed it down on top of the console's surface. There were a million thoughts going through the Minkan's super-computer mind, all of them as unlikely and outlandish, as Riku exited the bridge with the others and made his way towards the Power Armor bay. He turned his head and nodded towards the I'ee, smiling at them as he expressed a small amount of joy they made it on-board safe and sound.

Power Armor Bay

The Minkan stood at attention with the rest of the crew, listening intently to the Captain as she briefed them on what was about to happen. Their first contact with an extra-dimensional, parallel universe version of themselves; he would have pinched himself were it not for the fact the others in the formation would see. It was a shame he wouldn't be able to join the away team on their maiden voyage towards their counterpart ship - though Riku supposed he could always look at it from a distance. If he was lucky, he might even be able to talk to a few of them.

If this is a dream, it's very real.
If this isn't a dream - what would happen if he talked to the other version of himself?

A stray thought crossed his mind at this moment.

Is my family alive in this alternate reality?
"Instructions clear." both the angel and the fox replied, simultaneously. They both gave each other a look.

Well, at least Meissa knew what was going on now. Probably not the best, though, given Eden's...shaky relationship with her now. Meissa winced slightly. She tried to take comfort in how Eden normally tended to lose herself in her work. She failed to.

Meissa wasn't very religious, for an Elysian at least. But she silently prayed that she didn't screw something up between her and Eden's...uncertain relationship by saying that. A slight bit of accidental telepathy happened, reflecting her thoughts, extending to Mat and Saki.

Kyoi was a little bummed that she didn't get to meet her own self. Although at the same time, she was relieved. It would have been weird meeting herself. And disorienting. Although she was sure that she could talk to her decently. She was decent at sensing the situation. Came with the job.
Yoshida gave a quick bow as Eden made her way onto the scene, before she listened and nodded. "Oh, oh! I have a question! Are we the copies or are they? Are we in their dimension, or ours? If we're not where we are how do we get back? Do you think that they have our resident NMX as well, and if not do you think we'll get into a conflict over it?" She let off an absolute barrage of questions befitting the unheard of situation, she was even leaning forward, to an absurd degree, likely only kept from falling from her gravity manipulation. Or, simply very good core strength and balance.

It was only once she had her chance to rattle off her questions did she give a concerned glance to meissa. Her first official command experience hadn't seemed to be going well for her. She didn't think Meissa was the right one for command- but she didn'tdeserve the insubordination from the particularly abrasive neko. She wasn't so sure about the berating from Eden just yet, after all procedure had its place always. She decided she was going to try and keep Meissa and Anastasia particularly close to her if at all possible during their outing to this other ship, after a moment of self deliberation. Mostly for emotional support. And the keeping them form potential harm bit helped as well.
Power Armor Bay

Eden looked to Yoshida and nodded solemnly and said, "We will soon find out."

She then looked to Meissa and said, "You'll be my number one on this outing seeing as I don't have Saki next to me for it, I want you be in constant contact with me and be the team leader if I have to be separate from the main group." With that, she sent an encryption code for Meissa to access in order to speak privately with her while she looked the brown-eyed Elysian directly in her sienna eyes.

To Hanna, answering a bit late, she said, "You will be able to see their ship for yourself in several minutes. I hope that can satiate your curiosity."

"Any other questions?" Eden asked as she looked over the grouping, though she doubted there would be many more seeing as how she had abruptly swept Yoshida's questions under the rug.
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