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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shi: Komorebi

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Raccoon Shuttle
10日 2月 YE 39
0630 Hours

The raccoon shuttle rumbled a slight bit as it touched down on the planet that was as of yet unexplored by anyone from the Kikyo Sector. The pilot, Ito Arnbjorg, looked back at those in the crew area with a worried look.

"Let's hope that's not a technical difficulty. Barlow-hei? Could you look at the shuttle's engines for a moment with me?" Ito Arnbjorg asked as the airlock unlocked, ready for the crew to exit in single file.

The planet had been designated Komorebi for the lush forests it had and the expectation that the sunlight from the yellow star about 1.5 AU away would scatter throughout the leaves and dance along the grassy ground as the wind swayed through the branches. And so, Komorebi, the planet of a million trees and just as many secrets was added to the directory of planets known to the Star Army of Yamatai. The atmosphere was breathable, that they knew. There were no signs of power usage, that they knew. Any other planetary information were secrets yet to be explored. Now was the time to add more planetary information to what was already known.

YSS Kaiyō

The skeleton crew on the Kaiyō were reading the sensors output and information from the shuttle and the FARS that some of the soldiers had brought on their screens. The Taii kept the ship in orbit from her command console while Chui Misaki looked over her shoulder and Nito Hei Deio Asuka read over her systems scanners. The princess stood with her arms akimbo as she watched the volumetric screen in the center of the bridge, attentively looking at the feeds from the FARS.

"You're good to disembark!" Eden relayed to the away team's comms.
"I'm already off!" Meissa relayed back. She exited the airlock with her Type 33 Rifle and SiZi with spare ammunition on her belt, wearing her Type 37 uniform. She chose it because it looked decent for the occasion. Also rugged enough to withstand some beatings and branch mishaps. Then, crouching down a bit, she leapt on top of the shuttle with a soft thunk.
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Raccoon Shuttle
10日 2月 YE 39
0630 Hours

Anastasia looked over at the pilot as she was called upon, standing to respond. She was wearing a fresh red Type 31 working uniform, choosing to leave the cargo pants at home for the cleaner halls of the Kaiyō (and it's maintenance conduits). "Yes ma'am."

Anastasia had a knot of excitement and worry built in her stomach overnight for this mission. It was the first time experiencing the feeling of true planetary gravity since they departed long ago. She filed out of the door behind the others with a sense of urgency about her. Her trusty SMG was hooked to her belt, and her right wing had been wrapped in resilient bandages for recovery.

She took one moment to assess the situation of the landing site as she put a white boot on the ground, before quickly moving around to the backside of the ship to check on the engines.
Raccoon Shuttle
10日 2月 YE 39
0630 Hours

William was scared...

His foot nervously tapped on the floor of the shuttle as he sat near Rei. He tried to calm his mind by gripping the hilts of his swords, the only weapons he felt comfortable with. His knuckles turned white as he clutched the familiar wood hilt.

His face was blank, but Rei would notice the other cues though and that he was truly scared. As the shuttle touched down, William swallowed hard and made sure his comm device was in place.

"Roger, William stepping off." He said quickly moving down the ramp.
YSS Kaiyō

Riku was seated in front of his station, the console for Communications indicative of his new responsibilities on the YSS Kaiyō blinking with an array of information as MEGAMI provided him with the necessary information to do his job. He smiled at it's relatively subservient and quiet nature as it acquainted him with the names of the current Away Team, after all he'd be responsible for relaying the messages they send back to the Captain, and knowing their names would help in an emergency.

Iemochi Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Science, Appointed Team Leader
Mitsuko Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Logistics
Shan Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Weapons Operator
Nashira Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Demolitions
Kokoro Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
Leeta Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
Madoka Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
Peio Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
Shinomori Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
Barlow Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Engineer
Jones Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Sniper
Hatsuyo Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
Kimidori Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
William, YSS Kaiyō, Civilian/Student
Rei, YSS Kaiyō, Ketsuroi Samurai/Yojimbo
Amanozako, YSS Kaiyō, Mercenary

"Thank you, MEGAMI." He'd say, nodding as he put on the slim headset, slipping the comfortable buds into his ears. Adjusting the receiver and microphone, the new operator briefly turned his seat towards the bridge, taking in it's full glory before spinning back. With a determined look on his face, Riku would ensure that his first time sitting in this chair wouldn't be the last.
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Raccoon Shuttle
10日 2月 YE 39
0630 Hours

Yoshida looked over as anastasia was called upon, and grinned. She could practically the excitement radiating off of her winged friend already. Only for a moment did she watch as she stepped off to check the engines, before she herself went to do her duty. Weilding only the staple service pisstol and survival knife she began pacing around the area to get a good look around, her tail swishing behind her as she hummed to a tune only she seemed to hear, raising herself up with every step raising to its tiptoes. She did take this moment to enjoy the seemingly fresh air here, and the feeling of the air around them on her skin. It had been quite a while since the last time she had stepped upon a planet's surface, and she wanted to see if it was as good as she remembered it being. "We should set up a perimeter! And get a lay of the land." Despite her somewhat nostalgic thinking, that did not distract her from her job as she spoke aloud, mostly to herself as she walked about the landing site in an ever growing circle.
"You can hover, Yoshida." Meissa called from the top of the shuttle. "Come join me up here. The view's great."

Yes, she had to confess, she was gawking at scenery. Growing up around concrete and brick and padded gyms made to kick people around in simply didn't give her enough exposure to the untamed. She knew what trees were -- she wasn't stupid -- she just never saw many except little trees that were a sorry excuse for decoration.

She had to confess, she would love nothing as it stood but to unfurl her wings and fly with the untamed wilderness' air blowing through her hair and over her wings.
Mat stepped off the shuttle with a GP-12 battle rifle slung over his shoulder. He was slightly nervous, and after the last mission he had become aware of the need for melee weapons, and had decided to bring a Wakizashi with him. The short sword should serve well in any condition. He carried these weapons along with ten extra clips of ammo and a communicator.

"Alright... Lets go I guess."
Meissa took her time to wave to Mat as he came out. And casually leaned down to ruffle his hair with her wings, which she was straightening out on the top of the shuttle. The seats had given her terrible cramps in her wings.
"Oh hi there Meissa." Mat said, after jumping up a little from the startling touch on his head. "I thought your wings were sensitive, and that it was rude to touch them."

He climbed up onto the top of the shuttle, using his gravitics to hover upside down and poked Meissa on the nose.

"Hoooooly crap it smells so clean and amazing out here!" Massaging the joints in her own wing, Shan strode out of the shuttlecraft almost looking like she had a kimono on, with one wing loosely wrapped around her front. The dang harness screwed up her plumage on top of restricting movement, making flight all but impossible until that was alleviated appropriately.

Pack light, as the saying goes, or something like that... Only carrying a knife, her service pistol, and a few spare units of ammunition the smol one seemed content with the bare minimum. "Pft. You people and your gravity tricks..." Turning to face the goofballs standing on top of the Raccoon, sapphire eye gleaming in the starlight, Arble stuck out her tongue at her roommate and said roommate's boyfriend, moving on to preening her feathers back into position with her hand.
"We fly, Arbs!" Meissa said back. She put her hand over Mat's face. Just to screw with him. "Can someone fix that one feather for me? It's like...stuck to the side or something." She outstretched her wings to whoever would take the job.
Raccoon Shuttle
10日 2月 YE 39
0630 Hours

Mochi ran some final checks on his gear, checked that everyone was kitted out and that they hadn't left anything they needed inside the craft. Grunting to himself, the Juni stowed away the datapad he'd been tapping while the away team had begun departing. Everything seemed ready, all eventualities accounted for best he could see - the blonde stepped out into the natural light. By his reckoning they had a good 12 local hours or so until the sunlight began to fade, plenty of time for what they had to do. Swiping a vial from his belt, Mochi crouched just outside of where they had disembarked and took a quick sample of the surface.

"Alright, everyone, listen up." he piped up, to catch the attention of the group. "As far as we know there's no advanced tech on this planet, so we should be safe if all goes well. Basic SOPs apply, in addition we'll keep a 360 best we can - for defence and so we can spot interesting items more easily. Pair up with someone so if anything happens and you get separated you're not alone, which is a possibility once we start moving through dense forests. If you see something that looks nasty, report it but try not to engage unless necessary: we're on a recon op after all."

"Other than that, regular deal - scan interesting things, bag things that need more scanning and don't forget to use your drones." Mochi realised it was quite a spiel but it was better to be safe than sorry. With that, he covered his eyes against the sun a little and examined the local area, probably assessing whether and how to split up to cover more ground.
"I can do some basic recon by flying around." Meissa responded. "My weaponry is decent so if anything nasty fights me I can deal with it using the power of bullet. As soon as, well, I groom this one feather that's a little out of line straight."

She looked around the group. Hopefully at least a Neko would join her. Or Arbs with her most likely flight capable wings.
Changing her now-fixed left wing with the significantly more messy right wing, Arbles seemed to be getting herself ready for flight indeed. Briefly, her outfit was easily visible-the standard issue excersize uniform seemed to be her choice of the day.

"Well, assuming there's no mountains hidden around here or, Elysia help us some hidden wind current to toss us miles away, that should be pretty easy."
"Yeah, really praying that we don't get owned by some weird anomaly of meterology today."

Meissa reached behind her back, trying to fiddle with her wings.

"Still need to...get this...feather...straight...think I've finally got it now."
Orion climbed out of the shuttle last, he was carrying his usual sniper rifle and about 5 or so ammo clips for it, he looked around the green foliage, with a face of a child that is amazed by something comepletely new.

"Woooaaah... I've never seen so much green in one place!"

For once the Elysian wasn't being antisocial and serious, in fact, he seemed excited to actually walk around more and explore this new place, just as a little kid that was placed in an exicting new environment.
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"Oi oi, Orion, be careful out here! The ground's a bit more rough than our zero-gee shaft!" Taking a few moments to laugh as the albatross finished prepping her second messy limb, there was an impressive WHOOM of air when she extended her full wingspan and shifted it upwards, quickly becoming one of the tallest things in the area around the shuttle, save for the good on top of it. Leaving herself a sail in the breeze for the time being, Shan allowed her wings some more time to clean out the pesky pins and needles. Note to self: Ask for some seat modifications on the shuttle. The blood flow was... Obstructed more than I liked. "Try to keep yourself together, Meissa. Although an updraft would be killer for our times as well! Saves having to fight the air the whole time."
YSS Kaiyō

"Riku," Eden said to the comms officer as she turned and her black hair whipped around her shoulders. Her brilliant golden eyes studied the Yamataian's blue-eyed face.

"I want them to know to pair up at Mochi's discretion." Eden said after a moment's pause. "He's been on the bridge to watch the away team fight before and knows who will work well with who. But..." Eden was hesitant, then said, "I want Amanozako to be with him. It's not that she's a threat or anything, but I feel she's a strong personality and one that a higher ranking officer is better suited to dealing with."
"Yeah, I learned how to fly at a young fledgeling age like you!" Meissa shouted back and extended out her own wings. Unlike her partner, her downdraw was more felt than heard as a wave of wind when she took to the skies. The world tilted as she took a second to begin getting control of her initial flight, but she started by circling low to the group.
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