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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shichi: Yugen

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YSS Kaiyō
5日 6月 YE 39 (One Month Later)
1730 Hours

The crew had found ways to occupy their time in the month after their engagement with the IYS Kaiyō and subsequent capture. The creation Goramu Ise had been unboxed by the Shosa and the samurai had sequestered away the princess to confine her to her rooms while the Eihei internally panicked over the situation.

It was personal time after a dinner of pork ramen. Eden had picked at her cute white and pink surimi and eaten only that and was now languidly sitting in command on the bridge while everyone else on the ship was allowed to be away from their stations, together or alone, enjoying themselves or stressing out. What they did during this time was their own.
YSS Kaiyo

Kyoi tried to act relaxed during the past month. Sure, it was just a spatial anomaly that got them trapped somewhere. She wasn't even sure where they were trapped. But whatever, it's just a spatial anomaly, nothing unusual.

Then she said the words to herself and had to smack herself in the face. Because those words were absolutely stupid.

So she decided to distract herself. Mostly by playing too many bullet hell games in the bridge, occasionally walking around.

Meissa...was in a similar boat. No, she was bored as hell. She'd used the simulations Boss provided too many times to fight a reasonable opponent. She spent a lot of time with Mat. Which, wasn't too bad, given that the two Infantry rarely got time to sit down with each other, since they were always shooting something.

She was currently in the Wardroom. Entertaining her little sister. Or, at least, trying.
Yss Kaiyo

Mat mostly tried to ignore the strangeness of the situation, going about his life as normal. When asked occasionally how he kept so calm, he responded by stating that he thought; "If there isn't anything I can do about it, there's no reason to worry about what will happen. The outcome is already out of my control."

Now he entered the wardroom to see what Meissa was up to.

"Hey Meissa, playing with Kikyo again?" He stood nearby,"You know, I don't think we've properly met." He said as he knelt down next to Kikyo.
YSS Lake Kaiyo

Okay, a month. A whole freaking month. Well at least the reassurance that came after the first week showed that nobody was going to get killed for a while managed to convince the undersized Caelisolan to not check every thirty seconds to see if any of her weapons happened to be working. There was also the estimation that they were likely deep within... "Friendly" territory, if an alternative version of your comrades were considered allies.

So of course she spent time with Mr. Seinosuke whenever she could. Arbs had never really been all that excellent with biology and was mediocre with chemistry, but she turned into a surprisingly avid learner-she especially loved to get involved in the calculations and experiments, often putting them into her own words. On some nights when Mochi ended up falling asleep at his station-which was more often than his fluffy pink girlfriend preferred-she would fetch a blanket or two from their room, falling asleep upon his arm.
YSS Kaiyō

In the month following their capture, subsequently by their alternate universe counter-parts, Riku had little to do. For the first time in a long while, he truly had nothing to do, which, strangely, the Minkan was satisfied with. In his room, he sat and read whilst contemplating the ridiculous circumstances they had fallen into. Here they were, separated not by light-years, but by space and time itself; where life on this end was little better then being shoved into a tube of toothpaste waiting for the day they could be squeezed out. He had taken efforts to busy himself, maintaining his distance from the crew so as to not alarm them to any sudden changes.

Riku, above all else, wished to return home. To get back to their own universe and out of this warped version of the Kikyo Sector. Though his family was the ship and, ironically, the crew; the taciturn and serious Minkan could think of only his own back on Yamatai. Waiting for his daily messages, updates, and funny little snippets. There was a month's worth of backlog just waiting to be sent, his procedures and process interrupted by their current predicament, and so the Minkan went through the motions. He would wake up, eat, report to his station on the bridge, stare at the console before doing some basic maintenance, sign off, showered, then went back to his room to read, write, exercise, and sleep.

It was a monotonous life, made worse in that it was slowly starting to become normal, as regular an occurrence as breathing. For what purpose did their counter-parts kidnap them, after the communications between the two seemed so cordial and so full of understanding. Why, instead of being at home, did he decide to enlist and come aboard a warship?

How was he supposed to defend country, home, and family from here?
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A whole month in this....different space. A whole month no one knew what happened to them; for all they knew, they were dead, or considered dead by their government. It did not dim on Anna's fun though, the last month she has talked to every crewmember at least once about their life, if not twice for most of them. Anne on the other hand had slight trouble getting use to life on an alien spaceship- with the only other I'ee being her sister. She missed Ee'ee, her family...even other families. Despite Anne's hard adjustment to life on the Kaiyo, towards the end she was finally convinced by both Anna and Hasagawa to try out some military simulations, and became quite fond of Hasagawa. That of course made Anna happy, knowing that it would be hard for her sister to become even remotely close to one of their new crewmates.

While Anne found a new acquaintance, both sisters found a mutual friend in Riku, the first officer they spoke to when they entered the battle. Other than that, nothing really changed, Anna thinking everyone is her friend, while Anne just stayed isolated other than a few people, such as Riku and Hasagawa. Now though, a month after this all started, Anne was surprisingly in her quarters, sleeping, while Anna snuck out without her and went to the Wardroom.
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Kikyo, now one foot and nine inches tall, had a slightly awkward time adjusting to Meissa but had warmed up to her after a few weeks. The miniature Neko was sitting next to her big sister, trying to draw something. Despite her small stature and tiny hands, was making the lines very well. She kept looking up at Meissa then back to a piece of paper she was trying to keep hidden with her tiny arms.

Once she had finished the lines, she held it up to Meissa to see. What she saw was a... rather decent drawing of herself. It wasn't a masterpiece but it was nowhere near bad. Maybe it was something to do with Neko and their memory. She smiled before getting sidetracked by someone she didn't know coming up towards them.

Alas, she still hadn't broken away from her shyness. She scooted herself into Meissa's side, clutching at her uniform for dear life.

Misaki sat across from the two, and just smiled. "It's okay, sweetie, he's not going to hurt you." She picked up a small glass of water and sipped at it, swallowing before looking into Kikyo's eyes and smiling.

Whatever her mother did got Kikyo to calm down a lot. Kikyo still was attached to Meissa but was looking to Mat with her little eyes, staring with the really shy look she always had.
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Meissa patted Kikyo on the head with her two fingers a few times. The artwork itself required probably some improvement, but already her little sister was leagues ahead of her in art skill.

"She drew me." Meissa replied to her boyfriend.
Mat smiled. "That's so sweet." He said in a soft voice, now more conscious of his actions.

"Hi Kikyo, my name is Matsuvo, but you can call me Mat if you'd like." He said in a similar voice.
The Simulation room:

No one saw much of the Kaiyo's apprentice samurai over the month that they had spent in the strange space. He had been training nonstop since they began being towed by their counterparts. William hid it well, but the Nepleslian boy was scared.

He had regularly shirked his lessons to lock himself away and train. He missed meals, he had forwent sleep until pure exhaustion forced the boy to rest.

Today was no different...

William crouched in a ready stance, breathing heavily from having been beaten 3 times that day by his opponent. His kendo swords held tightly in each hand pointed at his adversary, Wila. He made his opponent in his sparring matches his neko doppleganger. The virtual Wila stood motionless on the opposite side of the ring from the boy. "Again!" William yelled frustratedly, dropping lower in his stance.

The virtual Wila charged at him in a flurry of motion. William threw his sword up for the attack he knew was coming and his block connected. Wila then jabbed out with her offhand, and William jumped away from the strike. As he tried to land, Wila stuck the Nepleslian in mid air and sent him sprawling.

He cursed as he rolled back onto his feet. "Damn it!" He yelled in frustration, sprinting at the virtual Neko. He slashed his swords across her body, and the swords met with her's. He was struck in the chest with Wila's sword once more. He coughed as the breath was knocked out his lungs. However this only made the Nepleslian angrier. He roared and dove for her again, fighting as hard as his body would allow, managing a few hits on his target before the virtual Wila swept his feet out from under him and stuck his abdomen with the hilt of her sword, slamming him into the floor.

He hit the ground with a thud and attempted to move, but the neko held her sword to William's neck. "E..end simulation..." William managed through rapid breaths.

As the environment and his virtual opponent faded away, he slammed his fist into the deck. "Damn it!" He cursed himself for failing again to the neko. He forced himself to stand, and move towards the exit. He would take a quick break, but as soon as he felt better he was going back at it. He had to be stronger to fight them. He had to be better...
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YSS Kaiyō

Anastasia had made her way into the Wardroom, looking quite weary. She grabbed dinner shortly before sitting down nearby Arbitrated. Her eyes hang low with both fatigue and stress, not a very good combination. Despite that, she tried to maintain a grin.

The past month has been rather rigorous for Anastasia. Not because of combat or traumatic invasions, but rather because her job had spurred a moral inclination. She had spent the past few weeks in and out of the engineering bay, formulating a plan. It was a simple enough proposition, wire a system for the Kaiyō to move from point A to B as fast as possible.

She had a relatively simple solution, but the problem is, it's untested. All theories and math prove it should work, but the limited simulations she had at her disposal didn't yield any comfort. She needed to speak with the Captain soon.

After a few minutes of eating, Anastasia stood and quietly walked over to the table Eden was dining in. She gave a quick salutes before speaking up. "Shosa... I wish to speak with you when you're earliest available."

Eden looked up, her golden eyes dim, as she moved her hands off of the table and into her lap.

"Yes, Anastasia?" Eden asked. The time for formality and ranks had passed weeks ago. "If you are fine speaking here and now, I am happy to give you some of my time at this present moment. What is it you would like to discuss?"
YSS Kaiyo

Mochi had been effectively working overtime this past month, being in an uncharted, unknown, entirely new dimension of space.. you could say it "required further study". Day after day, the scientist would run a new battery of tests derived the night before - with the increasing assistance of his partner in crime. While several experiments were almost incomprehensibly complex, even to Seino, he was delighted Arblebarble took an interest in his work.

So far, he'd almost burned out the ship's CPUs, shot a container at high speed through the cargo hold and commandeered most of the ships surveillance tech for the express purpose of figuring out as much as possible. Intel was most definitely needed.

Mochi had taken it upon himself to send weekly reports to Eden, to do otherwise would be neglecting his duty.. or something. First on the agenda was scoping out the other ship. It was several degrees larger than their own, with a massive Aether signature and appeared composed of Zesuaium.

After he had exhaused all the tests he could think of for the ship, it was time to widen the scope to the whole dimension. It seemed time, gravity and most other universal constants were identical to the known universe, the local celestial bodies emitted exactly what they were expected to. However, as more and more stars and planets became scanned the Juni's software began noticing a pattern. This wasn't a new section of space.

It was familiar.

Only now had enough data been gathered to accurately position the ship. The fire-winged Elysian bent over his desk, interactive star chart spread before him as the calculations stopped. "Here we go.." he muttered, the display stalling before spitting out the result he had been building for weeks.

Position . . . Western Kiyko Sector;
En Route . . . Ketsurui Military Sector;

Mochi allowed himself a mini-fistpump as the screen blinked the solution. Immediately, he contacted their Shosa. "Eden, please check your terminal - you'll want to see this. I'll report to the Bridge immediately." the blonde couldn't help but let a little smugness slip through the telepathy as he sent the data upstairs. Finally, something useful.

Anastasia relaxed just a pinch as she noted the Shosa's lack of formality. "The modifications to the Kaiyo's engines are almost ready. There is one last thing I want to do, but it's untested. I was hoping I could access the higher quality simulations, to make sure it'll work as intended."
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Yoshida wanderedpast the lot speaking of many grand things as she finished her dinner. As per the usual, looking as if she had just fallen out of a plane, into an ocean, and had to swim out. She had been spending an awful lot of time training in the simulations, and honing her body- highly physically and mentally taxing things when they were taking up nearly all of your time, particularly when it was difficult for her to tell herself she was making any progress that would matter, substantial or otherwise.

The smelly neko decided that hearing what was happening here would certainly be worth taking just a little bit off from what had been her usual, grueling schedule over the last month. She was pretty sure it was a month anyway. "Did we find something cool?" She asked as she looked between the assorted.
YSS Kaiyo

Sutahira walked out of the galley and to his bunk after a delicious meal (luckily something they were still able to have even after a month in an alternate reality), where he hoped to catch up on some reading. With a month of almost nothing to do, he had almost finished the novel, which was about, strangely enough, a ship and her crew stranded in space. In this book though, it was a ship malfunction that shot them into the void of space, where the crew would have to survive on resources they gathered as they tried to navigate their way home. It appeared that after a month of being stranded in this... alternate reality... that the Kaiyo would not simply find its way home.

After some thinking, Sutahira decided to change his course and make his way to the medbay, looking for anything to organize. Had he taken stock of the medicin cabinet these past few days? He might as well just in case.

He wasn't a social butterfly, though he did like to have a drink and talk with his fellow crew. And with them all being stranded out here, he had gotten to know them a little better, even managing to see the beloved Kikyo.

Eden nodded to Anastasia before kissing Kikyō on the head and Saki on the cheek. "That all sounds very good, Ana. Please go ahead with the simulations tomorrow morning and report to me your findings. For now, I have to be going to the bridge to meet Mochi." To Kikyō, she asked before standing and extending her hand, "Would you like to come with me?" She looked up to Saki, telling her telepathically, "I'll be missing you while I'm there."

Arbles had started dozing at some point, her mostly-finished meal growing cold before her peacefully relaxed body. Ana's movement caused her to stir a little, her eyes slowly sliding open as she tried to stay awake. One leg had started to slowly, periodically bounce like the interior of a stirling engine.

She could have sworn Eden had said something about Seino... Didn't quite catch the words spoken, though. And also the bridge. The Caelisolan turned her head idly, watching Eden stride out with what seemed a surprising amount of energy. Must be something interesting... Oh, right, he was... Doing something with maps wasn't he? The smol perked up a little as she started to re-connect some information within her think-pan, before politely thinking a message for Eden: "Mrs. Eden, would you mind if" seemingly out of nowhere, Shan had started speaking as well as using her telepathy, continuing, "I came with you to the bridge?" After a second the magenta-winged one shivered, her cheeks becoming slightly rosy as she realized what had just happened.

Anastasia looked down at the little Kikyo, between her two mothers and... Elysian, and smiled. That much adorableness could bring a smile to anyone's face. She looked back up at Eden, replying. "Understood, thank you... Eden."
That level of casual didn't feel right still, but they were all on this stuck ship together. And with that, Anastasia took a walk back to her earlier seat.

Kikyo got out from being attached to Meissa and took her mother's hand. She lightly thought the wish to be carried, but as of recently she had been walking while holding hands. She still seemed to bit shy to the thought of roaming the ship, which was massive to her, alone. The only time she walked alone was when she was trying to find Meissa, and she was usually pretty good at it.

Misaki smiled while slightly blushing at Eden. She looked to her other 'daughter' and smiled her motherly smile. She didn't say anything though, preferring to stay her quiet self for the moment.
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