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Approved Submission Mitsuya System (To Template)

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Okay, small thing, then it just needs FM approval (@Wes ). I see Tthugornaigh and the XSS Perseverance do not have articles on the wiki. Can you make a note (the thing in (()) to just give like a sentence description of what they were, so people who weren't around when they happened can know what they were, especially Tthugornaigh, they might think that is some weird typo.
Noted, and edits made. I am an FM of Yamatai and was told to use my own stamp. @RaWolfe and @Wes can stamp too as that I hate using my own on my submissions.
I trust you wouldn't say that unless they said you could. It's not exactly a competitive article anyway. so APRPOVED