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Resolved MoD ownership change

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Jack Pine

Staff Member
FM of S6
Game Master
As Staff is aware of from the discord, as well as from the recent post left by Dragon God. He will no longer be able to run Monarchy of Dovania, and has asked that I take hold, however I can not as an owner of a faction already. Instead, it has been decided to hand the faction over to @StubbledEmu . I will be continuing as Co-FM of MoD however, and I wish to request for the addition of banners given this change. I sincerely regret this loss of a friend and player, and will do my best to assist Emu as he resumes faction activity. Thank you for your time.


Since I am now an FM for the Monarchy of Dovania, it would help if staff would allow me to have a temporary position reflecting such. Thanks Jack Pine for the help of creating this post.
Not open for further replies.